Townsend, Greg (2)

Cards: Fleer 1990, SkyBox 1992, Pacific 1992
Acquired: In Person 2011, @ “Raider Image” 8/27 (signing fee)
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Thanks to my autograph colleague Edgar over at for the tip on this one -as I had been really baffled as to the lack of autograph signings locally by players. I found out that Greg was appearing  at the local “Raider Image” in Montebello Mall a few weeks back and I had hoped to have caught him at Ontario instead, but was busy that week with family. On a hot August day we trekked to the mall to see him. Cards and photos with Greg were reasonably priced at 5.00 a piece, so I dropped a 20 and grabbed 3 cards and a photo. I talked to Greg for a bit where he told me that the blocker he had the most trouble with was Lomas Brown (Lions) who with his long wingspan kept him regularly at bay. He comically remarked about that it seemed that many of the best blocking offensive linemen all had the last name Brown.

After talking at lengths with him I offered my remaining cards for him to keep. He glowed when he looked at the cards. He remembered the Upper Deck 1991 Team MVP card specifically- because of what he had to do to get to Chicago Bears quarterback Jim Harbaugh who he posthumously suplexed. Townsend also mentioned how he specifically loved the Action Packed cards because of the embossed profile and edges.  I had this photo below in mind to take with Greg. Always great with fans, he was more than happy to accommodate me with a manly arm clasp which really got the crowd going.