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Atwater, Steve “Smiling Assassin”

pac91 atwaterpset89 atwater

Cards: ProSet 1991 AP, Pacific 1991, ProSet 1989
Acquired:  TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 1/13      Received:  3/13   (43 days)

Steve Atwater was a dangerous, hard hitting safety who quickly defined the role during the late 80s and 90s, (when great safeties roamed the Earth unencumbered by the more liberal passing rules and hitting restrictions that now restrict the defensive game) and is the all-time leader in interceptions at Arkansas. Drafted in the first round of the stellar 1989 draft over other talent because of his leadership qualities, Atwater was quickly inserted into the starting lineup beside Dennis Smith by new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips who employed him near the line of scrimmage to enforce the run.  Steve would validate his selection by making 124 tackles and 3 interceptions finishing second behind Derrick Thomas for Defensive ROY honors that season.  Over the next 9 seasons for the Broncos Atwater would become a lock for the Pro Bowl and as an All Pro (1990-1996, 1998) for his solid play and tackling. Steve would make a career high 5 interceptions in 1991 and won two Superbowl rings with the Broncos in 1997 and 1998. However in 1999, Steve would be a salary cap casualty and play one final injury marred finale for the New York Jets.  In retrospect, Atwater has left astounding tackle numbers on the table for a safety. Another unsung hero who should be in the HoF, Steve has never gotten his due- perhaps because he plays at such an unglamorous position.

Since retirement, Atwater has been bestowed many honors including: Being named to the All-Decade team of the 90s, the Broncos Hall of Fame, the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, and the Razorback All-Century Team.  It was really tough to choose which cards to send as there were some nice cards of Atwater’s hitting but I settled on these showcase cards.  I had heard that Atwater was a wonderful respondent TTM with fans and I was not disappointed receiving these back in a bit over 40 days personalizing them to me as well.

G/Gs  167/166        Tac  1074      Sac  5.0    Fum 6     Int 24     Yds 408     Avg  17.0    Td 1    Lg  68

Humphrey, Bobby

Cards: ProSet 1989, Score 1990, Action Packed Rookies 1992
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Home
Sent:  10/15   Received:  11/12    (27 days)

Okay now Bobby I had been after for a while and the Harvey Meiselman list hit the spot on this one for me. Bobby has some fabulous cards, -most notably the ProSet 1989 and Score Ground Force 1990 were exceptional. (He also had a great ProSet 1990 as well as a Topps 1000 yard club card among others but I didn’t want to overdo it.) Anyway Bobby was the recipient of one of the most vivid hits I ever remember in sports history from linebacker Gary Reasons of the New York Giants on a cold and snowy day in Denver way back in 1990 or 1991. The hit even made a card or two and was featured as Gary Reasons’ Action Packed card for 1990.

Bobby Humphrey was an immense talent coming out of Alabama where he’d set many rushing records for the Crimson Tide during his tenure there. The Broncos would make him their #1 supplemental draft choice in 1989, – a wise choice considering Bobby fit right into the Broncos offensive game plan as he was a  great ‘slasher’ runningback which is ideal in a zone blocking system. He’d rush for 1151 yards, and if not for Barry Sanders outstanding rookie year, probably would have won the award himself. Humphrey was a machine and followed up his 1989 debut with a 1200 yard performace in 1990, but seeking more money in 1991 he’d hold out. The Broncos, unwilling to play games with Bobby refused to bargain and went with another option (Gaston Green) until Humphery showed up in week 14. The Broncos would trade Bobby to Miami in the offseason straight up for troubled Sammie Smith, in 1992. He’d respond with almost 1,000 yards from scrimmage (471 rushing, 507 receiving) but being that Miami at that time was still the place were ‘runningbacks went to die’, his 1993 season would be spent on injured reserve and he’d retire.

After football Humphrey has dabbled in coaching at one point being head coach of the Birmingham SteelDogs of the AFL for 5 seasons.  Bobby Humphrey, the runningback, should not be confused with former New York Jet and San Antonio Rider  Bobby Humphery who played in relatively the same era.

G/Gs  51/27     Rush 695     Yds 2857     Avg 4.1     Td 15   lg 40     |     Rec 100    Yds 815    Avg 8.2   Td 2  Lg 26

Dilweg, Anthony

Card: Proset 1989, Fleer Update 1990, Wild Card WLAF 1992
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Work
Sent: 7/30   Received: 9/14  (45 days)

Anthony Dilweg is a rarety- a player from Duke drafted to play in the NFL. A monster quarterback when he got his chance to play at the college level under Steve Spurrier, he once threw for 450 yards in a game against Wake Forest, a record that still stands to this day. He’d be drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 3rd round of the 1989 draft. A notoriously weak draft after Troy Aikman at quarterback- Dilweg would perform well enough to grab the backup job behind Don Majkowski by 1990. Anthony’s moment in the spotlight would be opening day of that season where he’d throw for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns against a sleepwalking Los Angeles Rams defense in substitution for recently resigned holdout Majikowski. He’d be rebenched shortly after but would end up starting the last 5 and a half games after a rotator cuff injury set back Don.  Dilweg would be hot and cold throughout the rest of the season putting up a 119.9 qb rating against the Buccaneers, but would also put up a 33.2 rating against Minnesota as well and 22 sacks on the season. That second season however would end respectably enough as he threw for 1200 yards and 8 touchdowns, but with the team slumping to a 6-10 record that season, Lindy Infante would be released and the organization would clean house. New GM Ron Wolf would go in a new direction with a new head coach- Mike Holmgren. The team was determined to improve the quarterback situation and brought in Mike Tomczak from Chicago, who beat out the young Dilweg at QB. Anthony would be quickly signed by the Los Angeles Raiders, but would not make a start for the franchise.

The WLAF and the NFL agreed to allocate young talent to the WLAF starting with the 1992 season. With this decision the Raiders allocated Dilweg to the Montreal Machine. The Machine were lead by a stable of runningbacks, and a strong back 7 on defense. The problem with the Machine always seemed to be their lines, and especially on offense their quarterbacks ended up paying the price. Montreal in 1992 drafted the young Dilweg to fix their problems at quarterback after the retirement of Kevin Sweeney. They’d go with Dilweg right out of the gate for a road opener against the San Antonio Riders blitzing defense. -He wouldn’t even make it out of the first half succumbing to injury and being taken to the locker room.  Anthony would play sparingly after that for the rest of the season and retire after the WLAF went on hiatus.

Anthony after football has been able to parlay his brief NFL career into the financial industry where he has been highly successful in real estate. I sent these cards to him via his company and received these autographs in under 60 days.  He also included a nice thank you for being a fan- of the Packers, even though I had only mentioned my experiences in the World League. Below are his WLAF statistics for the Machine.

G/Gs N/a    Att 75     Comp 43     Yds 468      Td 2     Int 1     Rat 79.2