This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019
3,826- 2020
4,228- 2021
4,869- 2022

1/3/23- Alright! Off to a fast start, as on the first mail day of ’23 I got a long time retry reply with multiple set needs in PAT TERRELL! +3

1/17/23- Got my first success with JAKE LONG TTM today! +4

1/18/23- Second day in a row with great success as I got responses from BRUCE ARMSTRONG, ANTONE DAVIS, and MIKE MERRIWEATHER! +10

1/20/23- KEITH SIMS, venerable OL for the Miami Dolphins signed TTM today! +4

1/23/23– DAVID TREADWELL arrived today, a bit over a year I sent out to him! +5

1/24/23- Big get today as DAN HAMPTON finally rolled in! +2

1/26/23- Another blast from the past as DAN DIERDORF signed his Pro Set Announcers card! +1

1/28/23- The month was slow initially but has kicked into high gear with JIM RICHTER and GARY BEBAN signing TTM! +5

1/30/23- Great close out to January as JERRY OLSAVSKY and DARION CONNER signed TTM today! +5


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