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Brown, Duane (2)

sp08 dbrown Cards: SP 2008 (#431/1399), Topps 2013
Acquired: IP 2016, Texans Tuesday @ Fuddruckers with Duane Brown
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Duane Brown has really shaped up into one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. Already an outstanding run blocker, Duane also made massive strides over the past few years with his pass blocking. Duane earned Second Team All-Pro Honors after allowing zero sacks or penalties in 2011, and First Team Honors in 2012. From 2012-2015 he’s earned a trip to Hawaii to play in the Pro Bowl, with many publications calling him one of the top offensive tackles in football. With the departure of Andre Johnson, Duane Brown was the longest tenured Texan.

to13 dbrownDuane became involved in a long and acrimonious holdout with the Texans in  2017. He wanted to be paid more even though there was two years left on his current contract. The market on offensive tackles had soared in recent years, and Brown felt he should be paid in line with what players of his caliber were being compensated. The team felt otherwise. You see it was a Catch 22 for the Texans. If they paid Duane, they’d be setting precedence for any player who wanted more money just to hold out. In the end, the Texans refused to deal while their offensive line stunk it up. Duane returned for the Texans week 8 tilt against the Seahawks. He suited up and played for most of the game. Two days later right before the trade deadline, the Houston Texans traded him to those same Seahawks for a 3rd round (2018), and a 2nd round (2019) pick. While some fans may argue that the reason he was traded was personal- the Texans probably weren’t acting maliciously, and did right by Duane trading him to Seattle.

I had read that the Texans did a radio show with Brown in Houston at Fuddruckers, but was under the misunderstanding that he didn’t sign autographs. I was certainly wrong, as during the show he was complimented by the radio crew about how he had gotten autograph signings during the break down to a science. He signs one for each fan during breaks, and then after the show finishes up any additional autographs.

The last stop on our marathon Houston Texans autograph tour, Lance and I rushed over to Fuddruckers and arrived with about 30 minutes to go or so. Duane nicely signed these 2 cards for me and a card for Lance right before he left.


Galloway, Joey

Cards: Playoff Absolute 2007, SP 2008
Acquired: TTM 2016, C/o Work*
Sent:  1/15   Received: 3/7   (52 days)
* Postmarked from Columbus, OH

After a stellar career with the Buckeyes, Joey Galloway was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the first round (8th overall) of the 1995 draft. The Seahawks needed his speed to stretch the field and to be the heir apparent to Brian Blades.  Gifted with blazing speed and great hands, Joey contributed over 1,000 yards from scrimmage in each of his first 4 seasons receiving, returning, and rushing the ball for the Seahawks. In 3 of those seasons he recorded 1,000 yards receiving, and narrowly missed by 13 yards on a 4th.  Signed to a hefty contract, and then later injured, Joey was traded to the Cowboys for two number one picks in 2000.

Dallas was desperate to get one last shot at the Super Bowl, and with Michael Irvin‘s career unceremoniously ending, Jerry Jones wanted to get Aikman and Smith one more title. It didn’t work out the way that they hoped. Galloway was injured after his first start, and the Cowboys collapsed to a 5-11 record. As age caught up to the Cowboys skill players, the offense became stagnant.  In his final season with the team in 2003, Galloway led the NFL with 19.8 yards per reception.

Joey joined the Buccaneers in 2004. He’d enjoy a renaissance not seen since his days in Seattle. In 2005, Galloway had a career high 1,287 yards receiving. He’d follow his 2005 season up with 2 more back to back 1,000 yard seasons. After an injury riddled 2008, Galloway entered a brief journeyman phase to his career, playing for the Patriots in 2009 and retiring after playing briefly with the Redskins in 2010.

Joey in 2016, is involved in sports color commentary for ESPN.   Galloway is not the fastest signer through the mail, but none the less he boasts a very high TTM success rate.

G/Gs 198       REC 701     YDS 10950     AVG 15.6    TD 77   LG 81T
KR 4         YDS  68         AVG 17.0      TD 0    LG 22
PR 141    YDS 1349    AVG 9.6        TD 5    LG 89T

Barber, Dominique

Card: SP Rookie Authentics 2008 (1256/1399)
Received: TTM 2009, Texans Blitz

After playing college football for the Minnesota Golden Gophers and recording 191 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 2 forced fumbles in 46 games, Dominique Barber would be drafted in the 6th round by the Houston Texans of the 2008 Draft. Barber’s assets coming out of the draft were a great work ethic, a nose for a ball, and that he is a run enforcer. Critics pointed out though that Barber has average speed and is limited in his pass coverage skills.

Dominique did not start a game his rookie season in 2008, but made his first career sack and a pass defensed. In 2009 he started 6 games, before he was placed on injured reserve. He finished the season with his first career interception, made 4 pass deflections, and 33 tackles. Currently, he is best remembered for his performance in the season opener against the Jets when he was lateralled an intercepted pass from a teammate that he promptly returned for a touchdown.

2010 was a difficult season for the Texans defense- and Dominique would start only one game making 6 tackles, but once again lose the majority of his season on injured reserve.

As we enter 2011 and the defense of the Texans is being reshuffled under new coordinator Wade Phillips, it is unknown if Barber figures into the overall scheme of things. His father and brother have also spent extensive time in the league.

I think this is a pretty ugly card. Not only is Dominique in his warmups, -something I can’t stand,  he looks awkward coming to the line of scrimmage. I certainly wouldn’t call this an action pose. I’m not really sure what this compass circle dealy is in the background, and there’s that strange ridge that pops up from the bottom that really has no purpose. The worst part about it is the cursive lettering. It makes me feel like I’m going to a lowrider car show. Just a horrible card, but it was the only one I could get on the cheap of Barber at the time.

G/Gs  33/7    Tac  54      Sac 1    Fum 0       Int   1      Yds   3     Avg  3.0   Td  0     Lg  3