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Anderson, David “Dave” (3)

Card: Donruss Threads 2006
Acquired: 2012 Target Authentic Autograph Memorabilia
See Also: David Anderson, Dave Anderson (2)

After signing Derrick Mason, the Texans cut Anderson in 2011, but the Redskins snatched him up. In 4 games playing for the Redskins in a very similar offensive system under Gary Kubiak offensive apostle Kyle Shannahan, Dave logged 7 receptions for 79 yards and a touchdown.  (He’d record that TD in the team’s loss to the New England Patriots.) Currently he’s an unrestricted free agent, and there’s no word yet as to whether he will sign with the Texans for a 3rd time.

A very popular member of the Texans,  Dave seemed to embody the ‘everyman’ that everybody loves about the sport.  He worked his way into the lineup as a long shot to even make the roster and put his all into it, when the team needed him most in 2009. Dave prided himself on his blocking, but among his best attributes were his ability to sniff out a first down, and also his documented thrown to/reception ratio percentage- one of the highest in the league.

I had heard that he was looking into charitable activities already for after retirement or perhaps cashing in on his short lived fame with the string dance to hone his skills to become a color commentator. I got this autographed card ironically in another Target Memorabilia Package. I had sent this one, along with about 10 other cards of him for him to sign, but sadly he never got back to me, since he was probably overwhelmed with the other cards I sent him to sign for the rest of the team in 2010.

Anderson, David “Dave” (2)

Acquired: 2010
See Also:  Anderson, David “Dave”

So after meeting Dave a few months prior after the 2009 season concluded, he had his brother deliver this humorous autograph to me. A running joke after I had gained some weight is that I looked like Shrek and since “Shrek 3d” had come out earlier that year, he decided to lampoon me a bit. Funny guy Dave. Funny Guy. Dave didn’t mind signing a bunch of cards for me, and told me if I get anymore to feel free to send them to him. I sent him… 16.

In 2011, after the protracted lockout, Dave signed with the Denver Broncos, but lost out in training camp.  The Texans liked him and resigned  him later that season.