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Robinson, Denard ‘Shoelace’

Topps 2013, #133

CARDS: Topps 2013, Sage 2013, Topps AAF 2019, Topps AAF 2019 Certified
Acquired: 2019, C/o EBay
2020, C/o The Jacksonville Jaguars
Sent: 11/4/20 Received: 11/20/21 (381 days)
Failure: 2020, C/o Home


  • In 2010, became the first player in NCAA history to pass for over 2,500 yards and rush for over 1,500 in a single year.
  • Finest moment came that year in a game against Notre Dame, accounting for 502 of the Wolverine’s 532 yards.
  • Had 3 games passing and rushing for 200+ yards each.
  • Completed college career passing for 6250 yards and 49 TDs, while rushing 723 times for 4495 yards and 42 TDs.
  • 5th round selection of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013.
  • Played 4 seasons for the Jaguars, after converting to RB.
  • Best season came in 2014, rushing 135 times for 582 yards and 4 TDs, while catching 23 receptions for 124 yards.
  • Injuries derailed development at the end of the 2014 season, lasting into 2015, allowing for TJ Yeldon to take starting job.
  • After trying out for the Bears in 2018, remained in playing shape and signed with the Atlanta Legends of the AAF for 2019. 
  • Played 7 games for the Legends, seeing 24 carries for 66 yards and a TD, and caught 7 passes for 37 yards, but finished on IR as the league ceased operations.
  • Robinson has begun a coaching career, and after briefly serving at Jacksonville University, is currently on the staff of the Jacksonville Jaguars front office.


  • Set NCAA record for most yards rushing by a QB (4,495)
  • 2010 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year
SAGE Hit 2013, #117


Denard was pretty easy to find on the web, but he wouldn’t sign from home. It took him a while to get back to me, but it appears he signs his fanmail once a year through the Jags right now.

I was pretty disappointed in the Topps AAF 2019 entry. The fact that the certified is just the same as the base card minus a few effects is quite lazy.


Brown, Duane (2)

sp08 dbrown Cards: SP 2008 (#431/1399), Topps 2013
Acquired: IP 2016, Texans Tuesday @ Fuddruckers with Duane Brown
See Also: Duane Brown

Duane Brown has really shaped up into one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. Already an outstanding run blocker, Duane also made massive strides over the past few years with his pass blocking. Duane earned Second Team All-Pro Honors after allowing zero sacks or penalties in 2011, and First Team Honors in 2012. From 2012-2015 he’s earned a trip to Hawaii to play in the Pro Bowl, with many publications calling him one of the top offensive tackles in football. With the departure of Andre Johnson, Duane Brown was the longest tenured Texan.

to13 dbrownDuane became involved in a long and acrimonious holdout with the Texans in  2017. He wanted to be paid more even though there was two years left on his current contract. The market on offensive tackles had soared in recent years, and Brown felt he should be paid in line with what players of his caliber were being compensated. The team felt otherwise. You see it was a Catch 22 for the Texans. If they paid Duane, they’d be setting precedence for any player who wanted more money just to hold out. In the end, the Texans refused to deal while their offensive line stunk it up. Duane returned for the Texans week 8 tilt against the Seahawks. He suited up and played for most of the game. Two days later right before the trade deadline, the Houston Texans traded him to those same Seahawks for a 3rd round (2018), and a 2nd round (2019) pick. While some fans may argue that the reason he was traded was personal- the Texans probably weren’t acting maliciously, and did right by Duane trading him to Seattle.

I had read that the Texans did a radio show with Brown in Houston at Fuddruckers, but was under the misunderstanding that he didn’t sign autographs. I was certainly wrong, as during the show he was complimented by the radio crew about how he had gotten autograph signings during the break down to a science. He signs one for each fan during breaks, and then after the show finishes up any additional autographs.

The last stop on our marathon Houston Texans autograph tour, Lance and I rushed over to Fuddruckers and arrived with about 30 minutes to go or so. Duane nicely signed these 2 cards for me and a card for Lance right before he left.


Swearinger, DJ “DJ Swagg”

CR13 Swearinger to13 swearinger

Cards: Crown Royale 2013, Topps 2013, Upper Deck Star Rookies 2013
Acquired: IP 7/17/2014, Academy Texans Stampede Tour

djswaggThe Texans opted not to send players to any Texans Draft Parties outside of Houston. Apparently they decided to draw their wagons this year after their pitiful 2013 performance and keep their guys at home. I wasn’t happy about this at all, as Academy was running promotions with the Titans in Tennessee as part of their draft day program. I know my rancor towards Academy on Twitter- especially being a Texas company touting the traitorous Titans, didn’t make it happen, but I’d love to say somebody paid attention or listened. In mid July the Texans made it down to Austin for their Stampede Tour. I was happy to see DJ Swearinger and Eric Brown were on the list. I quickly made an order to my card shop, as I was surprised not to have any Swagg cards in my collection, and biting my nails off through the wait, 4 of them showed up for me just in time for the event.

Even though the weather was nasty, it worked to my advantage, as the players were late getting to a previous commitment. They were still on the radio at the other event, when I showed up at Academy only 30 minutes early. Being that Austin traffic was unforgiving I knew I was in for a long wait. Academy was smart about it. They issued numbers to everybody who came through the door so that we didn’t argue over spots in line. That was perfect. I ended up with #36. The players showed up over an hour late. That was fine, as it allowed me to get as many cards as I needed signed. I really caught Swearinger’s attention with the Crown Royale card he really pined over. When I got up to DJ again the second time, I asked him if he wanted any of the cards I had. He wanted the SP Gamecocks card, so I made a deal that if he’d sign the other two, it was his. He had no problem with that and the handlers did not make a fuss.

ud13st swearingerThe Texans had a rough 2013. With the departure of safety Glover Quin to Detroit, it left a gaping hole in the secondary. To address the issue, the team ran out and desperately signed still injured Super Bowl champion Ed  Reed to a contract, and then drafted DJ Swearinger in the second round of the 2013 draft to learn from the well versed Reed. Ed however rarely saw the field for the team and was cut midway through the season. In the meantime, DJ Swagg got a trial by fire in the secondary. He’d start 10 games for the Texans, recording 54 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 4 pass defensed, and his first career interception against the Arizona Cardinals (Carson Palmer).

DJ is an active personality on Twitter, who really loves to make the highlight play. A viscious hitter, he’s always the subject of fines and conversation between referees when he lays down a lick, even drawing the ire of Peyton Manning during a preseason game who earned an unsportsmanlike penalty for taunting Swearinger. Swearinger also has a knack for the strip, forcing 2 fumbles within the 10 yard line during the 2014 season. A college teammate of #1 pick JaDeveon Clowney, Swearinger went to bat for him and is very excited about having him on the Houston Texans.