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Dayne, Ron ‘Great Dayne’

Card: Upper Deck College Legends 2011
Acquired: 2018, C/o 33dayne.com*
* Fee required

Ron Dayne ran into the college record books with 7,125 career yards rushing for Wisconsin over a 4 year period from 1996 to 1999. In both 1996 and 1999 he cracked the 2,000 yard plateau for the Badgers. During his senior season Ron ran 337 times for 2,034 yards and 20 TDs, culminating in him winning the Heisman Trophy and wresting the rushing record from Ricky Williams. Ron was selected in the 1st round of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New York Giants.

With Gary Brown on the way out in New York, the Giants were looking to shore up their woeful backfield which had a woeful combined 1408 yards rushing. Ron was a good fit for the team. With the emergence of Tiki Barber at runningback at a hair above 1,000 yards, Ron took on more of a fullback/ short yardage/ bam back role for the Giants. He’d start 4 games and rush for 770 yards on 228 carries and 5 TDs as NY made it to the Super Bowl. Fans dubbed Ron ‘Thunder’ and Barber ‘Lightning’ based on their 1 2 punch in the backfield- however this was the high point in his early career. 

Ron really never found his footing in New York as a starting back. During 2001 he’d start 7 games, and there was always the concern about his yards per carry which hung consistently around 3.4 yards per carry. Injuries were also an issue, as it seemed unfairly that the idea of running players into the ground before they made it to the pros became popularized after Dayne was drafted. His stats dropped every season in New York until he was released after the 2004 season. 

Ron signed with the Denver Broncos in 2005, eager for a fresh start, but after a dubious start, he finished with only 270 yards and a TD in 10 games. On the bright side, he had a career high 5.1 yards per carry- but it’d be his only season playing for the Broncos as he’d be unceremoniously cut in camp.

Ron was snapped up by the Texans looking for veteran help at the runningback position to pair alongside Vernand Morency and rookie Wali Lundy after Domanick Davis was shelved on IR. Ron had previously played under offensive coordinator (now coach of the Texans) Gary Kubiak in Denver so this made a good fit. In 11 games (6 starts) Ron would have a renaissance of sorts with the Texans, rumbling for 612 yards and 5 TDs (4.1 YPC). He’d return in 2007 to Houston, and start a career high 8 games filling in for Ahman Green, rushing 194 times for a career high 773 yards and 6 TDs (4.0 YPC), and helping the young franchise reach an 8-8 record.  

Dayne lives in Wisconsin. I got his autograph through his website via jumping through hoops and paying a fee. I had always wanted to get his autograph for a variety of reasons, (Heisman Winner, College All-Time Cumulative Leading Rusher, he played for the Texans) and this great card. I couldn’t get a scan to do the bottom portion justice but based on the photo area alone, it’s a nice piece. 

On a side note, I was told by a Texans player that Dayne loved to play cards on plane flights (and was an easy mark).


Ware, Andre ‘Air Ware’ (2)

pset90 wareCards: Pro Set 1990, Upper Deck College Legends 2011
Acquired: 4/30/15, Houston Texans Draft Party
See Also: Andre Ware ‘Air Ware’

Lance and I arrived at the 2015 Houston Texans Draft Party with high hopes, but were ultimately disappointed when we didn’t have cards of the Ambassadors who showed up, and the players I did have a card of were only taking photo ops. Queue the Astrodome air raid siren, because Andre Ware came to the rescue.

As Lance and I made our way towards the photo op booth, I heard a familiar voice on TV. Andre Ware was being interviewed on Fox Spots Southwest. Recognizing that the broadcast was taking place in the stadium, I walked over to one of the people working at the stadium and asked them where Andre was. The stadium employees identified it as being at radio row where only the VIP fans were allowed. We got as close as the elevator, and after borrowing a pen and waiting for about 15 minutes, Lance and I decided to locate the ground floor exit of the VIP area to get a better vantage point.  We walked for about 5 minutes, and emerging out of the crowd from the other direction, wasudlgd11 ware Andre Ware. Kudos to Andre for cheerfully signing 2 cards for me and Lance, even though he had his hands full with two kids by his side and all their stuff.

