This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

12/31/16 – Late Christmas presents with Steven Scheu, Luke Rhodes, Mike Bercovici, and Josh Doctson being in a box of Sage 16. When I arrived home I had one response- a retry/reply in Super Bowl Superman Len Dawson!  +5


1/3/17 – And 2017 starts off where it ended, with a Super Bowl MVP QB signing TTM for me, as former Redskins QB Mark Rypien signed a card for me in under a month! +1

1/6/17- Got a response from Mr. Everywhere Johnny Holland via the Cleveland Browns. Guy is a good coach. Hope things work out for him. +4

1/7/17- Got a response today from former Colts/Rams kicker Dean Biasucci. Tecmo Bowl! +1

1/18/17– Picked up a certified autograph of Longhorn Legend Michael Griffin today. +1

1/20/17– Got my first response from 2017 from former Chief QB Steve Deberg! +3

1/21/17– First in person signing of 2017 out of the way, as I got Longhorn Great and former Jet John Wesley ‘Lam’ Jones on 4 cards today! +4

1/27/17- HOFer Dick LeBeau signed a card and a custom for me TTM! +2


2/4/17– February gets started with a TTM response from 2016, in London Monarchs QB Fred McNair. +1

2/5/17- Pulled a certified autograph of Carolina Panthers’ defensive end Kony Ealy. +1

– Got a nice TTM return from HOFer Lenny Moore! +2

2/10/17– Off to a really good roll in February with Bears QB Mike Tomczak signing TTM. +3

2/18/17– Retry/reply from 2016 in the form of LB Bill Romanowski! +3

2/23/17– Former Patriot Blake Miller sent me an autograph today! +1

2/24/17– Stephen Baker the Touchdown Maker and SuperBowl XXV hero signed a few items for me! +3

2/27/17– Dipped into the EBay to pull a few more certified autographs out of the hat that I wanted. Included are: Whitney Mercilus, TJ Yates, Kevin Johnson (CB), Tyler Ervin, Keshawn Martin, Sage Rosenfels, LeStar Jean, Alfred Blue, Brandon Weeden, Case Keenum, Jerome Mathis, Dave Ragone, Jabar Gaffney, and Lamar Miller. +17 


3/4/17– The first of my recent longshot WLAF batch came back today, with a success from WLAF/CFLUSA  LB William Kirksey! +2

3/10/17– Got a response from former Denver Broncos receiver Rod Smith today! He also has a book coming out soon! +3

3/24/17- Blast from the past as CFL legend Ray Elgaard signed TTM for me. +2

3/26/17- The frenzy is in full swing as both Leaf and Sage have released their 2017 draft products. I picked up a box of Sage and inside were hits of Dane Evans (QB Tulsa), Damien Mama (OL USC), and deep sleeper WR Taywan Taylor! +3

3/30/17- Today I cleared a huge amount of autographs. From Sage 14 I got Ross Cockrell, Shaquelle Evans, Dion Bailey, and Isaiah Crowell.  From Sage 16 High I got some amazing hits: Miles Killebrew, Hunter Sharp, Devon Johnson, Keith Marshall, Chuckie Keeton, Jordan Williams, Jonathan Williams, Jeff Driskel, DeForest Buckner, and Jared Goff -Artistry! Then with Sage 17 I got DeAngelo Yancy, Cooper Rush, Garrett Fugate, Josh Atkinson, Tim Williams, Juju Smith-Schuster, Solomon Thomas, Dede Westbrook, Amara Darbon, Corey Clement, Justin Davis, Cooper Rush (Peak), Tyrone Swoopes, and Dontre Wilson! To top things off I received a TTM response from Seahawks receiver Paul Skansi! +32


4/1/17- Another WLAFer down as former Knight Wes Pritchett signed a card for me! +1

4/7/17- Picked up a box of Sage 16 and 17 with Ammon Olsen, Tyler O’Connor, and Dontre Wilson! +3

4/10/17– Picked up the last box of Sage 17 at my local store and got some dupes and Zack Ryan. +1

4/14/17– Got a twofer today with both Steve Jordan and Swervin’ Mervyn Fernandez signing a few cards! +7

4/17/17- Erik Kramer was kind enough to sign a few cards for me on the second try. +3

4/19/17- Former SA Talon Clinton Solomon signed one of my customs for me! Bad news… I got back two of the dreaded shredded dead on arrival slips from the post office. Now I have to figure out which send outs got destroyed. +1

4/20/17- On a bit of a roll here with Clemson great Terry Allen signing a few cards for me from 400+ days ago! Got a nixie from Surge RB Tony Burse. Going to have to dig up a new address +3

4/26/17- Picked up some more Sage today! Nabbed Zane Gonzalez, Keon Hatcher, Dante Barnett, and Sean Price. +4

4/28/17- Roman Matusz signed his Wild Card WLAF card for me! +1


5/3/17- I already have a large amount of the Sage 15 High, so I thought I’d break a Low for some autographs. Inside were autographs from Mike Hull, DaVaris Daniels, Grady Jarrett, Randy Gregory, Josh Harper, Sean Mannion, and Tyler Lockett.  +7

