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Pearson, Drew (3)

to84 pearson pset90 sb X to80 pearson to79 pearson pset90 sb XXII

Cards: ProSet 1990 SB X, ProSet 1990 SB XII, Topps 1980, Topps 1979, ProSet 1992 88’s, Upper Deck 1997 MM, Topps 1984.
Acquired: IP 11/8/2014, GameDay Sports Tour Austin, Texas.
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Texas Autograph Club, or TAC for short, has been a valuable resource for my autograph collecting hobby.  I got wind through GameDay Sports Tours that they were coming to Austin through TAC, and although I have gotten Drew Pearson multiple times in the past, I was still interested in getting his autograph on a few more cards. Chief among them was this Upper Deck that he shares with James Lofton, that I will get Lofton on at a later date. The ProSet 1992 card that he shares with Michael Irvin is also a very nice card, however I doubt seriously I’ll ever get the other 88 to sign this card, especially for the exorbitant price he charges. The other Topps cards were filler in my inventory while the ProSet serve in historical retrospect of Drew’s career. Pearson scored a TD in the Cowboys pset92 pearsonirvin 88Super Bowl X loss to the Steelers,

The event went well enough. It was held in a moderately rough location in Austin, but living in California for a few years, – I had shopped in more impoverished places, so it didn’t bother me at all.  I ran into a few other members of the board that I knew and talked to them for a bit about what they were getting signed. I was pretty close to the front of the line, so it was easy for me to get all of these cards signed. Drew started signing and stopped only briefly to ask me, “If this was it?” He flashed his customary Super Bowl ring at me and I was done. It was pretty much an in and out transaction.

Drew was finally inducted into the Cowboys Ring of ud97 pearson lofton mmHonor and does a lot of sports radio work, hosting his own self-titled hour long show on the Fox Sports Network. He also does color commentary for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. Pearson lives in Plano, Tx and is considered one of the 10 Greatest Cowboys Players ever.

Duhe, A.J.

Cards: Topps 1985, Topps 1979
Acquired: Canton Aquisition 2012

AJ Duhe was a defensive end drafted in the first round out of LSU by the Miami Dolphins with the 13th pick of the 1977 draft. His rookie campaign netted him AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year Honors that season where he started all 14 games and forced 2 fumbles, recorded 7 sacks, and 83 tackles. After another solid season in 1978, AJ was moved to linebacker in 1979 and played there the rest of his career. You see during that period, offensive linemen were really starting to get bigger, and Duhe was about 20 pounds too light to be at defensive end.  Things paid off for him and the Dolphins by 1981 where AJ was named to the AFC All UPI team at linebacker, recording 84 tackles and 5.5 sacks. He’s probably best known for helping the Dolphins reach the 1983 Super Bowl, by making 3 interceptions against the Jets in the AFC Championship Game that season. One of his interceptions set up a crucial score and the second pick he returned for a touchdown. (In Dolphins history AJ’s Championship performance remains one of the team’s greatest single player defensive efforts in a game, outside of Jake Scott in Super Bowl VII.) Injuries over the final 18 months of his career to his knee, ankle, and shoulder finally ended it in 1984.

Duhe is considered an LSU legend. Over his time at the college he averaged over 72 tackles a season and earned All SEC Honors in 1976 at defensive tackle. He makes appearances from time to time for the college to sign autographs for fans. AJ is also an avid cook and outdoor grill artist. He’s also done some small bit acting including an episode of “Miami Vice” from the 1980s.


G/Gs 109/89    Tac N/a   Sac  N/a   Fum 6
Int 3   Yds 18  Avg 6.0  Lg 11