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Sikahema, Vai

pset89 sikahemaCards: ProSet 1989, ProSet 1990, Action Packed 1990
Acquired:  Paid Signing, 2015

Vai Sikahema does not sign through the mail. Although his jobs in public service arenas and the media would lead one to believe so, he boasts a 0% success rate through many websites. Many of his cards, especially when the big football card explosion of the late 80’s appeared, were very slick action shots. I had him on a shortlist for quite sometime, but due to his inaccessibility, I went ahead and did a paid signing for Sikahema.

pset90 sikahemaVai Sikahema was part of the early 80s pipeline of Tonga football players. In fact he was the first Tongan drafted to the NFL, taken in the 10th round by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1986.   He played his college ball at BYU. There he was an electrifying kick returner, setting the college punt return record with 153 career returns.

Sikahema played at a time when the league afforded the additional luxury of roster spots for dedicated return men, thus he rarely saw the field beyond kick and punt returning.  In his first two years in the NFL, he was named to the Pro Bowl, and in 1987 was named All-Pro. He led the league in yards both seasons cracking the 500 yard barrier in both seasons, and in TDs in 1986 (2), and returns in 1987 (44). Over his 8 seasons in the NFL, Sikahema never failed to return less than 26 punts a season.

ap90 sikahemaAfter 5 seasons playing for the Cardinals, Sikahema signed with Green Bay via Plan B.  He played one season for the franchise before he joined the Philadelphia Eagles, enjoying a brief renaissance to his career. During the 1992 season,  Vai became a part of history when he blew past the New York Giants punt coverage crew. He’d score a TD and then infamously box the Giants’ padded goal post, and make highlight films everywhere for years to come.  Sikahema retired after the 1993 season deciding to shift gears in his life towards sports journalism.

At the time of his retirement, Vai was less than 150 yards from the NFL career punt return yardage record held by White Shoes Johnson, and held the career record for most punt returns in a career.  He is also immortalized in Tecmo Super Bowl where he makes a great jack of all trades back.

NFL G/Gs 118/1    Rush 59     Yds 217    Avg 3.7    Td 0     Lg 27
Rec  53     Yds 537     Avg  10.7      Td 1      Lg 37
Kr  235     Yds 4933      Avg 21.0    Td 0    Lg 52
Pr 292      Yds 3169    Avg 10.9      Td  4     Lg 87t

McGee, Buford

flr90 mcgeeCards: Fleer 1990, Score 1991, Fleer 1991
Acquired: TTM 2015, C/o Home
Sent: 4/13     Received: 4/22  (9 days)

Ah, Buford McGee. A great find from the grand old days of the 80’s and 90’s NFL Gridiron. A true team player, McGee was just happy to be there. Buford was one of these guys who was a hard nosed fullback.  A rare 5 year college player, he played for the Mississippi Rebels from 1979 to 1983.  During his Senior season, he rushed for 580 yards and 7 touchdowns on 141 carries. Buford ran for 1446 yards on 345 carries, and 13 TDs over his career at Mississippi.  He also displayed nice touch catching the ball out of the backfield 112 times for 856 yards and 4 more TDs.

flr91 mcgeeBuford snuck into the 1984 NFL draft as the 286th player taken in the 11th round, by the San Diego Chargers.  Buried on the depth chart behind Earnest Jackson, Lionel James, and Chuck Muncie- McGee displayed the willingness to do what others would not do, and developed a knack for being a powerful blocker.  He’d not only make the squad and contribute on special teams, he also ran for 226 yards and 4 TDs. The Chargers continued to get great value for McGee, especially during 1986 when he rushed for a career high 7 touchdowns.  With offensive coordinator Ernie Zampese leaving the Chargers for the LA Rams in 1987, Buford was not far behind. He’d be traded to them in exchange for two draft choices and runningback Barry Redden.

sco91 mcgeeAlthough injuries caught up with McGee derailing parts of his 85, 86, and 87 seasons, he continued to contribute to the Rams offense in whatever capacity he could. In 1990 he had a career high 234 yards on 44 carries, and caught 47 balls for 388 yards. The LA Rams named Buford their 1990 MVP.  After the 1991 season, head coach John Robinson was relieved of his duties, and going for a more ground oriented approach, new head coach Chuck Knox cut Buford in May of 1992. McGee made one final stop in Green Bay. He’d suit up for the Packers for that last season where he started 3 games.

Retired, he now lives in East Texas. I was really happy to get the former Ram on these cards. Buford was never really appreciated for his contributions to the pro game by the fan at large, but coaches far and wide appreciate what he did for all those teams he so unselfishly played for. McGee is also a member of the 1991 Los Angeles Rams Tecmo Super Bowl team.

G/Gs   107/50     Rush 289     Yds  1086    Avg 3.8     Td 17     Lg 44   |
Rec  155     Yds 1264      Avg  8.2     Lg 43    Td  13
KR 23    Yds  465    Avg  20.2     Lg 35    Td  0
Att  3     Comp  3     Yds 24      Td 1     Int 0      Rat 139.6

Bernstine, Rod

ap92 bernstineCard: Action Packed 1992
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent: 7/1 Received: 7/17 (16 days)

I had been looking to get Rod Bernstine for some time. One of the ‘big backs’ of the late 1980s and early 90s, Rod certainly punished would be tacklers with his aggressive running style. Drafted by the San Diego Chargers out of Texas A&M in 1987, Rod battled fellow bang back Marion Butts for the starting role throughout much of his time in San Diego. An accomplished receiver as well, the Chargers couldn’t really settle on Rod’s role early in his career there, as he went back and forth from runningback to tight end officially on the roster. The classification of ‘H-back’ makes sense, but Rod ran with the ball too much to be considered one. Eventually by 1990 the team had settled on him at runningback, and Bernstine responded with 589 yards and 4 touchdowns in 124 carries. Starting 8 games in 1991, Rod had 766 yards and 8 touchdowns for the Chargers. He’d play one more season with the team, before leaping over to Denver for the 1993 season.

Rod started 14 games that year, en route to rushing for 816 yards and 4 touchdowns. He’d also record a career high 44 receptions for 372 yards. He’d retire after the 1995 campaign after two back to back brutally injured seasons. I loved playing Rod on Tecmo. I dominated with him and won a comeback Hail Mary game against Josh by just utilizing Rod as a one man offense for Denver 17-10. Rod does not sign often, but signed one of two cards for me via the mail.

G/Gs 84/45 Rush 670 Yds 2990 Avg 4.5 Td 22 Lg 63 |
Rec 149 Yds 1384 Avg 9.3 Td 2 Lg 59