This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019
3,826- 2020

1/2/21- That was fast! First response in 2021 is from Willie McGinest (obviously sent out in 2020)! +4

1/7/21- Closing in on completing out the Texas Upper Deck 2011 set completely, as I picked up an autograph from Chykie Brown! +1

1/8/21- A couple of certified autographs I got last year rolled in with Tim Lewis, Shon Mitchell, and Tom Campbell arriving! +3

1/9/21- The year is starting to pick up steam with a TTM from Ethan Horton and Danny Barrett! Also I added another certified from Tillman Holloway. +5

1/11/21- Billy Kilmer came through today as the second official ’21 return! +3

1/12/21- Today I got in a certified of UT Jack Collins and a paid signing for Robert Drummond! +3

1/13/21- After failing on him back in… 2018 or 2019 (I think), I got a response today from Bengals QB Ken Anderson today! +4

1/14/21- The streak continues with a TTM success from Archie Manning and a paid signing from Percy Snow! +7

1/15/21- Two HOF certifieds came in today with Andy Robustelli and Rosey Grier coming in! +2

1/19/21- Today two more UT Upper Deck 2011 found a home with me, as Jim Bertelsen and Derek Lewis joined the club! +2

1/23/21- After a bit of a TTM break, I got in a two fer today with Joe Jacoby and Donald Driver! +6

1/25/21- Solid kickoff for the week as I hauled in XFL TE Khari Lee, Rufus Porter, and help from two collectors in acquiring William Fuller, Reggie Rucker, and Flipper Anderson! +7

1/29/21- Mailman got an amazing stack out to me today. A super RARE 5-fer! Gary Plummer, Tobias Palmer, Jack Youngblood, Mike Barber, and Ken Anderson (responding to a request from 2018). +13


2/1/21- First success of February comes from former Broncos/Texans QB Brock Osweiler! +2

2/2/21- Pat Leahy was kind enough to sign a STACK of cards for me today TTM! +5

2/5/21- The gem of the year so far came in today as I am ecstatic to announce the TTM return of Warren Moon! +3

2/8/21- I’ve entered into an agreement in principle to assist one of my friends locate some players from the Frankfurt Galaxy for autographs! In exchange he provided me a STACK of certified autographs from the NFLE 2000 Playoff Contenders subset, and a few others including some XFL01 and Dustin Vaughan and Younghoe Koo that I needed from the Topps AAF 2019 certified autograph set.

If that wasn’t all, I also got in a Super Bowl matchup twofer with Mike Alstott and Johnny Robinson signing cards as well. WHEW! +48!!!

2/9/21- Arrgh. I forgot to enclose a donation to Ottis Anderson for his autograph. Will try again.

2/11/21- Getting old. Mike Martz says I didn’t send him a card to sign. I did happen to add Alex Barrett though so there’s another boat off my list! +1

2/13/21- Today I welcome HOFer Carl Eller TTM! +1

2/20/21- After a break in the mail, Rueben Droughns came in today! +2

2/22/21- The hits are picking up again as one of my more frustrating retry/replies came through in Randal Hill! +3

2/23/21- Mark Duper slides in via a pickup from EBay! +1

2/24/21- Got another EBay find in Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells. +1

2/25/21- Billy Sims signed 2 cards today! +2

2/26/21- Isaac Curtis and Dexter Jackson came in today via EBay. +2

2/27/21- Donnell Woolford signed a few TTM today and a certified Peyton Hillis came in! +4


3/1/21- March starts off with a bang with a nice 3-fer TTM. Finally crossed Ottis Anderson’s remaining cards I wanted off the list, including a beautiful Pro Set 1990 Super Bowl MVP card. I also got my first NFLE return from the Galaxy’s Decori Birmingham, and finally got back an autograph from Ben Roethlisberger! +6

3/3/21- Another big haul day as I got a twofer with Steve Tasker and Cris Dishman TTM! +6

3/4/21- Knocked another Upper Deck Legends 1997 off the list with Randy White! +1

3/5/21- Another one for the Whizzer White collection as Giants great George Martin signed TTM today! +1

3/6/21- Swung back around to the Cardiac Card himself Jim Hart for his Whizzer White autograph! +1

3/8/21- Finally got in two EBay pickups of Knowshon Moreno and Rey Maualuga! +2

3/9/21- Duval my friends… Kyle Brady signed 3 today! +3

3/11/21- Very nice return from coach Chris Palmer. He signed his card, and also wrote me a nice note, including a play! +1

3/15/21- Doing my best on these Upper Deck Legends 1997 with Mercury Morris arriving today! +1

3/17/21- Upper Deck Legends shower today as my recent pickoffs from EBay arrived in Mike Curtis, Randy Gradishar, and Reggie McKenzie! +3

3/23/21- Been very busy the past few days- well really, weeks, but I was able to haul in two repeat responses in Boomer Esiason and Stanley Morgan! +7

3/27/21- Another hard to find international WLAFer down as Dragons WR Xisco Marcos signed his card for me! +2


4/4/21- My mail continues to be delayed which is a big issue. Even though I filled out a change of address, and it has been processed, I am still receiving my responses at my old address. Today I received a response from Frankfurt Galaxy RB Anthony Sherrell on his VHF German Card as part of the special project I am working on. Nice win! He asked for an extra copy of the card! +1

4/5/21- I thought this was a retry/reply here, but actually I got Jeff Query on my first try on some great cards TTM! +3

4/10/21- Again, the mailman seems to be sending my old TTM still to my old address without forwarding it, however I am grateful to get Sooner legend and DT Tony Casillas! With his success that puts me over 4k! +3

4/17/21- Par for the course. Mailman still delivering mail to my old address… Second Falcon in a week as Tim Green signed 3! +3

