What a long and strange road it has been.  As age and injury atrophies memory,  I share these moments with you, to keep them from fading into dust.  It is the sincere kindness of players who responded to me honoring my requests that make this site continue to happen, and I acknowledge and thank them for their patience and contribution to the hobby and fans.  I know that it seems trivial, but for some of us fans and former players who love the sport and remember the better moments in time, there’s nothing greater than an autograph that symbolizes it. This site is dedicated to those players who made a difference in my day TTM or in person during that small interaction that meant so little to them, however brought a refined moment of crystal clarity in that time of my life.

ATT  100                       COMP   50                        PCT   .500

Celebrating the game, the players, the cards, and the autographs for over 25 years.