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Moses, JJ (2)

UD04 mosesCard: Upper Deck 2003
Acquired: IP 2014, Kemah Houston Texans Fan Fest.
See Also: JJ Moses, Houston Texans Ambassadors

After losing all of the other cards to the TTM gods back in 2013 of JJ Moses, I quickly scrambled to get some cards together to have him sign at that year’s Fan Fest event. Unfortunately this Upper Deck 2003 missed the cut, so once I got a copy I held onto it just in case I’d get the chance to see JJ again.

I decided at the last second again to make the yearly pilgrimage to Houston for the 2014 Fan Fest. I wasn’t mosesreally prepared for the journey there. The weather was some of the worst I had encountered in quite a while, and I got lost. Luckily I pulled out my ancient GPS – that hadn’t ever been updated (2007) and limped into Kemah with a new umbrella in hand. The remnants of a tropical storm were dumping in waves over the Houston area, but thankfully this kept the event low key. I quickly found parking in the covered lot and was directed to the backup makeup location where the players and cheerleaders were going to sign in tents.  The players were forgivingly late, but once they got the procession going they quickly signed everything in their way.

When I got up to the front, I was really surprised that JJ remembered me. He was very kind, and let me know that he had read and liked my previous post on him! I hoped at a later date to do a custom of JJ from his days with the Claymores, but I could not find an image that was large enough (that wouldn’t pixelate badly) to use. I reached out to JJ to see if he had anything through his Facebook page, but as of the publishing of this article, did not hear back from him. JJ remains active in the local Houston area for events, charities, and as a Houston Texans’ Ambassador.


Moses, J.J.

sp2003 mosesud03 mosesCards:Acquired: IP 4/25/2013, 1300 The Zone Texans Draft Party. IP 9/1/2013, Houston Texans Kemah Boardwark Kickoff
See Also: Texans Ambassadors
Failure: TTM 2013, C/o The Houston Texans Ambassador Program

JJ Moses is another great rags to riches story from the halls of NFLE.  JJ was a burner at wide receiver for the Iowa State Cyclones from 1997-2000. Over his time at Iowa State Moses was a multipurpose monster recording 82 receptions for 1226 yards and 4 touchdowns, 73 carries for 405 yards and 3 TDs, 43 kickoffs for 950 yards and 45 punts for 411 yards. In addition, his efforts for the 2000 season earned JJ MVP honors from the school. Going undrafted, possibly due to his tiny size (5-6, 179,) Moses got into the NFL through helping another friend out with a tryout. He got the attention of the Chiefs scouts, was signed to a free agent contract, and named to the practice squad in 2001 thanks to a great preseason performance, that earned him the adoration of fans.

mem13 jj mosesThe Chiefs allocated JJ out to the Scottish Claymores of the NFLE in 2002. He was a jack of all trades for the team there and led the league in punt return yards. Returning to the NFL, JJ soon found himself on the roster of the Green Bay Packers that year. The Packers put him back at PR and KR on a limited basis, but he really didn’t see the field until 2003. Moses signed as a free agent with the young Houston Texans, -a team one year out of expansion status. It’d be here that he’d see his greatest success averaging 23.1 yards on 58 kick returns and 6.8 yards on 36 punt returns in 2003. His 1336 yards returning were a team record. He’d almost duplicate those numbers in 2004, with a 22.1 yard average on 59 kick returns, and 309 yards on 36 punt returns in 2004. After the season the team drafted speedster KR Jerome Mathis. Unfortunately it’d be the end of the Cinderella run for JJ. He’d get one final season in with the Arizona Cardinals, and then retire after the 2005 season. JJ however finished as the team’s all-time leader in punt and kick off return yardage.

ud03 moses BFGJJ has been pretty lucky since then to have survived the game in one piece due to his diminutive size.  He was also lucky not to fumble it as often as many little guys do. Still guys like JJ are the young faces of the Houston Texans franchise in the early years that really made you cheer on the underdog. I have met JJ now on two occasions. During the Houston Texans 2013 Draft Party in Austin, he was a last minute substitute for linebacker Darryl Sharpton. I could tell that many fans were a bit disappointed, but I knew who he was and as a fan from the beginning, I was very excited. When Brooks Reed and JJ arrived, I called out JJ’s name, much to his excitement. He and I briefly reminisced about the NFLE and his time with the Claymores. I did not have a card at the time for him to sign. Still I was very happy to have met him, and after signing his team provided postcard, he offered to sign any additional cards I had TTM via the Houston Texans.  I sent out the cards within 2 weeks and waited…. and waited… and waited…

leaf2003 mosesI didn’t expect to run into him at the Kickoff at Kemah. I knew the team was sending Ambassadors, but it was really the luck of the draw on the 3 that they’d send. So when I heard JJ was going to be at the event, I pulled out 4 of the 5 cards that I had sent to him earlier and bought duplicates of just in case.  When I finally got up to JJ, I introduced myself as ‘The Superfan from Austin’. He remembered me, but when I chided him about not signing the cards, he told me that he never got them. As Jamie and ND jeered him for ‘taking my cards’ JJ signed all 4, asked me where I got them from, and signed the Ambassadors card with “To Superfan”. We had a good laugh. I hope that he returns again next year to Austin for the draft, as I still have one more card of him. Unfortunately they never made a NFLE card so maybe I’ll kick the tires on making him one.

He currently lives in the Houston area and is a popular member of the Texans Ambassadors Club. In addition to his duties he’s also a motivational speaker, has spent time in radio, and is a devout Christian.


G  34    Kr  128      Yds 2904       Avg 22.7      Lg 70      Td 0    |
PR  84         Yds  605       Avg  7.2       Td 0        lg 40