My father passed away on January 1st this year.

I am thankful for the time he spent with me on this Earth while he was here. He was not a perfect man, but his failings not only made him who he was, he worked hard to better himself when he understood that he was failing. He used football as a way to mend fences and bond with me as a teenager. It worked, and I continue to honor his memory and thank players for their autograph through the traditions we used to have together. It may seem trivial at this point after receiving so many requests, but these autographs represent something to me: A gilded permanence to a faded memory. I will not forget you father and I did not forget the players who helped bring us closer together as father and son. Thank-you and I love you dad.

ATT    200    COMP  117        PCT .585

Celebrating the game, the players, the cards, and the autographs for over 25 years.