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Childress, Ray (2)

Gameday 1992, #441

CARDS: Action Packed 1990, GameDay 1992, All World Stars & Stripes 1993
ACQUIRED: 2013, Canton Acquisition. 2022 C/o Home
SENT: 8/3 RECEIVED: 12/5 (124 days)



I mean, it’d been some 12 years since I TTMed Ray, and in that period he’s been off and on the TTM bandwagon, signing now albeit slowly for fans. I had developed set needs during that time- namely the Action Packed and Gameday sets, but I had also liked his Fleer as well. Seeing that I’d be lucky to get two, I decided to pack these two away and see what would happen. Among players I’d like to still meet from those yesteryears, Ray is still pretty high up there, due to him being probably my favorite Oiler on the DL.

The Stars & Stripes cards are among my least favorite sets, but my friend was taking a break from the hobby and was having a hard time. He couldn’t find a buyer so I offered to take a bunch off his hands. I didn’t really care what he sent me because I knew he was hard up and needed help. Getting a Childress was a bonus.

Offerdahl, John (2)

Action Packed 1990, #147

CARD: Action Packed 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 5/31 RECEIVED: 6/9 (9 days)



Well I decided to give John a shot asking him to sign two cards for me, but playing true to form he only signed one. No big deal. The Action Packed card has become a set need over the years. I’ll try the Fleer 90 in another 10 years, I guess. John’s autograph remains solid after all these years and looks great on this card.

Jeffires, Haywood (6)

Pinnacle 1991, #111

Playoff 1994, #46 Upper Deck 1993, #129

CARDS: Playoff 1994, Upper Deck 1993, Pinnacle 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/o Home
SENT: 8/21 RECEIVED: 8/29 (8 DAYS)



A rare signer, I felt it’d be best if I take advantage of his current signing window and get Haywood on a few cards. Among the players, he was quite outspoken about it being a mistake the Oilers left H-Town. I wonder if he also turned and embraced the Titans as one with the Oilers like many of his backpedaling teammates.