King, Micah

tntafl14 mkingCard: TNT AFL 2014
Acquired: In Person, 5/3/2014 Talons vs. Barnstormers.

As a rookie in 2010 for the Iowa Barnstormers, Micah recorded 41.5 tackles and 4 sacks. ┬áHe’d sign with the Spokane Shock the following year, and tally 40 tackles and 2.5 sacks. King joined the San Antonio Talons in 2013 and collected 15 tackles and 2 sacks. Valued for his versatility, Micah has the skill set to play defensive end, linebacker, or fullback for the Talons. After the team’s contest versus the Barnstormers, King had his leg in a boot. Before I even approached him, a woman came up and started pestering me for any cards I had of him. -It turned out it was his mother, and she was so happy that he had a card. I explained that cards to me are a great way for a player to communicate to fans, to say that they have really made it to the professional level. They were very happy and thankful for the gift. Micah really liked the pose I had of him and said it was the best action shot yet. He asked me what side he should sign it on, and I told him to put it all over the front.