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Lohmiller, Chip

Cards: Pacific 1992, Topps Stadium Club 1992, Score 1990, Score 1991, Pro Set 1993 PB, Fleer 1990
Acquired: In person, CGA Youth Golf Tournament 1993

Minnesota Golden Gopher kicker Chip Lohmiller would be taken in the second round of the 1988 draft. The Redskins were in desperate shape to locate a kicker and hadn’t had consistency at the position since Matt Moseley left. In fact the previous season 4 different players kicked extra points for the team during the 1987 season. With Lohmiller the team immediately fixed their kicking problem, and in fact made a massive upgrade at the position. The Redskins were one of those teams that weren’t embarrassed to take field goals and in the competitive and defensive NFC East, it certainly did help to have an accurate kicker with a booming leg. From 1989 -1992 Lohmiller would lead the league in field goal attempts making at least 40 attempts each season. He’d also lead the league in 1991 and 1992 hitting 31 and 30 field goals respectively. In fact in 1991 his 143 points were more than the entire Indianapolis Colts squad put up combined. Lohmiller could have probably had a long career with the Redskins and it is assumed that the team which was hemorrhaging in the new age of the salary cap made the agonizing decision to let him go. 1995 would see a short season for the New Orleans Saints- and his 1996, which would be his final, Lohmiller would finish out his career with the St. Louis Rams. Since football Lohmiller has taken up coaching and is currently a highly regarded coach at the high school level. While at the CGA Youth Golf Tournament in 1993 he’d sign all the cards I provided for him. He apparently is a great golfer with at one point a -3 handicap.

G/Gs 135/135    Xpa 309    Xpm 301   Pct 97.4%     Fga 284    Fgm 204   Pct 71.8

Meads, Johnny

Cards: Topps 1990, Fleer Ultra 1991, Pacific 1991, ProSet 1991, Score 1991
Acquired: In Person, Houston Oilers Training Camp 1991, TTM C/o The Tennessee Titans 2010
Sent: 4/3 Received: 4/16  (13 days)

Okay, here’s a guy with a middle name worthy of a linebacker, Johnny “Sand” Meads. Thibodaux, LA is home to tiny Nicholls State, and the Houston Oilers would call Johnny’s name near the top of the 3rd round. This draft was a good defensively at linebacker and yielded names such as Carl Banks, Wilber Marshall, Gary Reasons, and Fredd Young. In fact it was so good 3 of the Oilers starting linebackers came out of this draft. Robert Lyles, John Grimsley and… Johnny Meads. The draft really represented defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville‘s vision for the Houston Oilers- an attacking defense led by quick and aggressive linebackers. In 1986 Johnny would score 111 tackles from his outside linebacker position and record 4 sacks. He also had extra value. At 6’2″ 232 with a wide wingspan, Johnny was a great special teamer, blocking 2 punts in 1989. By 1990, Meads was the senior member of the Oilers defense and made the transition from the 3-4 to the 4-3 defense anchoring down his starting position at linebacker. Johnny would be named defensive player of the week for his 1990 performance against the Saints in which he recorded 9 tackles, 1.5 sacks, an interception and 3 forced fumbles and amazingly he’d play most of the season with a broken thumb in a cast, and would still make 95 tackles and 5 forced fumbles.  1991 would see his final season as a starter, as the team was determined to go younger at the position. They’d bring in Eddie Robinson and Joe Bowden the next season and by the 4th week of 1992- he’d be cut and find himself on the roster of the Redskins for two weeks before retiring. Since football Meads has worked in the Tennessee Titans organization and is currently a scout for the organization. I’d get the Fleer 1991 Ultra autographed while at camp that year and he’d kindly sign the others for me in 2010. Great autograph with the way the “M” sweeps under the rest of his last name. The points of the “M” indicate his alertness, drive, and intelligence. A perfect linebacker autograph.

G/Gs  119/97    Tac  528     Sac 23.5    Fum 1    Int 1     Yds 32   Avg 32.0   Td 0    Lg 32

Duncan, Curtis ‘CD’

Cards: Pacific 1991,Pinnacle 1992,Topps 1992,Topps 1988, Score 1991, Proset 1990
Acquired: In Person, 1991,1993. TTM 2010 c/o home.
Sent: 2/15   Received: 2/26  (11 days)
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A 10th round selection out of Northwestern, nobody really gave Curtis a chance to make the Houston Oilers’ roster in 1987 but he ended up contributing for a 7 solid seven seasons. Considered the quietest member of the Run and Shoot wide receivers, Curtis was the ‘hands man’ of the group of Ernest Givins, Haywood Jeffrires, and Drew Hill/ Webster Slaughter. Never actually going over the 1,000 yard plateau, his best season came in 1992 when he had 954 yards on 82 receptions.  He’d play out the 1993 season with the Oilers, and then play through the preseason the next year with the Packers. (Among his more notorious accomplishments is holding the NFL record for receivers of most catches without a touchdown, at 106- probably since broken.) Duncan is now a member of the Houston Texans Ambassador club- (spokesmen for the organization that appear at a variety of local events to increase public interest in the Texans) and also plays golf and writes poetry in his spare time.

When Duncan first started, he was a touchdown threat every time he touched the ball his rookie season. After his rookie season, he settled into his role as the possession receiver. By the end of his career he was more comparable to Kelvin Martin only occasionally running the deep route. CD was also pretty good on Tecmo Super Bowl. The game always had him set up to go deep and you could just bomb to him all day long.

Curtis signed four cards for me in near record time. The inscription from Matt 6:33. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Games 102     Rec 322    Yds 3935    Avg 12.2   Td 20   Lg 72