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Rozier, Mike

Cards: ProSet HH 1991, Score 1989, ProSet 1989
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Home
Sent: 4/3  Received: 4/19  (16 days)

There were some incredible Nebraska teams over the years, and Mike Rozier was one of those immense talents coming out of college that was a surefire pick. The 1983 Heisman Trophy winner, he’d go pro in 1984- but throw the NFL for a loop jumping to the USFL and be signed by the Pittsburgh Maulers. He’d amass 792 yards and 3 touchdowns on 223 carries his rookie season. Tempted to jump back to the NFL, Rozier would resign and play for the Jacksonville Bulls in 1985 crushing opponents for 1361 yards on  320 carries. He’d also chock in 12 touchdowns. With the USFL crumbling and his rights relinquished to the Baltimore Stars, Rozier would be drafted in the supplemental draft by the Houston Oilers of the NFL with the second overall pick in 1984. The Oilers would finish buying out his contract and he’d make the jump to the NFL.

After his rookie season where he played fullback, Rozier would play runningback for the rest of his career from 1986 on out.  A great mixture of power and speed, injuries quickly limited Mike’s production in the NFL in an age where arthroscopic knee surgeries were not necessarily a given to rehabilitate players. Rozier would go to the ProBowl in 1987 (957 yards), and 1988 (1002 yards). By 1989 the team was utilizing a runningback by committee approach with Lorenzo White, Alonzo Highsmith, and Allen Pinkett alongside Rozier, but with the departure of head coach Jerry Glanville, Mike would be cut by the Oilers in 1990 after 3 games.  He reunited immediately with Glanville who was now in Atlanta and put up 675 yards in 13 games. Seeking a new contract after the season for roughly $1 million, Rozier briefly toyed with the idea of signing with the WLAF’s Birmingham Fire, but with comparatively low salaries- it probably never really entered into a serious negotiation. Mike would get his wish however and resign with the Falcons playing in 11 games and finishing out with 361 yards, but after arthoscopic knee surgery in January of that year he’d soon after announce his retirement.

After football, Mike moved back to New Jersey where he was born. Unfortunately in 1995, he was shot in his hometown of Camden where he suffered internal injuries to his liver. In 2003, he was brought back to Nebraska for a team reunion, and in 2005 Mike was inducted into the Camden sports Hall of Fame and the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Finally, in 2006 Mike Rozier was inducted into the College Football HoF.

G/Gs 92/59        Rush 1159      Yds  4462      Avg 3.8      Td 30    lg 67    |
Rec 90    Yds 715    Avg  7.9  Td 1   lg  52

Butts, Marion

Cards: ProSet 1989, ProSet 1990, Fleer 1990, Action Packed 1992
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Home
Sent: 2/3  Received: 3/26  (51 days)

The Chargers found a steal when they reached in the top of the 7th round of the infamous 1989 draft for little known Marion Butts out of Florida State. In his rookie season in 1989 he’d come in off the bench during the last 5 games rumbling for  683 yards and 9 touchdowns, including a game in which he single-handedly dominated the Chiefs rushing for 176 yards. Slipping under the radar when he was drafted, many had pegged Butts as purely a blocking fullback or perhaps special teams hitter (with his 6-1 248 frame)  however his style would define the Chargers run game for nearly 5 seasons. Marion’s sophomore season would prove that his surprising rookie season was not a fluke as he galloped for a career high 1225 yards making his first ProBowl.  Butts would follow this season up with an additional ProBowl in 1991- but would only start 8 games. With the emergence of Natrome Means, Butts would play for the Chargers through the 1993 season and finish up his career there with around 4300 yards. In 1994 Marion would hop over to play for Bill Parcells and the New England Patriots helping the team make the playoffs with his stout running and 1995 would see Marion’s final season played with the vagabond Houston Oilers where he started 2 games and retired after the season’s conclusion. Since football Butts has tried his hand at coaching the sport at the high school level.

Marion is apparently a great through the mail signer and although I had to wait sometime, he graciously signed 4 cards for me. Butts had some great cards, and the ProSet franchise really framed his running style well. The Tecmo SuperBowl franchise represented him well. One of the vaunted and feared ‘popcorn’ runningbacks, (Heyward, Mack, and Okoye also come to mind) you could literally run at or dive at Butts and he would throw you up in the air like popcorn.

G/Gs 104/73    Rush 1345   Yds  5185   Avg 3.9    Td  43    Lg  52 |
Rec  68    Yds  471    Avg 6.9   Td  1   Lg  46

Byars, Keith

Cards: ProSet 1989, GameDay 1992, ProSet 1990
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Work
Sent:  1/13     Received: 2/16   (34 days)

Bruising tailback Keith Byars was drafted from Ohio State by the Buddy Ryan regime in Philadelphia after losing out on the Heisman Trophy race to Doug Flutie in 1985. A do all back, Byars was an absolutely devestating receiver out of the backfield and a solid blocker.  His effectiveness was limited by lisfranc injuries and coach Buddy Ryan used this to scare other teams away from him so they could take him with the 10th overall pick of the 1986 draft. Although injured from time to time, Keith never failed to give it his all, rarely running out of bounds to avoid a hit, playing with such offensive weapons Keith Jackson and Randall Cunningham. From time to time Byars would be used to make trick plays, throwing 6 touchdowns in his career. In his final season with the team in 1992, Byars would amazingly line up at runningback, fullback, and tightend in almost an H-Back role.  After 7 solid seasons for the Eagles, Byars would sign with the Dolphins as a free agent in 1993 where he’d make the transition to fullback playing there for over 3 seasons. Keith would then sign with the Patriots playing for two seasons and making his only SuperBowl appearance there before one season with the Jets in 1998. After football Keith has been involved with broadcasting and enjoys coaching high school football in Boca Raton, Florida.

G/Gs 189/161     Rush 865      Yds  3109        Avg 3.6      Td 23      Lg 77     |
Rec 610     Yds 5661        Avg 9.3         Td 31      Lg 60