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Sacca, Tony (2)

Gameday 1992, #175

CARDS: Classic 1992, Pro Set 1992, Gameday 1992, Skybox 1992 Primetime
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home
SENT: 11/29/21 RECEIVED: 12/24/21 (25 days)



Another set need down as I pretty much cleared out the remaining cards I wanted signed of Tony’s. The Gameday was of particular interest here, however I had no idea that Classic had done these limited print cards.

1992 Skybox Primetime, #157

Conlan, Shane (2) ‘Jughead’

Action Packed 1991, #12

CARDS: Action Packed 1990, Action Packed 1991, Fleer 1990
Upper Deck 1991, Topps 1989, Score 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home. Canton Acquisition 2013
SENT: 1/24 RECEIVED: 3/14 (49 days)



It had been a long time since I wrote Shane, and he has so many set needs that I felt it was fine time to get him on a few more. I realized afterwards I missed on the Skybox 1993 card- which happens to have him as a member of the Rams. Conlan like many great pros before him, to me is iconic as a member of his primary team- the Buffalo Bills. Anything else just seems a bit forgetful or bizarre to me.

Still a few scattered Canton Acquisitions cards here and there. I was not a huge fan of any of these cards. Those cards being the Topps and Score issued cards. In these cards you can see the gap in his teeth where one of them is missing. It got knocked out in a high school game.

And here’s an Upper Deck card. Wow. How exciting. For priding themselves on being a leader of exciting sports photography on trading card canvases- that must have been an exciting phone call.