4/19/21- Long live the Beer Snake! XFL 20 OL Cole Boozer signed one TTM! +1

4/24/21- It’s been an odd month. Usually April is quite busy, but I’m still happy to add XFL Hitmen QB Corte McGuffey to the collection! +1

4/26/21- Looks like I’m possibly picking up steam again… Two hits in Tony Dorsett and Chuck Foreman! +4

4/29/21- Brian Blades checks in with some great autographs TTM! +3


5/1/21- May sure kicked off right as I picked up Randy Cross and Chris Chandler TTM! Later in the day Danny Wuerffel was also dropped off at the house! Great haul to start May! +7

5/3/21- Bruce Clark signed a few last year, but accidentally switched me out- so he signed the other card for me today. I also picked up a Ron Mix Upper Deck Legends! +2

5/6/21- TTM saw a success from Tecmo Bowl legend Odessa Turner and from Upper Deck Legend Jackie Smith via EBay! +3

5/8/21- This month is off to a very solid start. Two more came in today with Bill Bergey and Thane Gash answering the TTM call! +7

5/10/21- Pepper Johnson responds signing 3 today! +3

5/12/21- Andy Heck penned a few cards for me today knocking another longtime 1989 draftee off my list. +3

5/13/21- A pair of safeties signed today with Alvin Walton and Jeff Donaldson coming in! +6

5/14/21- May has been spoiling me with another twofer in Alonzo Highsmith and Bill Pickel! +6

5/15/21- Capping off a solid 4 day run, I received in today Charlie Sanders for the Upper Deck Legends set and a nice letter and autograph from World League alum Steve Williams! +2

5/20/21- The Sidewinder, Sammy Winder showed up today TTM! +2

5/21/21- May have come up all zeroes at the mailbox for TTM, but I was happy to get an EBay of Harold Carmichael for my Upper Deck Legends set! +1

5/22/21- Got Louis Oliver back from earlier in the year TTM! +4

5/24/21- Another solid day as Bobby Hebert responded, an EBay of Tommy McDonald came through, and a gift arrived of Mike McCoy from my friend Lance. +6

5/28/21- EBay find in Art Donovan came through today. Also got a nice response from Mark Robinson! +5


6/4/21- Slow start but it was nice to cross another UD Legend off my list in Donnie Shell via EBay! +1

6/5/21- USFL vet and Jet Jojo Townsell checked in TTM today! +3

6/7/21- Success today from Henry Jones who played S for the Bills! +2

6/16/21- One of my TTM buddies Jake surprised me with an autograph of Verne Lundquist on his Pro Set 89 announcers card! +1

6/18/21- Memphis Maniax QB Jim Druckenmiller signed TTM today! +2

6/21/21- Some nice EBay finds in Wes Chandler and Cris Collinsworth came in today! Also received TTM Rhein Fire DL Derrick Ham and Patriots DB Fred Marion! +6

6/25/21- First ever free agent signee Steve McKinney signed his Houston Texans card for me! +1

6/29/21- Packer great Jerry Kramer signed TTM today! +1


7/2/21- Most disappointing success in a while as Rolf Bernischike signed his Topps 1985 card, but didn’t return my Action Packed Whizzer White Award card. +1

7/3/21- Eddie Murray of Tecmo Super Bowl fame signed TTM today! +3

7/9/21- Worth the wait and the cost of shipping as THE FRIDGE signed TTM! +2

7/10/21- Greg Skrepenak signed for me TTM! What a longshot! He hadn’t signed TTM in over 10 years! +3

7/12/21- Longest wait in a while as World League veteran Bill Ragans signed a card for me in a bit over 670 days! +1

7/13/21- FINALLY. Pat Swilling signs TTM for me after eluding me 3 or so times. Big get. +4

7/15/21- A pleasant return in NY NJ Knights DB Mark Moore! +1

7/19/21- Wrapped up the last David Klingler’s I needed on a few set needs TTM! +3

7/24/21- Amazing find! <Pumps fist> Today I am happy to announce that I found long lost WLAF kicker Bjorn Nittmo who signed two for me! +2

7/28/21- Retry reply in Dallas Renegades QB Landry Jones today! Quite happy about this one! +3


8/3/21- Big Kat Erik Williams came through today kicking off August TTM! +2

8/9/21- Wonderful haul today, as I was able to get Theo Adams of the London Monarchs, and Malachi Jones from a fellow collector of mine! Also got in the mail Derrick Tinsley and Don Maggs! +6

8/10/21- XFL Thunderbolts WR Stepfret Williams signed TTM today! +3

8/12/21- Today’s grab comes from none other than QB Josh Freeman! +3

8/16/21- Chris McLemore from the Knights signed his card for me! +1

8/19/21- Sun Devil great Shane Collins signed a few cards TTM today! +3

8/23/21- A three-fer today with former NFLEers Cory Sauter and Ron Powlus checking in! Also Mike Holmgren signed a card and drew up a play! +6

8/25/21- Keeping the party going, ESPN commentator and former Bronco Tom Jackson responded TTM today! +1

8/27/21- Today was a mixed bag, but overall I am still happy. Got a good return from Brian Mitchell- kick returner extraordinaire, and an Ebay purchase in of Titus Dixon. Otherwise, I got an RTS from former Bears back Mark Green. +4

8/28/21- Longshot response in from former Texans OL Ryan Young! +1


9/2/21- Great day as former Houston Oilers receiver Leonard Harris responded TTM! Been looking for him forever! +3

9/3/21- Today I got a success from former CFLer Pete Giftopoulos! +1

9/7/21- Galaxy and XFL01 Outlaws WR Todd Floyd signed his cards for me TTM! +3

9/19/21- Not sure what happened there, but finally broke a dry spell there with a nice return from Bob Griese! +2


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