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Brown, Eric (DB)

UD98BD ebrown UD98 ebrown

Cards: Upper Deck Black Diamond 1998, Upper Deck 1998
Acquired: IP 7/17/2014, Academy Houston Texans Stampede Tour

A devestating hitter for the Denver Broncos, the Texans were surprised to see Eric Brown available in 2002. Originally drafted by the Broncos back in the second round of the 1998 draft, he spent 4 seasons there, starting 52 of 53 games. Over that period Eric tallied 273 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 6 fumble recoveries and 6 interceptions, earning a Super Bowl ring in XXXIII.

eric brownNeeding a presence at Strong Safety, Brown started opposite Matt Stevens and anchored down an intimidating group that included corners Aaron Glenn and Marcus Coleman. Eric recorded 60 tackles, .5 sacks, and 2 interceptions for 7 yards in 2002. Brown in 2003 had 72 tackles, .5 sacks, a pick, and 3 forced fumbles. Eric only started 4 games in 2004, and due to a lingering knee injury was shelved for the majority of the season. In 2005, head coach Dom Capers and GM Charlie Casserly boneheadedly decided to get rid of nearly all of their expansion players and veteran free agents that joined the franchise during the expansion season. Brown was cut and his career ended shortly thereafter.

While Brown has been quoted as saying that his heart was always in Denver with the Broncos, he’s joined the Houston Texans Ambassador program. Last year, when I attended the Kemah Kickoff, I gambled that I might need a few cards of his in the future and scrounging around for a few of Eric paid off. Appearing alongside DJ Swearinger for the Houston Texans Stampede Tour at Academy in Austin for 2014, he was surprised to see a card of his, and told me that he hadn’t signed one in a long time.

G/Gs 97/87     Tac 365    Sac 6.5    Fum 5    Int 9    Yds 34    Avg 3.7    Td 0    Lg 13

Johnson, Ted (2)

ud99 t johnsonsky97 t johnson

Cards: Skybox Metal Universe 1997, Upper Deck 1999
Acquired: In Person 5/19, 610 Houston Fan Fest 2013
See Also: Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson was one of the first guys out of the gate in 2013 at Fan Fest. Surprisingly he had a decently busy line, but he still managed to sign 2 cards for me. We talked briefly again about the concussions lawsuit and where it is at. I told him that I thought that the responsibility that the NFL has taken in education is a snow job to avoid responsibility for their previous behavior (as in acting like they didn’t know concussions were bad). After I told him that I was taught to tackle with the ‘bike’ or (label) of the helmet, Ted talked to me about it at lengths, and how the NFL just can’t change player behavior and instinct overnight. He told me that enforcement will be also difficult to enforce by officials, and cited his already borderline illegal behavior of how when he played, his bread and butter move was to fly in and tag the offensive lineman with the top of his helmet underneath the chin.

Nice cards here. I like the Skybox Metal card and the Upper Deck a lot. Solid designs with different approaches. Thankfully the Patriots didn’t stick with that hideous uniform with the shoulder decals much longer beyond these years.

Really disappointed in 610 Sports Radio Houston as they decided not to hold FanFest in 2014, and went with ‘ManFest’ instead -A mysogynistic dinosaur name to go along with ham fisted events with second string players and no inferred autograph event. While they said they were trying to stray away from the previous set ups of simply padding fans autograph collections, I disagree as I found my interactions from previous FanFest events with players to be animated and interesting.