This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019
3,826- 2020
4,228- 2021

1/1/22- Hello and welcome back for 2022! The format of the individual posts has been updated to get more to… the point. Also thanks to the backlog of posts on the site, we’re now going to an every other day post format through at least the end of 2022! Enjoy!

1/3/22- We kick off 2022 like we kicked off 2020- with a San Antonio Rider! This one was WR LEE MORRIS. +3

1/7/22- Received a response today from Broncos great KARL MECKLENBURG! +2

1/8/22- After about a 6 month wait, former Cowboy, 49er, and Giant, MIKE SHERRARD responded today! +3

1/11/22- WARREN MOON responded TTM today! Long live the HOUSTON Oilers! +4

1/14/22- Got two back today TTM. First off is SF Austin alum and Atlanta Falcon FLOYD DIXON! Also my first true 2022 response came in today with Jets LB TROY BENSON! +6

1/18/22- STEVE WALSH signed two Cowboys cards TTM today! +2

1/19/22- ERNIE MILLS responds from April of 2021 TTM today! A retry-reply! +3

1/24/22- Got Barcelona Dragon MIKE RUTH through a paid signing today! +1

1/27/22- TSB vet, Cardinal and Jet LONNIE YOUNG signed TTM today! +3

1/28/22- Longtime Seahawk TONY WOODS signed TTM today! +3

1/29/22- Starting to close out a decent month with a quick retry reply in DANNY STUBBS! +2

1/31/22- Well, January wraps up with a friendly TTM drop in from Lance in the form of RICK REDMAN, and a paid signing return of MIKE VICK! +4


2/1/22- Today I knocked out a holy grail for my collection with a pick up of JIM KELLY on his Ultimate World League card! +1

2/5/22- Former World League kicker JERRY KAURIC signed 2 TTM today! +2

2/7/22- A nice kickoff to the week with a nice twofer in former Sacramento Surge DC and Saints HC JIM HASLETT signing, as well as Dallas Cowboys RB TASHARD CHOICE! +6

2/8/22- In a bit over a year, former Denver Broncos NT GREG KRAGEN signed TTM! +4

2/10/22- Staying busy this month as another 21 came in… KEENA TURNER! +3

2/11/22- World League vet and KC Chief JOE VALERIO signed TTM! +2

2/14/22- The hits keep coming with SAM SEALE signing TTM! +2

2/19/22- TTM success today arrived in the name of EJ JUNIOR! +2

2/20/22- My friend David out of the H-Town area sent me some free autographs for helping him out! In come SETH PAYNE and JABAR GAFFNEY! +2

Went to my first in person signing of the year, and for a while, for that matter last night at a benefit for the Special Olympics. It was a great haul. Added a few dupes, but I also added autographs from KYLE SENDLEIN, DOUG ENGLISH, OCTAVIOUS BISHOP, MJ MCFARLAND, and LAMAR HOUSTON. In addition, my friend Mark gave me an autograph from CULLEN LOEFFELER! +9

2/22/22- TTM has been good to me this month with 9ers FB TOM RATHMAN signing today! +1

2/26/22- Claymore HOFer SEAN LACHAPELLE signed 3 cards for me TTM today! +3

2/28/22- Closing out February with a solid finish: REGGIE PLEASANT and TIM COUCH! Also a big get with DEMETRIUS DAVIS, WLAF Dragons, RIP!+4


3/3/22- A nice return from the beginning of the year from RUSS FRANCIS who wrote me a very nice note! +1

3/5/22- This year continues to be solid so far with a rare threefer response from referee ED HOCHULI, CB MARK COLLINS and WR MARK DUPER! +7

3/7/22- Two incredible mail days in a row, as another threefer arrived with BRUCE KOZERSKI, EUGENE ROBINSON and RONNIE LIPPETT answering the TTM call! +9

3/9/22- Retry/reply in CLARENCE WEATHERS TTM today! +1

3/10/22- Big hit all the way from England as VICTOR EBUBEDIKE signed TTM today and write me a nice note! Another WLAFer down! +2

3/14/22- Today SHANE CONLAN and MARQUISE WILLIAMS came through today TTM! +5

3/16/22- Well it was really nice of JAMES JONES RB to respond to me, even though I sent to him thinking he was JAMES JONES DL TTM. How embarrassing! +1

