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Duncan, Curtis (3) ‘CD’

to88 cduncan sco92 cduncan tosc90 cduncan tosc92 cduncan


Cards: Topps Stadium Club 1991, Topps Stadium Club 1993, Topps 1989, Score 1992, GameDay 1992, ProSet 1992
Acquired: In Person 9/13/2015, Churrascos Club Pregame Party Texans vs. Chiefs
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Well I was quite the celebrity at the Houston Texans opener against the Kansas City Chiefs this year as I walked through the rows of tailgates and throngs of people wearing my powder blue Houston Oilers jersey. On quite a few occasions I was stopped and asked who it was a jersey of, and I’d quickly respond with, “Wide receiver, Curtis Duncan of the Houston Oilers. You know the least respected of the Fab 4 Run ‘N Shoot during who played during the late 80’s until the mid 90s.”

pset92 duncanPreviously I had met Curtis and liked him so much I busted out this old jeresy for the next time I saw him. When I ran into him outside the Churrascos he was very impressed and flattered that I had a jersey of him. Bubba McDowell laughed that I had it and said that I looked better than Duncan in it. I said, “Only my belly,” and rubbed it to their laughter.

The Churrascos event was a nice set up. There was a last second substitution, but Curtis was already on the docket to appear. I got a feeling of bourgeoisie from the catered all you can eat/all you can drink exorbitantly priced event- which made me feel slightly ill. There were photos and event tables and a lot of things to do. People who plan on attending should be there when it starts at 10AM, and prepare to leave 15 minutes early to reach their seats on time.

gday93 cduncanThe signing went well. Curtis wanted to take a photo with me, and I jabbed him telling him, “What so that you can prove to the world somebody is a fan of yours or has your jersey?” Bubba said it would be even more impressive if I had his jersey. Curtis signed every card I had. I previously got his rookie card signed, but we talked about it briefly joking that it was one of those Topps entries with him on the sidelines looking up into the air.

Overall these cards weren’t bad. There maybe just one or two more of Curtis I’d like to get autographed, but pretty much this does it. Even with these entries so late into the CD race, I was still pulling pretty decent looking cards and action shots of the former Oiler. The Topps entry of him sitting on the sideline is a well framed photo. About the only one I didn’t like was his 1991 Topps Stadium Club entry of him jumping up into the air with a defender draped on him.



Lockhart, Eugene (2) ‘Mean Gene the Hitting Machine’

to89 lockhart ud91 lockhart s&s92 lockhart sco90 lockhartflr90 elockhartto90 elockhart

Cards: Score 1990, Stars & Stripes 1992, Topps 1989, Upper Deck 1990, Fleer 1990, Topps 1990, GameDay 1992.
Acquired: 2012, Canton Acquisition. TTM 2015, C/o Home.
Sent: 12/28/15       Received:  1/9/16      (12 days)
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Eugene is a solid bet TTM for fans, and since I had quite a few extra cards of his that I wanted to get signed, I thought I’d go ahead and give him a shot with the Fleer, Topps 90, and Gameday cards. The other cards were all part of the Canton Acquisition back in 2012- when a friend decided to sell his collection as he was exiting the hobby. I don’t normally buy signed cards from other collectors but I felt that as part of a package it was worth the purchase. There’s definitely a difference in the signatures, but that loopy ‘E L’ in both groups is there to trust that it is genuine enough. Each of the cards gday92 elockhartare quite unique. The Stars & Stripes were among my least favorite set- capitalizing off of American pride while just looking bad with the garish Photoshop effect on the type.  Each of the entries have very unique photos as the Topps 90, (in which most cards of the Cowboys are straight up portrait style,) has grown on me over the years.

After emerging from prison from a three year stint for being a part of a mortgage fraud scheme, Eugene has been humbled, but rededicated himself in life to the things that matter most.  He’s a family man who loves to cook. He has goals and wants to become a motivational speaker for kids and incarcerated inmates, and join the Dallas Cowboys Alumni Association so that he can meet and greet all his fans. He’s a warm story and I hope that he is able to find the validation and redemption he deserves.

Lyons, Marty

to84 lyonsto89 lyons
Cards: 1989 Topps, 1984 Topps
Acquired: Canton Acquisition, 2012

Marty Lyons was a man-machine in the middle for many years for the New York Jets. Although considered a terror along the line and well respected by opposing offenses, Lyons numbers have not garnered him a Hall of Fame nomination. Lyons was the 14th player taken in the 1979 draft and joined with (fellow draftee) Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, and Abdul Salaam to form the famed “New York Sack Exchange”.

Originally a member of the University of Alabama from 1975-1978, Lyons racked up 202 tackles, 20 sacks, and 6 fumbles while playing for the Crimson Tide. In his final year there, he earned consensus All-American Honors, and is considered one of the finest defensive linemen of his era. While considered a beast on the field, pummeling opponents and taking no prisoners, Lyons has received immense attention for his work at large for the community and giving, winning the NFL Man of the Year Award in 1984. He currently runs his own foundation, which is pushing near 30 years of service.

Over 12 seasons with the Jets, Lyons helped the franchise reach a level of respectability during the 80s playing defensive tackle, and occasionally kicking outside to defensive end. He earned Pro Bowl honors in 1982 and 1983 as an alternate while the team saw its first playoff berth since the days of Joe Namath in 1982, reaching the AFC Championship against Dan Marino and the Dolphins. They’d again return to the playoffs again in 1983 and 1985. In 1988 Lyons was named defensive captain of the team.

Since retirement, Lyons has been named to the College Football Hall of Fame (2011) and 5 other local and state Hall of Fames as well for his efforts on and off the field. In addition to his duties for the Marty Lyons Foundation, he has also been a color commentator for Jets radio.

G/Gs  147/135      Tac   n/a     Sac  29    Fum 8
Int  0        Yds 0        Avg -.-     Td 0        Lg -.-