5/6/17- Got a questionable TTM response from DE Joey Bosa. It looks rushed but I’ll take it! +1

5/9/17- Been a long time since I’ve gotten an LA Ram- but Cleveland Gary signed TTM for me today. +2

5/12/17- Longhorn Legend Marty Akins signed TTM for me today! +3

5/20/17– Couldn’t resist the boxes of Panini 17 Contenders. Inside I got Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Jahad Thomas, and Marquez White… and a redemption card for another player. (I hate redemption cards.) +3

5/22/17- Got one of my nicest responses TTM ever from former Ohio Glory wide receiver Melvin Patterson today. +2

5/27/17- In a box of Panini Contenders 2017 I pulled Tony Conner, Cordrea Tankersley, and Des Lawrence. I also got another redemption card… this time for Taco Charlton, +3

5/28/17- Panini Contenders has been good to me as I picked up Derek Barnett, Ricky Seals-Jones, Chad Hansen, and Calvin Munson. +4


6/4/17– Rushel Shell lll, Randall Goforth, and Pharaoh Brown from a box of Panini Contenders. +3

6/14/17-  Former NFL, CFL, and WLAF defensive back Bobby Humphery signed 3 cards for me and included a nice note! +3

6/17/17– Two boxes of Sage 17 High yielded River Cracraft, Garry Brown, Robert Davis, Patrick Towles, Aaron Bailey, and Sheldon Gibson. +6

6/30/17- Lance comes through with another ‘future considerations’ (pay it forward response) in the form of future HoF DB Ed Reed and WR Eddie Kennison! +2


7/1/17- In anticipation of the Houston Texans Stampede Tour I picked up some cards of Christian Covington with a certified autograph of him. +1

7/3/17- Received a redemption for Taco Charlton today from Panini! +1

7/13/17- Larry Little, HOF Dolphin and former WLAF coach of the Ohio Glory signed TTM for me! +2

7/14/17– Went to the Texans Stampede Tour today and picked up Andre Hal and Christian Covington on a few cards! +4 


8/8/17- Went through a drought there but a nice way to end it with former LA Ram and 80s TV icon Fred Dryer signing TTM! +2

8/11/17– Ancient Retry/Reply in former KC and Raiders RB/TE Harvey Williams! +3

8/18/17 – The original Dirtybird Jamal Anderson signed a few cards for me TTM. +3

8/21/17–  A nice twofer today. First WLAF Ohio Glory punter Tom Rouen signed some cards for me TTM, and then a retry-reply in Texans LB Brian Cushing! +5

8/23/17- Picked up a Donruss Elite Zach Cunningham a few days ago. Really nice card! +1

8/28/17- Got a nice Will Fuller V autograph. Back down to just needing the current year’s Houston Texans’ first round pick.  +1

8/31/17– An impressive way to end the month with elusive WLAF alum Dana Brinson! +3


9/1/17- Was able to corral a few nice autographs of Brock Osweiler, Isaiah Pead, and Mohamed Sanu. +3

9/7/17- Braxton Miller certainly has some nice cards. +2

9/8/17– Today I received back a WLAF return from San Antonio Rider Ronnie Williams and I picked up a D’Onta Foreman as well. +3

9/9/17- Received a nice response from another hard to find WLAFer in Frankfurt Galaxy receiver Lew Barnes! +2

9/11/17- Due to a backlog throughout 2018, the site is now set to post a new article every 2 days.  Former Cowboy James Dixon signed TTM for me! +2

9/14/17- Finally getting warmed up with a response from another retry reply in Tampa Bay Tecmo Super Bowl RB Gary Anderson. +2

9/16/17– Nice run going on this month with former Carolina Panther back DeShaun Foster! +2

9/23/17- Cyrus Gray and Martell Mallett join the Encyclopedia. +2

9/30/17– Ended the month nicely enough with former Jags/ Lions runningback James Stewart! +2


10/2/17- A long wait but totally worth it to get former Houston Oilers LB Micheal Barrow ! +2

10/7/17- Tecmo Super Bowl vet Marv Cook signed a few cards TTM for me! +3

10/22/17- Picked up a Walmart hangar which had an Anthony Dixon (RB) autograph inside. +1

10/30/17- Former Texan Jason Babin signed TTM for me! +2


11/2/17– Deadhorse comes through for me in a pinch with autographs from HOF OL Anthony Munoz! +2

11/13/17– WLAF Orlando Thunder RB Carl Painter sent me a nice note! +2

11/18/17- Panini finally shows up with a redemption that I requested back in May with De’Veon Smith. +1

11/19/17- Pulled a Stephen Morris autograph from a hanger box. +1

11/27/17- Wasn’t getting Greg Bell anytime soon so I did a paid signing for the former Ram. +2


12/8/17- Thanks to Mark (Mark’s Signing Bonus) looking out for me, I was able to get Birmingham Fire DB James Henry! +2

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