3/18/22- TTM success today in former Buc RANDY GRIMES! +3

3/21/22- TIM MCGEE and LOUIE AGUIAR answer the call TTM! +7

3/24/22- Wow! Just landed a big fish at an in person event as TROY AIKMAN signed at an event promoting his new beer label ‘8’. +2

3/25/22- A good way to pretty much end the month with a response from another WLAFer in KEN BELL! With that I’m one step closer to completing out the Pro Set WLAF set, and also finished out the Birmingham Fire portion of that set! 4th time’s the charm! +1


4/2/22- April brought in 4 responses so far in TIM KRUMRIE, RICH CAMARILLO, LINCOLN KENNEDY, and JOHNNY HECTOR (RB)! +13

4/5/22- Love me those old school Rams! FRED STRICKLAND signed TTM today! +3

4/8/22- Got a nice note and return today from NFL/XFL FB/RB KEITH ELIAS. He also included a signed Athletes in Action card! +2

4/11/22- Former WLAF DB TERYL AUSTIN signed TTM today! +1

4/13/22- Persistence is key! Former SA Riders WR WAYNE WALKER signed TTM! +1

4/15/22- JIM MORA, perhaps best known for his stint in the USFL with the Stars, and in the NFL with the Saints signed TTM today! +3

4/18/22- Sacramento Surge LB BASIL PROCTOR signed his Wild Card today TTM! +1

4/19/22- Mr. Cowboy, BOB LILLY signed TTM today! +2

4/20/22- DWAYNE SABB of tiny NH came through today! +3

4/21/22- Got a 2fer in today with division rivals in LEONARD GRIFFIN and HOFer CHARLIE JOINER! +5

4/22/22- Got in an EBay find in CFLer STEWART HILL! +1

4/25/22- Great kickoff to the week in now Miami speedster TYREEK HILL and HOFer PAUL KRAUSE! +7

4/29/22- CHRIS HAKEL and JEFF CROSS signed today! +3

4/30/22- Great mailday as XFL01 QB TIM LESTER signed, alongside BILLY KILMER, who completed out a dual signature card with Bob Lily! Also a stack of EBay Action Packed finds came in as well with autographs from VINNY TESTAVERDE, HARRY HAMILTON, KEITH MCCANTS, EUGENE MARVE, and ANTHONY SMITH! +9


5/1/22- Checked my old mail and found a response from Seahawks great DAVE KRIEG after a bit over a two year wait! +3

5/2/22- Straight up monster day with responses from 3 former players (OLIVER LUCK, ANTHONY CARTER, ALBERT BENTLEY) and an EBay find coming through (ELROY HIRSCH)! +8

5/4/22- Got a nice response today from Lifetime Longhorn COTTON SPEYRER! +2

5/6/22- Saints S GENE ATKINS signed a few TTM today! +3

5/16/22- Got back Bears TTM legend DENNIS GENTRY today! +2

5/20/22- After another brief interval, I pulled in a rare ‘four-play’ with LORENZO HAMPTON, RAY BERRY, STEVE LARGENT, and TONY BURSE all coming in today! +10

5/21/22- After a 3rd try in the last 12 years… STEVE PELLUER came through today TTM! +3

5/25/22- Participated in a signing for ROD RUTLEDGE, 2002 Inaugural Houston Texan! +1

5/26/22- Great returns today from MIKE TOMCZAK and MARK KELSO on set chases! +5

5/27/22- Another fabulous retry-retry-retry-reply! in the form of 49ers back DEXTER CARTER! +3

5/31/22- Nice way to close out May with 2 more successes in LB EDDIE ROBINSON and LB MIKE JOHNSON! +7


6/1/22- Picked up FREDDIE SOLOMON today via EBay! +1

6/2/22- IRV EATMAN responded today TTM! +3

6/6/22- Great response from former OC and HC BRUCE COSLET today! +2

6/9/22- JOHN OFFERDAHL returns to the encyclopedia! +1

6/10/22- Two responses today from KEITH BISHOP and GALEN HALL! +3

6/14/22- Bandits, Bucs, and Chargers RB GARY ANDERSON signed TTM today! +4

6/15/22- Former Cardinals DB DOMINIQUE RODGERS-CROMARTIE signed TTM today! +2

6/18/22- Got a few RTSes yesterday, but today I got back SMU alum HARVEY ARMSTRONG! Making that one card count! +1

6/21/22- WLAF alum PAUL WULFF signed a card for me TTM! +1

6/22/22- Today’s return brings in a hard to get response from Jets and Thunder FB ROGER VICK! +2