I can’t encourage collectors enough to build out a compact and expanded box of cards that covers the full gamut of players, former players, and sports personalities. With Andre covering the Texans on the radio as a color commentator and also being  a local legend, it made sense to have a few extras on the off chance he did make an appearance.  Otherwise  these are great cards of Ware, and leaves me with only a handful of extras that I would love to have autographed for my collection.

Bosworth, Brian ‘Boz’

udou11 bosworthCards: ProSet 1989, Upper Deck Legends 2011, OU UD 2011, OU UD 2011 85 NC
Acquired: TTM 2015, C/o Home*
Sent:   1/22   Received: 1/30  (8 days)
* Fee required

Brian Bosworth was one of the most indelible and engrossing personalities of the 80s to hit the gridiron. Boz’s influence was so strong that his hairstyle, sunglasses, and personality transcended sports barriers and transferred to mainstream American culture- but to Brian, that was all ‘The Boz’.

udldg11 bosworthI had been looking for Brian since I re-started TTM collecting in 2010. A long time ago I got his Starting Lineup figure. One of the few unique figures in the set, they had gone as far as giving Bosworth his stylish haircut.  I went as far as writing names, addresses on envelopes, and pulling cards, when I realized that he had not been responding to any TTM responses. I waited 6 years for a better shot at Brian while other peoples’ misses piled up.

It was then a lot of things really fell into place. I watched the ’30 for 30′ presentation on him, simply titled ‘Brian and the Boz’.  The show was an honest documentary on Bosworth’s life, but what really surprised me was that it all took place around the city I live in.  It lastly took me seeing a post on a message board I frequent, discussing a recent success that somebody had contacting him through email. I found the email and gave it a shot. I was given a very specific pricelist (very) and instructions on how to pay through paypal.  I went ahead and gave it a shot. A few days later, I got all 4 of these great cards back signed. Personalization doesn’t bother me since I keep them. I didn’t ask for ‘the Boz’ on the cards. -I just didn’t feel it was appropriate after watching the 30 for 30 documentary.

udou11 bosworth NC85Brian also answered my short questionaire. He told me that if he was a tree, he’d be a Palm tree, and that of the other teams he really wanted to play for, he was interested in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas.

Brian Bosworth was one of the greatest linebackers ever to don pads. The only two time Butkus Award winner in history (annually given to the greatest linebacker in college football,) in 1985 and 1986, Bosworth also earned Consensus All-American Honors both years, as the Sooners powered their way to the National Championship in 1985. It’d be in 1987 that Bosworth garnered the attention of the NCAA and was suspended for the Orange Bowl. He declared for the NFL Supplemental Draft of 1987. Brian finished his career at OU with 395 tackles in only 3 years.

pset89 bosworthNow Boz had a very thorough determination process for who he’d play for. He sent letters to all 28 teams, telling them if he’d like to play for them or not. Simply stated if he was drafted by a team he didn’t want to play for, he was just going to sit out until the next draft. Boz really wanted to play for the Raiders, but instead got selected by: The Seahawks…  After initially rebuffing the Seahawks offers, Boz finally came to the table and signed an (at the time) incredible contract: 10 years, $11 million dollars. He came into the Seahawk lineup and helped bolster the defensive roster, giving the team a much needed ‘bad boy persona’ shooting his mouth off at the media, players, and fans. Boz played for the Seahawks for 2 and a half seasons, before a shoulder injury finally caught up with him.  Boz flunked his physical -ending his football career.

Brian had been dabbling in the media long enough that he had become a recognizable face. It didn’t take long for him to show up on Entertainment Tonight, appearing in his first movie ‘Stone Cold’.  Since then he’s appeared in films, TV shows, commercials, and media. Bosworth was also a member of the Sunday Night XFL commentary crew in 2001.

In 2015, Bosworth was finally inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Passed over numerous times by the selection committee – most of those involved felt that it was finally time.  It was an honor to me that I felt was long overdue to Brian Bosworth.