This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.


1/5/19- First success of calendar year 2019 came in today. A retry reply from 2018 in Super Bowl XXV QB Jeff Hostetler.   +2

1/7/19- With my Christmas giftcards I had enough money to get a box of Upper Deck 2011 College Legends. A set that I truly enjoy- it had autographs inside from Noel Devine and Greg Little. I also had my best single pull ever with the last autograph being Heisman Trophy Winner and Panthers QB Cam Newton. +3

1/11/19-Mark Carrier (WR) becomes my first true success of 2019, signing some great cards TTM. +4

1/14/19- At long last I’ve added former Penn State back and Seattle Seahawk legend Curt Warner. +2

1/17/19-Another retry reply in Raiders great Matt Millen! +3

1/19/19- First killer in person signing of the year was a doozy as I braved the cold to knock out Earl Thomas, to help me break the 3k mark! +3

1/22/19- 2011 responder Mike Rozier signed TTM in a short 10 days. +3

1/25/19- Joe Theismann signed some cards and I won a Keke Coutee off of EBay. +3

1/28/19- LA Rams great Ed Meador signed TTM today! +2


2/4/19- Long orbit on former WLAFer Pat Marlatt who signed TTM from 2017 today! +1

2/10/19-An excellent day both TTM with a 3 fer and also at the first game of the AAF San Antonio Commanders! TTM I was able to snag Hoyle Granger, Carl Lee, and Joe Ferguson. While at the game I got autographs from Damien Mama, Eric Allen, and Hines Ward! +10

2/12/19- February has been encouraging so far that Heisman Trophy Winner Matt Leinart signed TTM today. +2

2/14/19- Former Falcons back John Settle signed c/o Wisconsin! +3

2/25/19- Today I received back autographs from Chargers legend John Hadl! +2

2/27/19- Picked up a certified Fozzy Whittaker autograph today. +1


3/5/19- First success of March is an oldie but goodie in Patriots great Steve Grogan! +2

3/11/19– Steelers RB and 1975 Whizzer White winner Rocky Bleier signed TTM today! +3

3/13/19-  Today I received back an autographs of  Steve Slaton certifieds, a Garrett Graham autograph and a paid Tiki Barber signing I did earlier this year. +6

3/16/19- Picked up a Walmart Gunslingers Blaster and inside was a multi-patch card and a Panini Prism autograph of Calvin Pryor. +1

3/20/19- Hauled in a treasure trove of autographs from the San Antonio Commanders of the AAF Wednesday as Mekale McKay, Cyril Richardson, Shaan Washington, Kenneth Farrow, Zack Sanchez, and Derron Smith all signed their cards! +12

3/22/19– Cracked a box of AAF trading cards and found autographs inside from Reggie Northrup (1/1!), Greer Martini, Gerald Christian, and Channing Stribling! +4

3/23/19Attended the Commanders vs the Stallions game over the weekend and got some autographs while I was there! Daryl Johnston, Michael Gray, Aaron Green, and Greg Ward Jr all signed cards for me! I also cracked a blaster of the AAF trading cards and inside was one from Donteea Dye Jr… but I scored the perfect trifecta when I got a TTM response from Rams G/C Tom Newberry as well!  +10

3/26/19- A blaster box of Topps AAF cards yielded Adonis Jennings WR of the Salt Lake Stallions! +1

3/30/19- Oops! Roosevelt Potts accidentally sent somebody else two of the cards I sent him. He has offered to sign anything else I send. +1

3/31/19- Ending the month I was able to snag Hotshots John Wolford, Justin Stockton, Sterling Moore, Jhurell Pressley, and Trevor Knight along with AAF CEO Charlie Ebersol at the Hotshots/ Commanders game! +7


4/1/19- After an impressive March, how could I follow up but by getting two TTM successes from Paul Warfield and DeMarco Murray!  +5

4/2/19- Over the coming weeks I’ll be building out an AAF shrine on my website. Those 8 weeks were a lot of fun and it’s sad that a terrible financer like Tom Dundon closed the league up like that. On other news Mike Kenn signed a few cards for me. +3

4/4/19- One of the great under the radar wr journeymen of this era, Mike Furrey signed 2 cards for me! +2

4/5/19- Mack Brown signed some cards for me TTM! +2

4/6/19- Got a box of SAGE 19 and inside was Jakobi Meyers, Dexter Wright, and Dakota Allen. +3

4/9/19- Classic Rams QB Jim Everett signed 3 amazing cards TTM today! +3

4/10/19– Got a really nice D’Onta Foreman autograph today via EBay. +1

4/11/19- One of my new card friends hit me up with a few autographs of Shaun Rogers and Carl Bradford (AAF)! +3

4/13/19- Well I have a new contestant for worst autograph ever in Charles Omenihu on 2 cards. Also picked up Lil Jordan Humphrey and D’Onta Foreman today at the UT Coop! +5

