This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019
3,826- 2020
4,228- 2021
4,869- 2022

1/3/23- Alright! Off to a fast start, as on the first mail day of ’23 I got a long time retry reply with multiple set needs in PAT TERRELL! +3

1/17/23- Got my first success with JAKE LONG TTM today! +4

1/18/23- Second day in a row with great success as I got responses from BRUCE ARMSTRONG, ANTONE DAVIS, and MIKE MERRIWEATHER! +10

1/20/23- KEITH SIMS, venerable OL for the Miami Dolphins signed TTM today! +4

1/23/23– DAVID TREADWELL arrived today, a bit over a year I sent out to him! +5

1/24/23- Big get today as DAN HAMPTON finally rolled in! +2

1/26/23- Another blast from the past as DAN DIERDORF signed his Pro Set Announcers card! +1

1/28/23- The month was slow initially but has kicked into high gear with JIM RICHTER and GARY BEBAN signing TTM! +5

1/30/23- Great close out to January as JERRY OLSAVSKY and DARION CONNER signed TTM today! +5


2/6/23- First hit of February is from a retry reply in WLer ROLAND SMITH! +1

2/7/23- Added 4 World Leaguers today via EBay in DAVID SMITH, WILLIE DAVIS, MALCOLM FRANK, and HARVEY WILSON! +4

2/9/23- Great fun at the San Antonio Brahmas Meet and Greet as I got autographs from BEN JONES (LB-TX), JACK COAN, JACQUES PATRICK, RYAN LEWIS (DB), and HINES WARD! +11 (3 on cards)

2/13/23- Today brought me two successes in OL RON HELLER and PAUL MOYER! Also I got a surprise return from EJ JUNIOR from back in 2021! +3

2/24/23- After a brief break, I received back an autograph from Tecmo Bowl punter SEAN LANDETA! +3


3/1/23- Got a return from the beginning of the year from former Jets TE MARK BOYER! +2

3/11/23- Broke a dry spell there with a success from former Bengals/ Jets LB JOE KELLY! +3

3/15/23- Got a consignment back for WR SHAWN JEFFERSON! +1

3/19/23- Was able to corral a few autographs I really wanted at the latest XFL game. Coming through were BRIAN FOLKERTS, KALEN BALLAGE, TJ VASHER, and at long last, one of my personal favorites, KENNETH FARROW! +7

3/20/23- EBay snipe of JOHN BRODIE came in today! +1


4/1/23- After a legendarily bad TTM in month, I kicked things off in style with TAYLOR HEINICKE! +3

4/5/23- Got a TTM response today from legendary NT DAN SALEAUMUA! +4

4/9/23- I’ve found my groove at my spot during Brahmas games, and I was able to snag autographs from DEONTAY BURNETT, AJENE HARRIS, NICK HOLLEY, and BRANDON SILVERS! +8

4/15/23- Another collection of in person autographs from the Brahmas win over the Orlando Guardians. Today I picked up autographs from STANSLY MAPONGA, ELI ROGERS, TJ VASHER, JAWON PASS, and PAXTON LYNCH! In addition former Houston Ex-an Jordan Thomas TE gave me his gloves after the game! +5

4/20/23- Going through a 1,000 year drought right now, I was able to get former DL GERALD WILLIAMS TTM today! +3

4/21/23- Mixed bag today at the Brahmas team signing as they were pressed for time, but I did manage to clear out some names I’d wanted for a while. JOHN PARKER ROMO, KAMERON KELLY, JOEY PORTER, BRAD WING, MALCOLM BUNCHE and BILL GOLDBERG all signed today! Also an EBay find of XFL20 SAVION SMITH came in as well! +8

4/22/23- Well it was a fun season with the Brahmas this year, but their season came to an end. Despite this I managed to get a few autographs mainly from the Defenders. Today TJ VASHER, REGGIE BARLOW, SANTOS RAMIREZ and JORDAN TA’AMU signed for me! In addition I got a TTM back from GREGG RAKOCZY! +10

4/24/23- A few more came in today. I got a TTM from Pack K CHRIS JACKE and a certified off of eBay of JORDAN THOMAS! +5

