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Dishman, Cris (3)

sky9394 dishman
Cards: ProSet Platinum 1992, Skybox Colors 1993-1994, GameDay 1993
Acquired: IP 7/11/15, Houston Oilers 25th Anniversary Party
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Cris was easily recognizable among the throng of Oilers who showed up and very popular among his teammates. Currently he coaches defensive backs up at Baylor.

gday93 cdishmanWhen Lance’s ‘trainee’ asked for his autograph, Dishman asked the kid how old he was. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was too young to remember the Oilers or because he looked too young to be in the bar. Anyway it was a good laugh. When I approached Cris, he threw me off. He told me that he’d sign anything as long as it didn’t end up on EBay. I had already paired down my selection of cards, because I did not want to go into a bar with a long box- so I left probably 5 or 6 additional Dishman cards in the car. I am not sure how he felt. He signed what I had and reaffirmed he’d sign anything else as long as it didn’t end up on EBay. Maybe he was actually hoping I had more. I then told him that I felt like after that humbling preseason game against Minnesota (in which he intercepted a pass and got busted showboating at the 2 yard line) he really turned a corner and became one of the best DBs in the league for a few years there. He stopped for a second, looked at me and told me that, “It meant a lot that I said that.”  I told Cris that I wasn’t going to sell them, that I was a true blue fan thru and thru, and he and I had even talked on SotL for a bit.  After telling him that I was ‘the guy with the mask on’, he smiled briefly at me and finished signing.

psetplat92 dishmanCris had some pretty good cards, and despite signing a few for me over the years, he still has a pretty deep selection of decent action shots, even on bad looking cards. I rarely, if ever got Pro Set Platinum cards signed. They provided me nothing different than the base Pro Set. While they were daring with the blank canvas and full color photo, the logo is gigantic and garish. Still the card itself is a great photo of Cris. Unfortunately by this time I had already begun to scale back my card consumption, or else the Skybox ‘Colors’ set would’ve been a must have. It may have been a combination of things: Discovering girls, a market being flooded by too many products, drop in quality, etc- but whatever it was my interest in the product had dropped off the map by 1993.

Green, Tim

Cards: Pro Set Platinum 1992, Score 1992
Acquired: Canton Acquisition 2012

Tim Green is almost as famous for what he has done off the field since retiring from football as he was during  his heyday playing years for the Syracuse Fighting Orangemen and the Atlanta Falcons.  Tim Green had a great career at Syracuse. The star defensive end finished his time there with 341 tackles and set the school mark for sacks in a season (15), and in a career (45.5).  Atlanta was direly trying to shore up their 3-4 defensive front, and took Tony Casillas #2, and Tim at #17 during the 1986 NFL Draft. Injuries really wrecked Green’s first 3 campaigns as he’d only start 11 contests over that period. It’d be in 1989 that he was finally able to show his stuff. Injury free, he ranked 3rd on the team with 5 sacks, and 111 tackles. Considered undersized for the position at 6-2, 249, Tim used his quickness and a variety of moves to put constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  He’d lead the team in 1990, with 6 sacks and 37 quarterback hurries.  Green again repeated the feat in 1991 as the team leader in sacks with 5. He’d add 3 more sacks to his resume in 1992, and switch to linebacker in his final season during the 1993 season.

Since then Tim has put his pen to paper and written many books. Green also revealed that he suffered some 12 concussions over his playing time in the league. He finished his law degree in 1994 and has been involved with a few firms, but has been active in coaching and commentating on TV, as well as radio for NPR. At one point his name was linked to the open Syracuse job, but ultimately he nobly recommended competing candidate Doug Marrone. Green was inducted into the Greater Syracuse Hall of Fame in 1995 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

G/Gs 99/71      Tac N/a      Sac 24.0     Fum 9       Int 0    Yds 0     Avg -.-    Td 0    Lg -.-

Nagle, Browning

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1991, Action Packed Rookies 1992, Pro Set Platinum 1992, GameDay 1992
Acquired: In Person 1993, CGA Youth Golf Tournament

“And with the 34th pick in the 1991 NFL draft, The New York Jets select: Browning Nagle, Quarterback, Louisville.”  Perhaps most notably known as the pick right after Brett Favre, Browning Nagle comes from a long line of NFL drafted quarterbacks from Louisville, KY. The team went quarterback surprisingly, (despite a glaring need for defense,) enchanted by Nagle’s strength and velocity on the ball. After a quiet rookie season on the bench learning the ropes behind Ken O’Brien, Nagle would step into the starting lineup for the Jets in 1992. In 14 games he’d throw 7 touchdowns and for 2280 yards, but he’d turn the ball over 29 times (12 fumbles and 17 interceptions). When Boomer Esiason arrived the following season Nagle headed back to the bench where after the 1993 season I’d meet him at the CGA Youth Golf Tournament and get his autograph. In 1994, he’d sign with the Colts and finish out his 1995 and 1996 on the Falcons.  After sitting out 1997 and 1998 Nagle would play two seasons in the Arena leagues, for the Predators (1999) and Buffalo Destroyers (2000) before retiring from football. His two seasons in the AFL were pretty good in respect to his NFL work. (553 att, 303 comp, 54.8%, 4120 yards, 74 td, 18 int, 98.6 rat)

In one of my fonder moments on the first day of the CGA Youth Golf Tournament in 1993,  I met Billy Joe Tolliver, Browning Nagle and Steve Bartkowski on the course. They liked my likenesses I drew of them so much they signed everything I had of them. We talked football for a few minutes and I rode around on the course with them for a hole. Since football, Nagle has been working at Medtronic as a senior marketing manager and is extremely active in the celebrity golf tournament network. Below are his NFL stats.

G/Gs 24/14     Att 437    Comp 213   Yds 2489   Pct 48.7%    Td 8   Int 20    Rat 53.5  Lg 51