Sisemore, Jerry

to81 j sisemoreto80 j sisemore

Cards: Topps 1980, Topps 1981
Acquired: In Person, 11/9/11 Card Traders of Austin UD 2011 UT Football Card Launch Party

Really Upper Deck? Shame on you for not printing a card of University of Texas legend Jerry Sisemore. I guess they are saving him for series 2. Pathetic. Well Jerry also appeared at the event and signed some cards. He was a last second booking, but I was happy to add him finally to the collection along with Bill Bradley, Johnny Walker, and Rod Babers.

The 3rd overall pick of the 1974 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, Jerry Sisemore was a man-mountain, at 6’4″, 250 after graduating from the University of Texas.  He’d go on to start 155 games for the franchise over the next 12 seasons at both guard and tackle. Sisemore played for an Eagles franchise from some of the lowest doldrums of the NFC East, to its apogee and the Super Bowl in 1980. In 1979 alone he played for a monstrous 430 minutes. Considered one of the Eagles finest linemen ever, he was inducted into the Eagles Wall of Honor in 1991 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

Currently Sisemore partially owns a chain of sub shops in Austin called Delaware Subs, that used to air somewhat hilarious commercials where his Texas drawl and delivery were the punchline of them. He’s dabbled in coaching, lastly for the Florida Tuskers of the UFL.  Jerry also is highly active in commercial property development, which if you live in Austin is quite lucrative.