4/25/23- On a small roll here with OZZIE NEWSOME and REGGIE LANGHORNE today! +6

4/29/23- JASON BUCK came through TTM basically wrapping up April for me in a respectable fashion! +3


5/5/23- Great way to get going with successes from IZEL JENKINS and a nice letter, autograph, and book from ED SMITH! +4

5/8/23- Soooo close! Today brought me JEROME HENDERSON TTM and legend JOE PERRY via EBay! +4

5/9/23- Finally picked up a certified of DAVIS MILLS , Texans today! +1

5/10/23- Today yielded a return from former Patriot PAT HARLOW! +4

5/11/23- KURT BENKERT, XFL and NFL QB signed TTM today! +4

5/13/23- Staying busy TTM with a response from RODNEY HOLMAN and also an Ebay from DAVIS MILLS! +4

5/14/23- Well the XFL Championship drew to a close with an excellent finale. I was able to snag a few more autographs of WILLIE BEAVERS, RYAN MUELLER, MARQUETTE KING, and BRIAN WESTBROOK! +6

5/24/23- MERTON HANKS came in today TTM! +3

5/26/23- Got a success today from XFL All Star JORDAN WILLIAMS TTM today! +1


6/11/23- Lemonhead LEMUEL STINSON came in today from 2021 in a bit over 700 days! +2

6/20/23- An incredibly slow month so far, but that’s okay! I got JAMES FRANCIS back from a paid signing! +7

6/23/23- It’s been slow this year, but RICK MIRER was kind enough to sign some TTM for me today! +6

6/26/23- GREG PRUITT came through with a nice note and a few autographs! +4


7/5/23- Like a 100 year drought out here, but I picked up via EBay DL JAMES JONES. +2

7/6/23- Today I received in a second EBay find in DL TED WASHINGTON! +1

7/7/23- First TTM of July is down as venerable WR TOM WADDLE signed today! Later I checked my old PO and inside was JIMMY GAROPPOLO from about a a year ago! +6

7/10/23- IAN BECKLES came through on one of two TTM today! +1

7/14/23- After a long wait, UT alum TOM CAMPBELL came through today TTM! +1

7/20/23- ND DB TOM CARTER III signed TTM today! +4


8/4/23- Two purchases came in today as Sacramento Surge WR EDDIE BROWN and legend LC GREENWOOD arrived! +2

8/11/23- Bills DL JEFF WRIGHT signed TTM today! +4

8/12/23- Another response today- this one from JOHN RIENSTRA! +2

8/18/23- The big event I’d saved up for all year finally arrived. I went to GTSM Houston and cleared out nearly every Houston Oiler I wanted with HAYWOOD JEFFIRES, ERNEST GIVINS, CURTIS DUNCAN and LORENZO WHITE! +29

8/19/23- Got a surprise retry reply in CASE KEENUM! GO TEXANS! +2

8/21/23- Former NFL QB MARK MALONE signed TTM today! +1

8/22/23- Today brought former Texans K NEIL RACKERS! +2

8/23/23- Finally back from the Nationals are some autographs from DB MARK CARRIER! Also another TTM rolled in with WR MICHAEL YOUNG! +11


9/7/23- Got a nice success today from former kicker JEFF JAEGER! +4

9/12/23- Got a response today from TE HOBY BRENNER, and I finally got a dreaded sleeve sign from Kevin Murphy. I’ll try him again. +3

9/15/23- Ebay budget finds came in today of NORM JOHNSON, TRAVIS MCNEAL, VINCE NEWSOME, and JAMES JEFFERSON! +4

9/16/23- MIKE TICE signed TTM today and I sniped out an EBay find of FLIPPER ANDERSON! +2

9/18/23- Long time out clocking in at 802 days is former DB and Argonaut CARL BRAZLEY, who signed his All-World 91 card! +1

9/19/23- WOW! Another long shot came back from World League veteran KENT WELLS of the Ohio Glory in 1445, which clocks in my top 7 waits ever! +1

9/20/23- Packer great KEN RUETTGERS signed TTM today! +2


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