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Akins, Marty

Cards: University of Texas Upper Deck 2011, UT UD 2011 ATA, UT UD 2011 NC
Acquired: TTM 2017, C/o Home
Sent: 5/5  Received: 5/12   (7 days)

Marty Akins played for the Texas Longhorns from 1972 to 1975 and is considered legendary coach Darrell Royal’s favorite quarterback. Oddly the Longhorns starting quarterback first got noticed as a dangerous kick and punt returner during the 1973 Cotton Bowl. He became the starting quarterback for the Longhorns in the 1973 season and led the school to Conference Championships in both 1973 and 1975.

At the time of his departure from the school, Marty earned numerous school records and finished with a 27-9 record. Among his QB records were the school career rushing record (2020 yards),  career rushing TDs (26), and the single game rushing yard record (188), which all stood until the Vince Young era. Marty capped his 1975 by earning NCAA All-American Honors, and numerous SWC and National honors. The Wishbone never caught on at the pro level, so the NFL was at a loss as what position a gifted athlete like Marty should play.

He’d be selected in the 11th round of the 1976 Draft by the then St. Louis Cardinals. Although a featured member of the scout team who could play a variety of positions in a pinch, he saw no significant playtime during his stint in the league.  Later in 1977 he’d be traded to the New Orleans Saints, but retired before the regular season began.

In 1995, Akins was inducted into the Longhorn Honor Roll, and has received many other post retirement honors for his time at Texas. He went into law, coached golf at the college level, and as of 2017 lives in the Austin, Tx area.

Wow. Great find in Marty here. With 3 superior action shots of him here, this is a great example of a canvas made better by an exquisite autograph. Marty has solid curvature to his signature, with all the loops and hooks at the right place. He wrote me a warm return letter and included a copy of a nice note that Darrell Royal sent Marty, telling him that Marty was the best quarterback he ever coached.

Williams, Roy (2) ‘Legend’

sco10 rwilliamsCards: Playoff Contenders Rookie Round-Up 2004, Bowman 2005 Fabric of the Future, Score 2010
Acquired: 2014, MVP Vodka Bottle Signing
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Well, three is better than none I guess. Roy seemed the least enthusiastic member of the MVP autograph group to sign anything. He wanted to make doubly sure that any fan who got an autograph had purchased a bottle or two first- which is fine and all. I told Roy about how I had missed out on him at the GMC event a few years ago and was really disappointed because I did like 10 test drives just to get the tickets to get all the autographs I needed. It really didn’t sway Williams as he just signed these 3 cards, leaving me awkwardly with another 5 still to be signed at a later date.

bow04 rwilliamsThe Playoff Contenders card is an amazing limited run transparent gimmick card, that absorbed the ink quite well.  Bowman had a habit of trying hard but missing the mark, but this Fabric of the Future card is as close as you can get to being exciting. I was already fond of the Score 2010 design, so that was a no brainer. With luck I should be able to corral Roy at another signing.

poff04 rwilliamsSince retirement Roy has kept himself busy with his business dealings- primarily the MVP Vodka brand that he and fellow Longhorn BJ Johnson have been tirelessly promoting. I’m not too much of a vodka fan, but of the brands that are out there I enjoyed it the most.

Mangum, Dusty ‘Magnum’

Card: University of Texas Upper Deck 2011
Acquired: TTM 2016, C/o Work
Sent: 4/7/16    Received: 4/15/16     (8 days)

With a name like Dusty Mangum, it’s easy to see why by in name alone he’s considered a Longhorn Legend.  With ice in his veins, fans ‘Magnum’ became endeared to Texas fans for his penchant to make critical kicks in the waning moments of games.  No contest was more critical to the Longhorns than the 91st Rose Bowl- a pivotal matchup against the Michigan Wolverines in 2005. The Burnt Orange had returned to prominence, but there were still doubters out there of the Longhorns abilities.  Texas battled Michigan to the final bell where as time expired Dusty kicked a 37 yard winning field goal to give the Longhorns the win 38 to 37. The kick was notable due to the fact that it was Mangum’s final kick and catapulted him into becoming a mini-state celebrity darling.  Dusty’s story is all the more amazing in that he was originally a walk on who worked his way up to become the 3rd leading scorer in school history with 358 points.

Texas has a storied history of kickers.  Phil Dawson and Justin Tucker are current names, but then there was kickers in their own right like Bobby Liljedahl, Happy Feller, and Russell Erxleben. Then there was Dusty. Who knows why Dusty never pursued a pro career. He certainly had the resume and leg strength to go for it. Maybe he realized that this was his best chance to go out on top?

Since his glory days at Texas, the Longhorn Legend has lived in the North Texas area where I got his autograph on this card in a very short period of time.