4/18/19- Vikings and Chiefs sackmaster Jared Allen signed TTM today! +3

4/21/19- Added another box of Sage 19. Inside was Gerri Greer and Brad Mayes! +2

4/26/19- Got a TTM response from Miami Dolphins great Nat Moore today! +2

4/27/19- Solid day overall. Got another AAF Hobby Box and inside was Rajion Neal, John Wolford, and Zack Sanchez! In addition I had some TTM goodness hit with Roosevelt Potts clearing up that accident earlier in the year- and Tony Dorsett dropping an autograph on 1 of 2. +7

4/30/19- Got my first of hopefully many AAF TTM autographs with Salt Lake City Stallions WR Sam Mobley signing his card! +1


5/2/19– Nabbed a few AAF guys via EBay that I wanted: Orion Stewart, Josh Stewart, Tarean Folson, and Aaron Green! +4

5/3/19- Good haul of TTM successes today as Doug Dieken, Kameron Kelly and Orion Stewart all signed cards! +5

5/5/19- I actually got excited when I saw a box of Panini Contenders 2018 sitting out at Walmart today. Inside were Austin Allen and Kamryn Pettway. Not bad. Intriguing slices of football history. +2

5/8/19- The league’s leading rusher in Jhurrell Pressley and WR Bug Howard landed today on their certifieds! +2

5/9/19- Former AAF Commanders QB Dustin Vaughan signed TTM today! +3

5/11/19- The defacto AAF MVP Garrett Gilbert signed today along with Fozzy Whittaker at a camp for me today! +5

5/13/19- Got a certified AAF Eric Pinkins today! +1

5/17/19- Shutdown corner Kermit Alexander shut me down for an autograph. At least I got the cards back unsigned.

5/23/19- Former Express QB Christian Hackenberg signed 3 today TTM! +3

5/24/19– CFHOF HC Dennis Erickson signed his Stallions card TTM! +1

5/26/19- The very first TTM I got when i came back to the game 10 years ago, Bart Starr, has passed away at 85 today.  Picked up a box of Panini Contenders ’18 and got Khaliq Hill.  +1

5/28/19– Former XFL and NFLE QB Pat Barnes signed 3 today! Also received back an RTS for Brandon Silvers who was cut by the Jets. +3

5/31/19- Love the longshots when they come back. Former WLAF DB JR Holland signed his Ultimate WLAF card for me TTM in 661 days! +1


6/3/19- Kicking off the month with two more AAF successes in Joel Lanning (SA) and Eric Pinkins (SD)! +2

6/4/19- Womp Womp! Won an Aaron Murray authentic AAF autograph off of EBay super cheap. Seller cancelled order and told me that they can’t find it. – That just doesn’t make sense. Negative transaction filed. Don’t do business with apexsportscards. 

6/6/19- Finally got my Kameron Kelly AAF Topps certified autograph to complete the trifecta. +1

6/13/19- Received back Orlando Apollos’ TE Sean Price’s autograph. Also got in BJ Daniels and Cole Hunt certified’s! +3

6/14/19- Got a response from SLC receiver Adonis Jennings! Also picked up certifieds from Earl Okine, Will Davis, Dominick Jackson, JC Hassenauer, Marquise Williams, and Zac Stacy! +7

6/17/19– Finally. The certified AAF of Jordan Thomas showed up today. +1

6/19/19- Davis Tull marks another AAFer off the list! +1

6/20/19- Today I got a nice twofer of AAF players in Josh Jasper and Chris Odom! +2

6/22/19– Sniped Marvin Bracy-Williams from the AAF Certified list! +1

6/24/19- Checked D’Joun Smith from the AAF certified list! +1

6/27/19- Terrible autograph that looks like it was signed with a crayon- but I’ll take it as Deion Barnes knocks another one out TTM! +1

6/29/19- Very happy to get back a return from Fleet QB Mike Bercovici today! Thanks to Mark’s Signing Bonus! +3


7/3/19- Dontez Ford and Jordan Leslie certifieds arrived today! +2

7/5/19- Arena football hero Malachi Jones’ certified arrived today! +1

7/9/19- Got a nice return from Austin Collie. He threw in some extras! +5

7/11/19- Most touching response I’ve gotten in years came from Coach Coyle of the Atlanta Legends. Included were an autographed card, a nice letter on LSU stationary, and 2 hats- one game worn, and the other autographed. Wow! Long live the AAF! +1

7/13/19- Wow! Knocked out another elusive member of the WLAF crew- QB Eric Jones of the Birmingham Fire signed a card and wrote a very nice letter. Also my friend gave me a Topps Certified of Shaan Washington! +2

7/15/19- NFL, UFL and AAF kicker Nick Novak signed today! +2

7/18/19- As the market for AAF autographs seems to be collapsing, I was able to get some of the bigger names crossed off the list including: Mekele McKay, Christian Hackenberg, Zack Mettenberger, Josh Woodrum, Matt Simms, and coach Kevin Coyle! +6

7/19/19- Added D’onta Foreman on two more spectacular cards this evening at a free signing. +2

7/22/19- Steelers legend Andy Russell signed and wrote a very nice note, as well as I FINALLY got an Aaron Murray certified! +2