6/24/22- Former TE and HC MIKE MULARKEY signed 3 cards and dropped in a play for me! +3

6/27/22- This one had been sitting in my box forever, but I am super happy to finally add GARRISON HEARST! +1

6/29/22- Another RB signs as former XFL back JAMES BOSTIC came through! +2


7/5/22- First hit for July comes from TE BEN COATES, and also I got a paid signing back for ANDRE RISON! +4

7/8/22- Got a rare signer back in FB BRENT FULLWOOD! +2

7/12/22- Coach MARC TRESTMAN signed today TTM! +1

7/13/22- Getting back on the AAF horse, I got a TTM response from BRAEDON BOWMAN today! +1

7/15/22- NFLE QB JIM KUBIAK signed TTM today in roughly 3 months! +3

7/16/22- A nice 3fer today as HOFer DICK VERMEIL, Heisman winner JASON WHITE, and AJ FEELEY all signed TTM today! +4

7/18/22- Chiefs and Bills lineman great ART STILL signed TTM today! +3

7/20/22- July keeps getting hotter as GERALD WILLHITE and QUINN EARLY signed TTM! +4

7/21/22- Added an autograph from JIM PLUNKETT today on his Action Packed Braille card! +1

7/22/22- Today I reached a milestone, completing out the Topps AAF Certified set- thanks to the help of my longtime autograph friend. He also threw in a few more autographs from the NFLE! JENNIFER KING, CHARLIE EBERSOL, RICK NEUHEISEL, DR. JEN WELTER, DENNIS ERICKSON, LORI LOCUST, DARYL JOHNSTON, MIKE RILEY, MARICO GREGERSEN, ULRICH WINKLER, FELTON HUGGINS, J.R. NIKLOS, & FRED PAGAC! +13

7/29/22- Nice twofer today with KEENAN MCCARDELL and JARYD JONES-SMITH signing TTM! Long live the SAN ANTONIO COMMANDERS! +4


8/2/22- Kicked of August with a nice haul. A twofer with SCOTTIE GRAHAM and a second response from JEFF CROSS (because he kept a couple and asked for a few more)! +7

8/5/22- Good Spring Football twofer as I got RB AARON STECKER and Wisconsin (WLAF Riders) coach PAUL CHRYST! +4

8/8/22- RODNEY BLACKSHEAR signed his card for me and dropped in an extra for me! Long live the SWC! +2

8/10/22- MERRIL HOGE closes out almost all his set needs TTM for me! +5

8/12/22- Finally got World Leaguer EMANUEL KING TTM today! +3

8/13/22- Went to a book signing for ROBERT WILSON’s new book, “Big Hits & Politics”. There I got his autograph, as well as RICHMOND WEBB and KEVIN SMITH! +13

8/20/22- After a small break, we’re looking at BRANDON STOKLEY TTM! +2

8/22/22- NATE LEWIS responded today TTM! +3

8/27/22- K ROGER RUZEK with the quick turnaround! +3


9/4/22- Broke a small drought again with a long gone request from CHARLES ARBUCKLE- former NFL TE and AAF coach! +1

9/7/22- Former Titans WR DREW BENNETT signed TTM today! +2

9/8/22- A rare strikeout in person for not only one but two in person signing events. Despite that, I got a very nice response from my erstwhile ghostly ally from the AAF, THE LEGENDARY KNIGHT! +1

9/12/22- Nice return from the beginning of the year in former Pack safety MARK MURPHY! +4

9/13/22- TIM GOAD signed TTM today! +3

9/17/22- Two interesting returns today as a retry reply at the same address for JEFF BOSTIC came back today, as well as a top 5 wait in ERNIE MILLS who signed in a tad under 5 years on my original attempt! +4

9/19/22- Today brought in two EBay finds in BEN DAVIDSON and JIM KIICK. Also a TTM response from RICH KARLIS! +5

9/21/22- MATT LYTLE signed 2 of 3 TTM today! +2

9/22/22- On a small roll here, with two more successes, from SCOTT STUDWELL and ANTHONY MORGAN! +5

9/24/22- MARK RYPIEN fittingly becomes the first player to sign their Pro Set 1990 Super Bowl custom card for me! +1

9/26/22- Closing out the month furiously with two more coming in. A pair of LBs in CHRIS SINGLETON and ROBERT JONES! +5


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