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Humphery, Bobby (2)

Cards: Topps 1985, Topps 1987, Pro Set WLAF 1991 Update
Acquired: TTM 2017, C/o Home
Sent:  5/31   Received:  6/14  (15 days)
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Bobby Humphery was an enforcer for the San Antonio Riders during their 1992 season. Selected in the 11th round of the WLAF draft, he really provided veteran leadership to the young defensive backs. The Riders pass defense was ranked first in the league that year, and they were one of the few teams that could go toe to toe with the eventual World League Champion Sacramento Surge and a key reason for that was Bobby.

It was a shame that Pro Set pulled the plug on their WLAF set for the 1992 season. While Ultimate and Wild Card filled the vacancy as best as they could peppering  their sets with veterans and rookies, for some reason they both omitted the highly decorated Humphery.  I had to look hard to find any photography of Hump from his days in the WLAF.

Apparently he noticed that too, so when Bobby received the custom card I created he wrote me an extremely nice thank-you note.

Thank you Lee, for the Rider cards. I always wanted these cards but I could never find them. I will honor these.” – Bobby Humphery

The custom WLAF 1991 entry that I made of him was based off of a Gameday Magazine I had from that 1992 that was sold during the season finale. In the team notes, frequently they’d have a photo or small blurb about a player who has really made a difference on the team. The last one had this grainy black and white shot of Bobby. Although I have found other images on the web, I have not been able to find a suitable enough image, so I decided to go ahead and work with this image in Photoshop.  It came out decently enough for a colorized and fuzz adjusted image.  While I wasn’t entirely happy with my printer, it was satisfactory enough that I thought Bobby would appreciate it.  He also included a signed copy of his Topps 1985 rookie card as well as thanks for the additional copies of the Riders cards I gave him.

Among Bobby’s greatest NFL accomplishments is that he led the NFL in 1984 with 22 kick returns for 675 yards and a 97 yard touchdown. He also had 8 kick returns for 234 yards and a touchdown against the Bengals during the season finale in 1986.

Cross, Randy

Card: Topps 1985
Acquired: Canton Acquisition 2012

Randy Cross was a UCLA All-American guard selected by the San Fransisco 49ers in the second round of the 1976 NFL draft.  An outstanding lineman for the Bruins, he originally started at center and was later moved to guard, and helped the Bruins get past Ohio State in what is considered one of the largest upsets in Rose Bowl history.

Over the course of his 13 season career, he’d suffer through the doldrums of the NFC West, witness the drafting of Joe Montana, Roger Craig, and Jerry Rice, the transformation of the 49ers into a West Coast offense, and the team’s rise to dominance as the NFL’s premier team. Randy played his entire time with the 49ers,  was named as an AP selection 3 times (1981, 1982, & 1984), numerous Pro Bowl nominations, and earned 3 Super Bowl rings. He retired shortly after winning his 3rd ring in 1988.

Randy so seamlessly transitioned into the booth right afterwards, I had forgotten that he played. A natural behind the mic and on camera, Randy has worked for CBS and NBC both in the booth and as a color commentator for games. (I thought he hated the Oilers.) He’s also done college game casts and preseason games for the Patriots. Currently Randy has his own radio show on Sirrus NFL radio. I also think he should grow back his mustache for old times sake as Cross sorta looks like Tom Selleck.

Lewis, Albert

to86 a lewisCard: Topps 1987
Acquired: Canton Acquisition, 2012

Albert Lewis was part of a fearsome secondary and special teams for the Kansas City Chiefs. With breathtaking speed for his size, Lewis could have easily been an wide receiver with his far reaching talents. Paired with Kevin Ross, Lewis and him made an impressive duo that shut down opponents passing games and frustrated receivers week in and week out. Lewis’ physical play and speed allowed him to handle both man to man and zone coverages with ease.  Jerry Rice, arguably the greatest receiver of All-time called Lewis, his most difficult opponent.  Still the Hall of Fame eludes Albert, since it seems to view the work of the secondary with some disdain.

A 3rd round pick out of Grambling in 1983 by the Kansas City Chiefs, Albert spent 11 fine seasons as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. He started 128 games recording 4.5 sacks, 38 picks for 329 yards, 555 tackles, and 7 FF. Deciding to go younger at the position, Albert signed with the Raiders in 1994, starting an additional 61 games for LA/ Oakland retiring after the 1998 season.

G/Gs 225/189    Tac 797       Sac  12.5      Fum  13      Int  42     Yds 403    Avg 9.6      Td  1   Lg 74t