7/23/19- July has really picked up as Fleet speedster Dontez Ford came through signing ALL his AAF card for me and including a player issued one of his own! +4

7/24/19- Retry reply in Legends QB Aaron Murray on 1/2! +1

7/26/19- July isn’t going down without a fight as I got a twofer today in Scott Orndoff and Charles Johnson of the Apollos! +2

7/29/19- Legends DB Quincy Mauger signed his AAF card! +1

7/30/19- Another fine response and letter from former NFL and WLAF LB Willie Don Wright! +1


8/1/19- You hear that Tommy? I finally gave up. After the 3rd attempt I just bought your autograph off of EBay super cheap instead of flushing more cards and money down the toilet. Tommy Maddox- finally crossed off the list today. +1

8/13/19- Longest drought in a while ends with a twofer with former Bucs #1 pick Charles McRae and Legends offensive line coach Pete Metzelaars signing for me TTM today! +5

8/15/19– Former Thunder DB Todd Krumm signed his WLAF card! +1

8/16/19– Two XFL alumni answered the call as Hitmen QB Charles Puleri and Maniax WR Darryl Hobbs signed TTM! +3

8/19/19– Ebayed out Kenny Bell (WR) of the SLC Stallions . +1

8/20/19– A nice twofer today as both AAF defender Kieron Williams and WLAF LB Ray Savage responded today! +2

8/24/19- Eric Dickerson signs via the mail today on 2 great cards! +2

8/26/19– Killer double hit today as AAF wonderback Ja’Quan Gardner and WLAF WR Eddie Britton signed TTM! +4

8/31/19- Added another really nice personal return in former Oiler/Riders OL Doug Williams who signed my card, added a photo and mailed it back on his dime! +1


9/7/19- Solid Saturday with a TTM response from World Leaguer Phil Logan, and another Heisman House tour with Ricky Williams and Derrick Johnson! +8

9/17/19- After striking out on some Ebay snipes today, I got a really nice response from former WLAF kicker Philip Doyle who signed my card, included his own signed memorabilia, and mailed it back on his dime! +1

9/19/19- Longhorn Legend Bobby Wuensch signed his cards for me TTM! +2


10/4/19- After a particularly weak September, I received back a response from Frank Reich clocking in at a mere 580 days. +2

10/8/19- WLAF alumni John Buddenberg and Glenn Rogers each signed TTM today and wrote nice notes! +4

10/9/19- Been a while since I got an AAF player back as Josh Woodrum comes through! +1

10/10/19- Steven Johnson AAF certified arrived today! +1

10/15/19- Dave McCloughan signed a few cards TTM today! +3

10/19/19– Rick Neuheisel, coach of the Hotshots signed today TTM! +1

10/21/19- Barcelona Dragons TE Terry O’Shea signed his Ultimate card for me TTM today! +1

10/26/19- Got Mark Carrier today via a signing in Illinois. +3

10/28/19- Received in a certified autograph of Saquan Edwards (AAF Hotshots) and a nice letter and autograph from Thunder alum Wayne Dickson today! +2

10/30/19- Hilarious return today as Mike Finn did not sign his card but signed an index card for me instead because he wanted to keep the card in mint condition! Will try again, and offer him a bunch of extras! 🙂 +0


11/1/19- Got back 2 responses today from UT All Time Great Bob McKay and WLAF alum Greg Eaglin! +3

11/2/19- Double CFL day as Jon Volpe and Bart Hull responded TTM! +3

11/4/19- Broncos great Steve Atwater signed his Action Packed card for me TTM today! +1

11/5/19- 4th day in a row with a TTM success adding both Jeff George and Lance Gunn! +8

11/6/19- A 5th day in a row as George Koonce checks in on 3 cards! +3

11/8/19- A 3fer to make up for yesterday’s lack of mail, as 3 different leagues join with AJ Tarpley, Saute Sapolu, and Eddie Lowe signed TTM! +3

11/15/19- Steelers QB Kordell Stewart signed TTM today! +2

11/16/19- Monarchs coach Larry Kennan signs his last cards for me TTM today! +2

11/22/19- Added SIX members of the Birmingham Iron through EBay. Ty Isaac, Ike Spearman, Max Redfield, Connor Davis, Blake Sims, and Luis Perez! +6

11/25/19- Still trying to track down Ken Bell. Also Richard Buchanan came back RTS- but I did get Mike Husar (WLAF- NY-NJ) and A&M RB Darren Lewis today! +3

11/30/19- Ended a spectacular month TTM with OJ Anderson on 3 cards! +3


12/2/19- Kicked off December with a response from Oilers back Allen Pinkett! +4

12/5/19- Paul Gruber and AAF WR De’Mornay Pierson-El signed TTM today! +5

12/9/19- Attended a Roughnecks Party in Houston and had a massive haul as Sammie Coates, Connor Cook, and Coach June Jones signed for me! +16

12/10/19- Picked up certifieds of Mike Bercovici and Demarcus Ayers! +2


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