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Gulley, Prince-Tyson

sage15 tyson-gulley

Card: Sage Hit 2015
Acquired: 2015, Box Breaker

A quick and decisive runningback, Prince-Tyson Gulley has over 2,000 career rushing yards for the Syracuse Orangemen. He also was a respectable option out of the backfield and even spent some time working special teams his Freshman year. Prince rushed for a 607 yards and one touchdown on 127 carries, and caught 21 passes for 107 yards in 2014. In 2012, he ran for a career-high 830 yards and earned MVP honors in Syracuse’s Pinstripe Bowl win over West Virginia.  At 5’8″, 193 most teams view Gulley as a 3rd down or change of pace back.  He went undrafted, but received an invite from the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills to attend their respective minicamps in 2015. Currently he is a free agent.

Gurley, Todd

sage15 gurleyCard: Sage 2015 (212/250)
Acquired: Twitter Promotion 2015, C/o SA-GE Collectibles

I had never won a promotion before through Twitter, but when SA-GE Collectibles announced a giveaway, I had to take a shot downfield. SA-GE was looking to see fans player collections, so I emptied my binder of all my SA-GE autographed cards and sent them a photo. Pretty soon thereafter I was followed by a few copycats, but the message had been sent, and I made an impression. A few weeks later I received 2 cards. I thought that I’d get an Alfred Blue card, but lo and behold I received this awesome Todd Gurley card along with a really nicely designed Anthony Harris card. After thanking SA-GE for the card, I was spammed by a few interested buyers, but I’m not in it to sell it.

I had been following Todd Gurley for a while. On my long drives to Houston for Texans signings, I had listened to pundits talk about how good he was and his numbers spoke volumes.  Although injuries derided his 2013 and partially his 2014 campaign, Todd graded out rightfully so with a first round grade.  In 3 years at Georgia, Todd rushed for 3285 yards on 510 carries with 36 TDs.  Considered a rare blend of speed and power, Gurley would have been the #1 overall pick if not for an ACL injury that sidelined him for the remainder of the 2014 campaign and through the combine.

The St. Louis Rams looking for that bell cow back selected Gurley with the 10th overall pick of the 2015 draft.  Todd got on the field near the end of September against the Steelers, and had his first bust out game against the Cardinals the following week rushing for 146 yards on 19 carries- the first of four straight 100 yard games. He scored his first TD against the Browns on 10/25 and finished with 1,106 yards on 226 carries and 10 TDs, propelling Gurley to the Pro Bowl and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Honors.