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Card: ProSet 1991 HH, Action Packed Rookies 1992
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 6/16    Received:  7/19  (33 days)
Failure: TTM 1/2/2010, C/o St. Stephens

I am really pleased to have finally acquired Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer for my collection on his Pro Set Heisman Heroes and his Action Packed Rookies card. Along with Bart Starr in 2010, Detmer would be one of the first two players I sent out to when I restarted TTM collecting, and he would also constitute my first failure, as he did not sign my cards via St. Stephens Private School in Austin; However, after noting some recent successes at his home address I thought I’d give him another shot. I was happy to have gotten these cards signed in under 40 days.

So Ty Detmer grew up about 50 miles to the South of me in San Marcos, Tx- a straight shot down the I-35 corridor. A wunderkind even at the high school level, I frequently read in the local paper about Detmer’s amazing passing talent throwing and knew he had the ability to exceed expectations at least at the college level.  He’d sign with BYU and by the end of his Freshman season had cemented his status as starter at quarterback for the Cougars. Over his four seasons at BYU he captained the helm of some solid bowl teams, rewriting the school’s passing record books previously held by such names as Jim McMahon and Steve Young, including NCAA records for attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and passer rating.  He also won the Heisman Trophy in 1990.

In 1992, Detmer was drafted by the Green Bay Packers during the 9th round. With starter Don Majkowski and future franchise quarterback Brett Favre at second string, Ty rode the bench at 3rd string, playing light mop up duty in 1993 and 1995 throwing for just over 100 yards and a touchdown.

The 1995 season allowed for a change of scenery for the young quarterback, joining the Eagles in Philadelphia, reuniting him with his quarterbacks coach Andy Reid. The Eagles were admittedly rebuilding the franchise, but stubbornly clung to playing respectable football. Detmer replaced injured Rodney Peete at quarterback and guided the team into the playoffs posting a 7-4 record. As a professional it would be his best season, posting up 15 touchdowns and 2911 yards and an 80.8 quarterback rating in 13 games.  Detmer returned for the 1997 season, but disappointingly was forced to share quarterbacking duties roughly halving his statistics.

Ty would then head to the 49ers, where he played one season backing up Jeff Garcia. Coming off the bench and starting 1 game, he’d post a 91.1 QB rating and throw for 4 touchdowns.  Traded in 1999, Detmer played for the Browns for the next two seasons, mentoring young quarterback Tim Couch.  An Achilles injury  washed his whole 2000 season, but he’d sign with the Lions in 2001- but threw an embarrassing 7 interceptions in his first start. He’d ride the bench for the majority of the season playing for the Lions through 2003.  In 2004, Detmer moved on to Atlanta, backing up Michael Vick and future Houston starter Matt Schaub, but would not see any playing time during his stint there retiring in 2006. – Not a bad run for a quarterback who was told he was too small to play in the NFL.

Since football, Detmer has taken up coaching football at the high school level at St. Stephens in Austin, Texas.

G/Gs 54/25   Att 946  Comp 546   Yds 6351  Pct 57.7
Td  34   Int 35   Rat 74.7  |
Rush 72    Yds  177    Avg  2.5    Td  3    Lg  14

Williams, Aeneas

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1991, Pro Set 1991
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent:  5/11   Received:  5/23  (12 days)

Aeneas Williams was drafted out of tiny Southern in the 3rd round of the NFL draft in 1991 by the then Phoenix Cardinals. A ball hawk in college, the knock on him was that he played inferior talent at the I-AA school, where in his senior graduate season, he finished with 11 picks. Williams would shock the NFL by becoming one of the leagues elite corners but would not win the RotY award in 1991 (losing to Leonard Russell, NE) despite tying for the league lead in interceptions. Over his 10 seasons with the Cardinals franchise Williams would make 46 interceptions, before leaving the team in 2001. He is considered one of the great finds of the NFL draft during the 1990s. Unfortunately during this time period, the team would only make the playoffs once, however he’d make it count with 3 picks in 2 playoff game appearances. Aeneas would be traded to the St. Louis Rams on draft day in 2001, where he’d provide the defensive stability in the secondary for the Rams that they needed to allow them to return to the Super Bowl in 2002. During this time Aeneas would be converted to free safety, and he’d remain with the franchise through 2004 and then retire. At the time of his retirement he was ranked second all-time with 9 interceptions returned for touchdowns (since surpassed).

Widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive backs during the 1990s, Aeneas has received multiple awards since retirement. He was named to the All Time team of the 1990s, enshrined in the Cardinals Ring of Honor and was an 8 time Pro Bowl selection over his career. Aeneas also tied an NFL record with a 104 yard fumble return in 2000. Williams also presented the Cardinals with the NFC Conference Championship Trophy in 2009. After watching Aeneas during the draft in 2011 announce the Cardinals second round draft choice, I dug up the envelope that I had sitting on my desk from 2010 for him and decided to send off for him. Currently Williams lives in the St. Louis area where he is a minister in a congregation.  He is considered a voracious TTM signer and he signed these cards in 12 days. A Hall of Fame semi-finalist in 2010, it is an absolute shame that Aeneas has not been inducted despite having more career interceptions than recent inductees Deion Sanders and Darrell Green.

As Tecmo Bowl made its way to the Genesis and Super Nintendo, Williams was well rewarded by the Tecmo gods, but he does not appear in Tecmo Super Bowl on the Nintendo, as it was finished before the 1991 season began. Instead the secondary consists of  Jay Taylor and Cedric Mack at cornerback.

I loved the Action Packed series, especially the Rookies set from 1991. Maybe it was because Action Packed was a relatively smaller set it was easier to collect, but I would always go into the 7-11 after school and buy a pack of cards with my nachos. The embossed players, rounded corners, college statistics, and simple designed layout, really screamed at me. Action Packed also had a good scouting department, frequently pinning impact rookies in their team uniforms. You also never got a head shot or a sideline stretch shot of a player. It was truly “action packed”. The Pro Set 1991 card wasn’t bad either, and I’d consider this to be the height of the company’s card designs, before they came crashing back down to Earth with their abysmal Pro Set 1992 series 2 cards.  Good framing, color and a nice emphasis on the round of the draft are the hallmarks of this card, really delivering as much information about Williams without cluttering the page.

Williams was kind enough to inscribe the card with a passage from the Bible from Romans 10:9- If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

G/Gs  211/207     Tac 677      Sac 3.0     Fum 8    Int 55      Yds 807     Avg  14.6    Td  9    Lg  65


Carrier, Mark (WR)

Cards: ProSet 1989, Score 1989, ProSet 1990 PB
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 4/26    Received:  5/16  (20 days)

The Buccaneers drafted Mark Carrier out of Nicholls State at the top of the 3rd round, to pair him up with overall #1 pick Vinny Testaverde in 1987. A solid pickup by Tampa, Carrier would start hitting his stride by 1988, making 57 receptions for 970 yards and 5 touchdowns. He’d follow up his sophomore campaign with career highs across the board, with 86 receptions for 1422 yards and 9 touchdowns. Mark would be named to the ProBowl and All Pro after the 1989 season. He’d continue to play for the Buccaneers through 1992, and then join Vinny Testaverde in Cleveland via free agency in 1993.  As of 2011, he remains the franchise’s all-time leader in career receiving yardage with 5,018.

At the conclusion of the 1994 season, Carrier would be drafted by the Carolina Panthers in their expansion draft with the 32nd pick.  He’d begin anew in Carolina, making 66 receptions for 1002 yards and 3 touchdowns for the Panthers in the 1995 season paired up with Steve Beuerlein. Mark would follow this up with a 58 reception season for 808 yards, however by 1997 injuries would begin to limit his playing time, and after starting only 1 game over the 1998 season, Mark would retire.

Mark is a voracious TTM signer and is currently enjoys coaching Pee Wee football in the Tampa area. He also appeared in Tecmo Super Bowl for the Buccanneers, and in Tecmo Super Bowl III Final Edition for the Carolina Panthers. Mark (wide receiver, 1987 draft) is not to be confused with the defensive back by the same name drafted by the Chicago Bears drafted in 1990.

G/Gs  177/139     Rec   569     Yds  8763    Avg   15.4     Td  48    Lg 78