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Glanville, Jerry (2)

Cards: ProLine 1992 Portraits, ProLine 1992, ProSet 1990 , Topps XFL 2020
Acquired: TTM 2020, C/o Home
Sent: 5/19 Received: 5/29 (10 days)
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After the final death rattle of the UFL, Jerry slipped into semi-retirement for a few years there. I mean don’t let him hear me say that. He probably kept himself busy doing all sorts of things. Jerry returned to coaching in 2018 alongside his former coaching buddy June Jones, who was now head coach of the CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Jerry took the reins at defensive coordinator, but after a season he resigned due to personal reasons.

It didn’t take Jerry long to return to the sport again, this time with the XFL. He’d sign up to be defensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Vipers under head coach Mark Trestman.

I was intrigued by the signing but had hoped that Jerry would be signed as Houston’s defensive coordinator. When I went to the Houston Roughnecks/ Tampa Bay Vipers joint scrimmage, I grabbed the three 90s cards I had of Jerry and went to the event. I camped out the Vipers side of field. Jerry was in his element, and his Man in Black personality always bring the crowd. I decided to not go for Jerry’s autograph at the event for a couple of reasons. First, Jerry’s name was listed in the checklist for the Topps XFL set that wasn’t out yet. Second, if I went for Jerry, I’d probably miss out on quite a few players. Third and finally, I was already aware of Jerry’s stellar TTM reputation. -He didn’t disappoint.

I was not a fan of the ProLine series but the portrait set card of Jerry was pretty unique. I really liked the design style, as the sharp edges matched Jerry’s style. He was kind enough to take the time to sign this one in silver so it picked up nicely. His other ProLine card I had, I liked it because it was a shot of him when he coached the Oilers. His final Pro Set card of the Falcons Back in Black was a set filler for me. (On a side note, I’ve never been fond of the black, and after a few years its become very stale. I wish they’d go back to those reds.) Jerry’s final card, from Topps XFL 2020 seems to capture all the usual of his ambiance and Man in Black persona.

Kennedy, Cortez (1968-2017)

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1990, Proline Portraits 1992
Acquired: TTM 1992, C/o The Seattle Seahawks

Cortez Kennedy burst onto the NFL scene in 1990, as the Seahawks traded up to get the defensive lineman from the University of Miami. A prolonged holdout his rookie season kept him on the bench throughout the year which largely destroyed his 1990 season. Things weren’t looking good for the young defensive tackle, but Kennedy turn things around and would only go on to be named Pro Bowl in 8 of the next 10 seasons, dominating offensive linemen enroute to NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors in 1992- a season in which Kennedy had 14 sacks.  He’d also be named All Pro in 1992,1993,1994 and second team AP in 1996. At 6-3, 305 Kennedy was a fearsome force that was well balanced against the pass and dominating against the run. As the years caught up to Kennedy, he retired after the 2000 season playing his whole career in a Seahawks uniform. It’s a shame that he played for such bad Seahawks teams because he rarely got the credit he deserved.  At the time of his retirement he’d be named to the Seahawks Ring of Honor and to the NFL team of the 1990s. In 2010 he was inducted into the U HoF. Since football, curiosity has gotten the best of Kennedy and he has developed an interest in football operations. He’s been serving on and off as a consultant to the New Orleans Saints organization.

Kennedy has been a Hall of Fame semifinalist on 3 occasions now, however I speculate that he has a much steeper hill to climb than most. Defensive players do not get their due, and Kennedy overall didn’t have sexy statistics, or play for even a regular playoff team. He largely played in a city that has very few HoF members, with a few spot performers on defense, and no serious competition at defensive tackle over the decade. Although Kennedy was a trend-setter because of his great blend of mobility and size- I doubt that he would have received as many accolades if he played half his career in the 1980s. Regardless, I’m not raining on his parade, as I think eventually once the loggerjam of defensive players are loosened he will get in. In 2011, Cortez was honored by the Seattle Seahawks who selected him to announce their 2nd round pick during the NFL draft.

Kennedy was the first Seahawk I probably sent out for, and when I opened the letter, I was surprised to find an additional card signed from the lineman. Inside I found an explanation that apparently he had crushed the Action Packed Card when he was signing it, and wanted to give me another for my trouble. Now that’s not only class, but caring as well. What a guy! Here’s his statistics and a short video from YouTube on him.

G/Gs 167/153      Tac 668     Sac 58    Fum 11
Int 3    Yds 26    Avg 8.6   Td 0   Lg 21

UPDATE 5/23/17 –   In 2012, a little over a year after this post, Kennedy made the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Later that year the Seahawks officially retired his jersey.  Cortez Kennedy passed away at the age of 48 today. The current cause of his death is unknown.

Miller, Chris

Cards: Pinnacle 1992, Upper Deck 1991, Skybox 1992, ProSet 1991,ProSet 1990,ProLine 1992, Proline Profiles 1992, Upper Deck 1992.
Acquired: In Person 1993, CGA Youth Golf Tournament
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Out of the University of Oregon, the Atlanta Falcons drafted Chris Miller with their first round pick of the 1987 draft under head coach Marion Campbell. A solid, traditional drop back passer with great mechanics, Chris was also a talented pitcher who threw for the Bellingham Mariners and Salinas Spurs in 1986.

He’d be slowly brought along by the team, but by his second year, Chris established himself as the starting quarterback of the Falcons. In 1989, despite the team’s bad record, Chris led the NFL with the lowest interception ratio at 1.9%. Oddly Miller is one of those strange quarterbacks who had a good touchdown to interception ratio, but had a losing record.

It wouldn’t be till 1991 when head coach Jerry Glanville took charge and installed the Red Gun offense that Miller would take fire, leading the team to the playoffs, posting his best record and statistics as a professional. He’d also go to the Pro Bowl after the season- one of the major highlights of his career.  He’d leave the Falcons and sign with the Rams, staying there for two seasons in 1994 and 1995, before retiring due to a concussion.

He would heroically return in 1999 to play for the Broncos- but once again he’d suffer another concussion and retire for good.

Since pro ball, Chris has coached at the High School level back in Oregon before he was hired to be the Cardinals quarterbacks coach in 2008. I met him at the CGA youth golf tournament where he signed every card I had on me in exchange for the 17×24″ drawing I did of him. He was really impressed by the likeness that I did of him.

G/Gs 98/92    Att 2892     Comp 1580    Yds 19320   Pct 54.6
Td 123   Int 102   Rat 74.9