DeCastro, David

Card: Leaf Rookies 2012
Acquired: 2012, Box Breaker

David DeCastro had been on my radar for the Texans right after they lost 2 members of their offensive line to free agency in 2012. He’d be off the board before the Texans even got a whiff of him, going to the Steelers overall with the 24th pick.

DeCastro went to Stanford University, blocking for quarterback Andrew Luck from 2008-2011. He quickly earned notice as a freshman with honorable mention All-Pac 10 honors. After being named a unanimous first team All American in 2011, he declared for the 2012 NFL draft.

He made a great overall impression with his sheer numbers. At 6’4″, 316, he was considered the best guard prospect in the draft, with great lateral speed, and a 5.43 40. The Steelers needed a new man up front to block for Ben Rothlisberger, after the team was gashed early and often by pass rushers last season. Unfortunately in the 3rd game of the preaseason, Decastro suffered a gruesome knee injury, dislocating his knee and tearing his MCL. Thankfully it looks like he will make a full recovery, and with the new NFL rules regarding IR, David hoped to be available by mid-season. Indeed DeCastro made a return in late November, and started the final 3 games of the year for the Steelers.