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Babers, Rod “Black Caesar” (3)

Card: Whataburger AM1300 The Zone, Memorabilia
Acquired: Whataburger Signing 3/12, Texans Draft Party 2012
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So I ambushed Rod at a local Whataburger restaurant- that was literally a few miles from me. Being that it was in the boondocks and they just weren’t expecting anybody to show up, having me walk through the door must have humored him and his sound guy greatly as I they are beginning to recognize me when I show up for their events. I printed out a photo I found online of Rod for him to sign. Whataburger also provided him with a card as well (which was nothing compared to my Upper Deck UT doppelganger). I sat around and ate dinner while I talked to Rod and Chuck about sports. It was nice to see the inner workings of how radio works. Rod again was quite flattered by the memorabilia, and also told people on the radio that I was a true fan because I had a James Brown jersey on from not UT- but the Texas Terminators indoor football team.  I am honesty running out of photos of Rod and am hoping to get my paws on one of him in his Tiger-Cats uniform.

Later I got this photo of Rod making the play against Raushaun Woods keeping him from scoring the 2 point conversion and allowing the Longhorns to win the game when he was at the Texans Draft Party that had Danieal Manning and James Casey at it.

Rod’s a very personable fan of fans. I think that’s great, and exactly what 1300 the Zone’s lineup needs. Guys who’ve played who like talking about football, while educating and embracing fans. I’m not so sure of some of the latest additions to the station’s lineup, as I think Rod pushes the boundaries of taste sometimes as it is. Rod is also known by a few names to fans: Kool Aid, and Stonehands, are two of my favorites, but on the radio he frequently is known as Black Caesar. He’s said some things on the radio that have surprised me, from convincing me that as Longhorn fans we should wish anybody- even A&M the best in the SEC, to the idea that Longhorn fans should not be happy with ‘just playing well in a loss’. Currently he’s the host of UT’s Afternoon Buffet on 1300 the Zone.  He also spends his time giving back to the community working with the Neighborhood Longhorn Foundation.

Babers, Rod “Kool Aid” (2)

Cards: Topps Total 2005, UD UT 2011 CC
Acquired: In Person 2012, 1300 The Zone’s Houston Texans Playoff Viewing Party 1/7/12
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At the University of Texas release party for the Upper Deck University of Texas cards last year, I met Rod who is a host of 1300 The Zone’s “The Afternoon Buffet”. He lamented to the people at UD about them not producing a card of him over the radio, – so I took it upon myself to produce a card for Rod. Off the cuff I had made a front, but had not produced a back due to time and printing constraints, and completely ripped off the UD design, just so that Rod could say he was part of the set.

When I met up with him at the Houston Texans’ Viewing Playoff Party at the Alamo Drafthouse, I asked for his autograph on a few more cards, which he had no problem doing. When I presented him with the custom fake I had made, he beamed and gave me a giant hug. Rod loved the shot from him versus Oklahoma, especially the fact that he was ‘Tebowing’ before it was cool.  Graciously, Rod told me the card truly made his afternoon even if the Texans didn’t win, and I told him that next time we’d meet up I hoped to have his trading card completed with a front and back for him to keep, which he told me I didn’t have to do.

After the Texans’ victory I talked to him a bit more, ribbing him for a few minutes and telling him that defensive lineman JJ Watt‘s interception for a touchdown, was already 1/4th Rod’s total number of picks at UT.  He laughed and stated that Watt was already one up on him in the pros, but he wouldn’t hold it against me since I gave him the custom.

Rod in his playboy way, also jokingly intimated that the card was so nice he was going to carry it around in his wallet, and use it to pick up women, to which I quipped to him, “That I was sure he had no problem with that!”

Babers, Rod “Kool Aid”


Cards: Upper Deck Finite 2003, Bowman 2003
Acquired: In Person, 11/9/11 Card Traders of Austin UD 2011 UT Football Card Launch Party
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Rod Babers is a legend for the University of Texas where he started 36 games, and returned 3 of his first 5 thefts for touchdowns. He earned 1st Team All Big 12 honors in 2002 and excelled in tight coverage. He’d finish his career at UT with 131 tackles, 4 sacks, 5 picks, 3 FF and 3 TDs, -and as a Jim Thorpe Award Semifinalist.  At 5’9″, 190, Babers was undersized for the position, but made it onto the radar of NFL scouts with his career numbers and speed (4.3 40).

The New York Giants would draft him in the 4th round (123rd pick) of the 2003 draft, but he’d walk out of camp- distraught over the death of his grandfather. The Giants, unable to justify keeping him cut Roderick. He’d quickly sign with the Detroit Lions where he played the next two seasons suiting up for 7 games recording 5 tackles. In 2005, Rod was signed by the Bucs, and also played for the Broncos and Bears that season.  He’d move to Canada in 2006 to play for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL, retiring after the season.

Babers quickly found a home working on 1300 “The Zone” in Austin, Texas as one of the crew of the Longhorn Station and you can frequently hear him on the airwaves cutting it up and talking about football and the cougars around Austin. Recently he had been doing multiple autograph appearances, so I put in an order on a few cards of his to see if I could add him to the collection, but a local card shop I had been frequenting recently had a promotion for a new set of Upper Deck Cards. Luckily I had ordered these cards a few days before from Burbank Sports Cards, and they delivered them in no time flat. (They may cost a little bit more, but BSC typically has the largest selection and variety and treat their internet customers with the same respect that they do their in person collectors.)  Overall these were pretty nice cards for the collection to get autographed. I did really hate the computer serial number coding that they used at the time to denote limited edition cards, but overall both of these cards hit their mark nicely.

Rod was impressed with my football knowledge and plugged me on the radio when he noticed that I was a Texans fan. Josh and I made lots of noise from time to time before they went out to commercial break to plug the event as though it was really happening. We all had a great laugh and Rod asked us to be sure to come out again and have a good time.