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Verdin, Clarence

Card: ProSet LL 1991
Acquired: TTM 1992, Colts Blitz

Clarence Verdin was a refugee from the Houston Gamblers of the USFL. With deceptive speed and great cutting ability, Verdin would light up the scoreboard in 1984 and 1985 under the Run N Shoot offense, before heading over in 1986 to play for the… -Washington Redskins where he would win a Superbowl playing for the team. Clarence would spend two seasons there, before the Colts picked Verdin up where he’d really be known as the team’s primary return man and as a spot wide receiver. He would see the endzone on occasion and treat fans to his touchdown celebration in something he called ‘the Verdance’. Clarence would go to the ProBowl in 1990 and 1992 for his return skills, leading the team in touchdowns in 1992 with 2, and returns (50) and yards (1050) in 1993. After the 1993 season, he would sign with Falcons, before an abbrieviated 6 game stint in the CFL in 1996, for the British Columbia Lions.

At last glance in 2003 Clarence was living in the New Orleans area, owned a series of barber shops and worked for an oil corporation. Below is a video of one of his returns from his days playing days in the USFL.

G/Gs 118/25  Kr 237   Yds 8076  Avg 20.8   Td 1  Lg 88T |
Pr 178   Yds 1650  Avg 9.3   Td 4   Lg 84t


Murray, Eddie

Cards: ProSet 1990 PB, ProSet 1991, Score 1990
Acquired: In Person, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1993

One of the rare Canadians who played in the NFL, Eddie Murray graduated from Tulane in 1980 and is most remembered for playing 12 seasons for the Detroit Lions after being drafted in the 7th round. A solidly consistent kicker -during an era of notable kickers, (Pat Leahy, Gary Anderson,Morten Andersen,Norm Johnson, Nick Lowry, etc) Eddie was amongst the best of them named to the ProBowl on numerous occasions and being named MVP of the game in 1981. Named to the NFL All 1980’s team, Eddie finished as 6th all time in scoring before retiring with 1594 points, (but as of 2010 he’s ranked 14th,) and is the highest scoring Canadian born citizen in the NFL record book. He was 238/275 within the 39 yard line and frighteningly effective from 20-29 yards hitting 92 of 98 field goals.

After playing  for the Detroit Lions through 1991, Murray would hop over to the Chiefs and Buccaneers for 1992, then over to the Dallas Cowboys winning a SuperBowl ring in 1993. It was here at training camp I’d get his autograph on 3 separate occasions at camp. He was a really gracious signer and would pretty much sign everything before and after practice. Amazingly after his one year stint with the Cowboys Murray just kept going, playing for the Eagles and Redskins one year a piece through 1995. It was thought he retired in 1996 but was called up by the the Minnesota Vikings where he kicked in 1997, the Cowboys again in 1999 and in 2000 for the Redskins before finally retiring after 21 seasons. He currently lives in relative anonymity in Michigan where in 2010 he was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

G/Gs 250/250    Xpa 538   Xpm 545   Pct 98.7%     FGA 352    FGM 466      Pct 75.5%    lg N/a

Washington, James “Drive-By”

Card: GameDay 1992
Acquired: In Person 1993, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

James McArthur Washington was originally a 5th round pick of the then Los Angeles Rams in 1988 out of UCLA.  He’d play two seasons for the team as a backup, suiting up in 25 games and making one pick. In 1990 Washington would sign Plan B with the Dallas Cowboys. I’d swear that he was the Dallas Cowboy who first wore the dew rag on the team- frequently sporting a black one across his head that made him look like a ninja samurai headhunting safety. Playing for the Cowboys he would enjoy his greatest success allowed to roam the secondary as a starter at strong safety and occasionally at free safety, pulling in a career high 113 tackles in 1991 and 5 interceptions in 1994. SuperBowl XXVIII (1993) would be his finest hour where he’d make an interception, recover a fumble for a touchdown and make a team high 11 tackles. Even though Washington was considered for the MVP honor, he eventually lost out to Emmitt Smith for the honor. In 1995 he’d sign as a free agent with the rival Redskins, where he’d start 12 games making 2 interceptions before he retired after 7 seasons.

James works for Fox Sports Radio and net, founded and works with Shelter 37, Inc., and was named in 2010 as the Assistant Director of Alumni Giving at UCLA.

G/Gs  114/70    Tac  458    Sac 0    Fum 7    Int   17   Yds   187   Td   0   Lg  38