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Boyd, Shane

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tntafl14 boydCard: TNT AFL 2014, TNT AFL 2014 B, TNT UFL 2011 Memorable Moments, Pro Set WLAF 1991 Final Update
Acquired: IP, 5/3/2014 Talons vs. Barnstormers. IP, 7/6/14 Talons vs. Sharks.

Shane Boyd joined the San Antonio Talons a few games into the 2014 season. He fits the mold of the prototypical quarterback that head coach Lee Johnson likes- big and with a cannon for an arm. Shane boasts an impressive resume. Playing for the Cologne Centurions he set the career and single season marks for quarterback rushing yards in the NFLE with 339 in 2006. He put up decent stats initially for the Talons, but got into a quarterback controversy with Matt Bassuener as the season drug on.

Joining the UFL in 2009, Shane was the starting quarterback for the California Redwoods. He scored the first points in the short lived league’s existence.  Boyd finished the season with 3 touchdowns and 5 interceptions to 814 yards to go along with a 60.5 compleation percentage. He was not retained the next season, as the Redwoods moved to Sacramento, -rebranded themselves the Mountain Lions, and then signed Daunte Culpepper to a contract.

Later, Boyd joined the AFL, in 2012 with the Milwaukee Mustangs, throwing for 557 yards and 6 TDs, and the Tampa Bay Storm in 2013. He’s also spent time on NFL rosters through the years including the: Titans (2005), Steelers (2006), Texans (2007-2008), the Alouettes, and Colts (both 2009). Boyd also was drafted by the Portland Thunder, but later saw action with the Bluegrass Warhorses (of the CIFL) in 2014.

I spotted him out near the edge of the arena after the Barnstormers game and quickly approached him before the throngs arrived. Although Boyd appreciated the card I rendered of him, he lamented the ‘nasty #19’ jersey that I had him in. He asked me for an updated card of him with the correct number on it. Later when I ran into him getting an autograph from Shannon Tevaga, he told me that the #19 card could be a promo or limited edition card. Boyd also had me tell Tevaga about Shane’s Jeopardy question relevance in football history, scoring the first TD in UFL history.

I went ahead and did those extra cards for Shane: a correction card with his 17 uniform on, a UFL memorable moments card, and a Pro Set WLAF hack card. I was finally able to get back around to him after the squad lost to the Jacksonville Sharks where I gave him the extra cards. He loved them, and gleefully signed and incribed them for me.

Sams, BJ

leaf05 samsCards: Leaf Rookies & Stars 2004 Ruby Red (047/199), Upper Deck 2004 (667/999)
Acquired: Future Considerations, 2014

BJ Sams played collegiately at McNeese State, where in 2003 he caught 63 balls for 889 yards and 7 touchdowns, while rushing for 299 yards on 38 attempts.

He signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2004, where he’d do all his damage in the return game as a dangerous speedster. BJ led the NFL in punt returns (55), punt return yardage (575), and TDs (2) in 2004. On kick returns he’d have 59 returns for 1251 yards.  The Ravens saw fit to give him the designation of a runningback, and Sams would run 4 times for 19 yards and a TD.  In each of his subsequent seasons, his numbers dropped nearly across the board and during the 2007 season while playing against the Bengals, BJ tore his anterior cruciate ligament- ending his season. Due to the timing of the injury, his size, being used primarily as a return man, and his decreasing numbers in the return game, the Ravens saw BJ as expendable. He signed with the Chiefs in 2008 playing for the franchise for 3 games.

UD04SS SamsBJ moved on and signed with Dennis Green’s California Redwoods of the UFL in 2009 as a wide receiver.  The team utilized him in the return game, where he led the league with 350 kick return yards on 22 attempts. Despite the presence of cannon armed quarterback Shane Boyd, Sams was rarely utilized in the passing game. He’d not be retained by the team after the season effectively ending his playing days.

Lance really came to the rescue on this one. He told me that BJ had retired to the area and was coaching the local High School team, so I made a deal with Lance to send him a few cards to get signed for he and I.  I immediately fell in love with the Leaf Rookies and Stars 2004 Ruby Red Longevity card, so that was a given. What does ‘future considerations’ mean. I think much like the pros it means that if I stumble onto anything that he needs that I can get, I might be able to return the favor. While I am aware that I he’s already returning a favor I bestowed upon him, I am one who prefers to keep the party exchange going as long as I can with the least amount of strings attached.

G/Gs 46/1   KR 147         Yds  3341        Avg  22.7       Td 0          Lg  87
PR  128       Yds 1378       Avg  10.8       Td 2         Lg 78t
Rush 4         Yds  19      Avg 4.8         Td 1       Lg 8
Rec 1            Yds  2        Avg 2.0         Td 0      Lg 2