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Whittaker, Fozzy (3)

sp12 fwhittakerpaut15_fwhittakerCards: SP 2012 #399/750, Upper Deck Star Rookies 2012, TNT UT, Photo Memorabilia, Upper Deck Star Pics 2012, SP 2012 Authentics, Panini UT 2015
Acquired: IP 2016, Mighty Fine Burgers Battle of the Beast, Coop UT Celebration.
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Fozzy’s NFL career has required a lot of grit and a good agent. He’s clawed his way into the lineup tntcol fwhittakerwith Carolina where he serves primarily as a 3rd down scat back for the Panthers offense, after brief stops in Arizona, Cleveland, and San Diego. During the last 2 seasons, Fozzy has played in 25 games, starting 2.  He’s rushed 57 times for 253 yards and 2 TDs, while catching 17 passes for 124 yards and a TD. He’s also spent a bit of time on special teams returning 20 kicks for 471 yards.
During his relatively brief NFL career, Fozzy has demonstrated a knack for being a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. He has had a few highlights, such as transforming a 26 yard screen pass to a diving TD against the Saints, and a swing pass 39 yards across the middle for a TD against the Cardinals in the Wild card game of the 2014  playoffs.

A great fan favorite, Fozzy signs at
all events, and volunteers regularly for team events to meet fans. At the Mighty Fine Burgers
Battle of the Beast event, Whittaker was in rare form. As the maitre ‘d of the event he was in charge of motivating local high school players to eat as much as they could. Surrounded by a large and raucous crowd Fozzy was in his element, with a beaming smile, having a great time. Whittaker has no shortage amazingly of great photos, whether it is him jumping over a would be tackler, galloping across the grass, or getting a kiss from a baluga whale, I did honestly
ask for a lot.
I’m not really a photo memorabilia kind of guy, but with such a plethora of great shots of Fozzy, I compromised and decided to get some things signed on high quality 4×6 photo stock- which could eventually become a thing for me as I run out of stuff for guys who appear regularly. Still Fozzy kindly and patiently signed everything, while discussing how his career has progressed along.  We talked also briefly about how some of those photos need to make their way onto Carolina Panthers cards of him, and how I thought his efforts in their Super Bowl loss provided the team a much needed spark.

Fozzy was also a guest star on the Comedy Central show Key and Peele which routinely made fun of NFL players and their outrageous names. Instead of lampooning Whittaker, they just had him appear on the skit and say his name. When I asked him about this event, he told me that it wasn’t like they flew him out to LA for the taping- they just shot the video in front of a green screen. After getting one of the Comedy Central photos signed, I gave him the extra one on me, which he really liked and showed his wife.

The fun times didn’t end there as I had two more cards to get Fozzy on at the Coop event in May. He signed his Panini UT card and this really nice SP Authentics canvas card.

Whittaker continues to blossom as a pro. In 2016 he posted career highs across the board with 57 carries for 265 yards and 25 receptions for 226 yards. He also chipped in 12 kick returns for 275 yards- a 22.9 yard average.

Walker, Johnny ‘Skywalker’ (RB)

WALKERCard: Top Notch UT Custom
Acquired: 2015, C/o NFLPA SA
Sent: 6/4  Received: 6/15    (11 days)

High flying John Walker was known for his fearless high-flying, short yardage heroics during his time at the University of Texas. The runningback finished his career with  388 carries for 1,641 yards and 17 TDs.

He was drafted by the then St. Louis Cardinals in the 9th round of the 1984 draft but did not make the squad.

John suffers from stage 2 colon cancer. I had heard about his story on a news channel and decided to make a card of him. Knowing that he was a member of the NFLPA Austin/San Antonio, I sent the custom out to him with a donation. I know that deep down, having your own football card, means a lot to somebody who never had one, especially the ‘old timers’. They understand the value of it, and how accomplished it makes them feel. John signed the back of the card and returned it in less than two weeks.

About a year later I ran into him at the Kansas City Chiefs/ Jaguars tilt at 3rd Base. I asked him how he liked the cards I made him. He stopped and his eyes brightened. Apparently he had no way of getting back in touch with me after he got the cards. He had already given them out and signed many of them for friends and family. We talked for a bit, and he asked for some more, which I was really happy to do for him.

Studdard, Kasey (2)

tntcol studdardmem studdard 3 phoCard: TNT College, Photo Memorabilia
Acquired: IP 4/16/2015, Sam’s Wholesale Lakeline Grand Opening
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I was really surprised that nobody had made a card of Kasey Studdard. The well decorated Texas offensive lineman culminated his career blocking for Vince Young in the Rose Bowl victory over #1 USC. He was later selected by the Texans in 2007 and later briefly played in 2013 for the Titans. While the former Longhorn only started 13 games over his career, his years of service in the NFL has definitely allowed him to pursue his dreams and personal hobbies.  An avid outdoorsman, Studdard currently dabbles in Sunday morning radio, spends plenty of time working the charity circuit, while he plays golf.  Kasey really liked this custom I did of him. In fact- I think he liked the poster I did of Vince Young more than VY did too.