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Graham, Garrett

sco10 ggrahamCard: Score 2010
Acquired: In Person 12/15/2015, Whataburger Community Player of the Year

Garrett Graham is another member of the Wisconsin connection to the Houston Texans. Oddly 3 members of the Texans at one point played TE at Wisconsin for the Badgers- Graham, Owen Daniels, and DE JJ Watt within the last 10 seasons.

With Owen Daniels injuries creeping up on him, the Texans decided to draft Graham in the 4th round of the 2010 draft. As a Senior, Garrett had a career high 51 receptions for 624 yards and 7 TDs for the Badgers- leading the team in touchdown catches, and ranking second in both receiving yards and catches.

The Texans love their tight ends, and with Daniels and Joel Dreesen in the fold, Garrett had his work cut out for him to climb into the lineup. He didn’t see significant playing time until 2012, when he became the 2nd string TE behind Daniels, after Dreesen signed with the Broncos. Daniels during the regular season went down with an injury so Garrett got his chance to start. He finished 2012 with 28 receptions for 263 yards and 3 TDs.  Daniels signed with the Ravens in 2013 clearing the way for Graham as starter. Garrett responded with a solid outing in 2013,  posting career highs with 49 receptions for 545 yards and 5 touchdowns.

The Texans in the meantime fired longtime head coach Gary Kubiak, who ran a very heavy tight end oriented offense.  Multiple offense coach Bill O’Brien was brought in to run the show. Graham’s numbers slid to 18 receptions for 197 yards and a TD in 2014.  He made 4 catches in 8 games in 2015, but was passed on the depth chart by Ryan Griffin upon his return from injury.

Graham was the last player on the table at the Whataburger Community Player of the Year event. While his attitude appeared laconic, he quickly warmed up when I came to the table. I told him that he had some really, really ugly cards, and the ones of him in his scouting combine duds were among the worst. He and I caught a good laugh about it before I wrapped up my haul.

On March 3rd, 2016 the Houston Texans cut Garrett Graham.

Hughes Jr., Jerry

sco10 hughesCards: Score 2010
Acquired: IP, Aaron Williams Lone Star Showcase 2015

So I went to the local card shop to find a card of Jerry Hughes Jr off of his short card list, only to have been beaten there by a friend who was also going to the event. Kindly enough he offered me this Score 2010- a set that is thoroughly unappreciated, and a nice transition from the well designed Score 2009.  Hughes was approachable enough, and signed every card that was placed in front of him with a huge smile. We talked briefly about the Bills, and I told him that Rex Ryan has me the most excited about the franchise since the 90s. We then confirmed the mantra that, “You gotta believe,” with big Kool-Aid sharing smiles.

Hughes has always been battling uphill for respect, despite his natural athleticism and production. Jerry was shifted to defensive end when he arrived at TCU in 2006.  It’d be  in 2008 when Jerry settled in, with 52 TT, 19.5 TFL, 15 Sacks, and 2 interceptions- one of which he returned for a TD. He returned to TCU for his Senior season and again had a banner year with 58 TT, 16.5 TFL, and 11.5 sacks.  The Colts made Jerry the first Horned Frog to be Drafted in the first round since LT, with the 31st overall pick in 2010.

Jerry didn’t play that much for the Colts over his first three seasons. The Colts liked to use their defensive ends as tweeners, and had him set up at OLB. In 2013, he was traded to the Buffalo Bills. With that chapter closed of his career, Hughes had 5 sacks and 31 tackles in 3 seasons with the Colts.

Given the opportunity to play with the Bills was just what Jerry needed. The change of atmosphere allowed him to blossom into a solid pass rusher alongside Mario Williams. In 2013, Jerry had 10 sacks, 32 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles, playing in all 16 games.  Allowed to start all 16 games, Jerry had 36 tackles, 10 sacks, and a pick for 18 yards that he returned for a TD against the Cleveland Browns, in 2014.


Daniels, Owen (2)

Card: Prestige 2010, Score 2010
Acquired: In Person 12/6/2011, Go Texans Store
See also: Daniels, Owen

While I was in Houston getting Mario Williams and JJ Watt at the Community Player of the Month event, I figured if I might be able to square away another name while I was down there. It came down to Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones, but with me having frozen to death outside for JJ and Mario, I opted for Owen knowing that the line would be queued inside the store.  Following another fan to the Go Texans store in Reliant Stadium during rush hour I got to the store a few minutes after the event began and surprisingly was able to get him twice.

The first time I came around I was a bit too starstruck and just honestly didn’t know what to say to Owen. The event was definitely more intimate than the cattle call of the Whataburger event and it was just an awkward exchange. I told him I’d come around again, and when I finally did  I told him that I was happy the team was able to lock him up for a few years, and that I consider him bionic because of his 3 knee surgeries. Daniels was very gracious and looked me in the eye after knocking on wood (about the knee surgeries), and thanked me for driving from Austin to visit him that day.

Looking at these cards, I liked where Score was going with their look from 2009 to 2010, but they totally lost it in ’11. Still the thing I can appreciate most about this set is its level of coverage of players as there seems to be a nice balance of offense and defense. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the lineup of Prestige cards. The Texans’ logo looks like it’s about to attack Owen’s shoulder and the metal look has been done and over done along with that annoying fade. I do however like this card in particular as it seems well suited for the set, especially Owen’s pose silhouetted against the design and certainly the autograph took well enough.

Daniels in 2011 is off to his best season since 2008 when he recorded 70 receptions. After a slow week 1, Owen has recorded at least 3 receptions in each contest through week 13 of 2011.  He’d have season highs in week 5 against the Raiders with 7 receptions for 89 yards.  An integral weapon to the Texans play action system, Daniels also serves as the team’s emergency quarterback.