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Rosenfels, Sage

Card: Upper Deck SPx 2001  (129/500)
Acquired: 2017, EBay

Sage Rosenfels was a quarterback for Iowa State from 1997-2000.  Although only a two year starter, he put up 306 completions (52.1%) for 4,164 yards and 18 TDs. Sage always seemed to have big numbers when the lights were the brightest, such as in the Insight.com Bowl, where he guided the Cyclones to a victory over Pittsburgh.  After a pretty solid combine, Rosenfels’ name began to climb in the view of many scouts. Still Rosenfels was considered a prospect without the big name glitter.

He’d be the 9th quarterback selected off the board- taken by the Washington Redskins with the 109th pick (4th round) of the 2001 draft. In 2002, the Redskins felt that they had their quarterback situation well in hand under Danny Wuerffel, Shane Matthews, and Patrick Ramsey, so Steve Spurrier traded Rosenfels to the Miami Dolphins for an undisclosed 2003 selection. Sage started only 2 games over the next 4 years, and was primarily only seen in mopup duty.

In 2006, the Houston Texans were in full rebuild mode under new head coach Gary Kubiak, but they wanted to give incumbent starter David Carr another year to develop at quarterback before they pulled the trigger. The team signed Rosenfels via free agency to back up Carr. Sage came in again during mop up duty and had a pretty decent effort throwing for 265 yards and 3 TDs in 4 games of relief of Carr.

During the off-season of 2007 the franchise traded for Falcons’ backup quarterback Matt Schaub. Unwilling to backup Schaub or take a paycut, Carr was cut.  With Schaub off-injured over the next two seasons, Sage got some starting time in playing 10 games and posting a 6-4 record. Sage had his best season in 2007- a year in which both Schaub and Andre Johnson were hard hit by the injury bug. It was a fun season- watching the team come together under Sage from a bunch of scrappy role players to a really dangerous offensive unit. Rosenfels was 154/240 for 1684 yards with 15 TDs to 12 interceptions.  Teams quickly became interested and envious of the Texans sudden rags to riches situation at quarterback.

Sage returned in 2008 but didn’t have as much luck posting 6 TDs to 10 interceptions on 174 attempts. While his yardage per game increased as he was relied on to carry the team a bit more over a 5 game period (1431 yards), Sage is instead known as the butt of a joke to many outsiders for an incident known as the ‘Rosencopter’.  With the game on the line against the Colts, he decided to scramble for the first down. Facing down three defenders, Sage heroically decided to go airborne, but got spun in the air like a helicopter….  and fumbled the ball… and the game away. (Despite this Sage has been relatively easy going about the incident, even going so far as to poke fun at himself on Twitter.) As a Texans fan however, I was more forgiving as you could tell that Sage just wanted to win.

In 2009 the Vikings finally consummated the trade for Rosenfels they wanted to do in 2008 for a 4th round pick. (Initially I was very worried about the deal because Matt Schaub had done nothing to prove that he could remain injury free- but my fears would be allayed.)  Sage never found the starting quarterback job long term- as fate intervened again with the Vikings soon thereafter signing Brett Favre.

Sage was traded again in 2010- this time to the New York Giants, where he’d backup Eli Manning. He’d be on the roster of the Giants through 2011. When starter Chad Henne was injured, Rosenfels rejoined the Dolphins for some mercenary action. Later in the year Sage made his final stop again with the Vikings, but was among the franchise’s final cuts in 2012.

He currently lives in Iowa, and is an active Twitter presence. When I posted this card to his profile with a ‘Blue Steel’ reference to Zoolander, he and a few other media personalities got a good laugh out of it. In 2017 he also attended Andre Johnson’s induction into the Houston Texans’ Ring of Honor.

G/GS 43/12     Att 562      Cpd  351        Yds  4156
TD  30            Int 29        Rat  81.2

Rush 38     Yds   95        Avg 2.0            TD 1

Fryar, Irving (2)

Cards: Action Packed 1990, Action Packed 1991, GameDay 1992
Acquired: TTM 2018, C/o New Jerusalem House of God
Sent:  1/13            Received:  3/17     (64 days)*
See Also: Irving Fryar
* Donation Enclosed

I had seen a fair amount of TTM returns coming in for Irving Fryar for a nominal donation. Armed with a few extra cards I always wanted to get autographed, I decided to give him another shot.
To be honest, things have been rough for Fryar since his playing days, as he has been in and out of trouble with the law for mortgage fraud. He was released in 2016 after serving 8 months in prison.

GameDay and Action Packed were among the most gimmicky of the early 90s cards you could get, but early on they rewarded you with outstanding action shots of your favorite players.  I couldn’t decide between these 3 cards, so I went ahead and sent all three out and took a shot. I really liked the GameDay card. It’s impactful and the framing is deliberate and precise. You can feel that Fryar is right at the moment of making that catch. The Action Packed 1991 is a very nice profile picture taken and framed at just the right size.  While the 1990 Action Packed card does nothing to stand out from his other cards, it is a rarity to see- little less to have autographed.

Mason, Hutson

Card: Sage 2015
Acquired: 2016, Gunderson Trade

The heir apparent to Aaron Murray at QB at Georgia, Huston Mason saw some emergency action in relief of Murray, before taking over full time as starter in 2014. He passed for 2,167 yards, 21 touchdowns, and four interceptions on 188 of 277 throws that year- making him the most accurate passer in Georgia history. Mason made the best of his career in college, but scouts were unimpressed with his arm. He would not be selected in the 2015 NFL draft and eventually signed as a free agent with the Washington Redskins. Later he’d briefly pop up in the CFL with the Roughriders. To keep his football mind fresh he’s done some high school coaching and most recently participated in The Spring League during 2017.  He’s also dabbled in broadcasting as well for ESPN3.

Pretty solid card here from Sage of Hutson Mason. The colors really stand out on the canvas and while he doesn’t have the ball he certainly serves some leadership with his extended finger pointing there off canvas.