This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019

12/30/19- Former AAF and San Antonio Commander Shaan Washington signed his card! +1


1/2/20- Nice way to kick of 2020 with a note and an autographed card from former WLAF RB George Searcy! +1

1/3/20- Great start so far, as HOF Ken Houston signed his Action Packed and Upper Deck cards for me! +2

1/4/20- Getting spoiled here to start the new year with a 3rd day in a row- Johnny Meads- former Oiler LB signed a few of his cards for me. +3

1/11/20- Visited the Roughnecks/ Vipers scrimmage and cleaned up! Today I got autographs in person from: Tarean Folston (x2), Aaron Murray (x2), Dennis McKnight, Connor Cook (x2), Philip Walker, De’Veon Smith, Ike Spearman, Micah Hannemann, Reggie Northrup II, Obum Gwacham, Carl Bradford, and Andre Williams (x5)! I also met Oliver Luck! +19

1/13/20- Former San Antonio Commanders defensive back coach and Lifetime Longhorn Bill Bradley signed 3 cards for me and wrote a nice note back! +3

1/14/20- Eric Metcalf becomes the first inductee of 2020 signing an embarrassing amount of cards! +6

1/16/20- HoFer Bobby Bell signed TTM today! +2

1/21/20– Thomas Woods signed one of two of his World League cards for me TTM! +1

1/27/20- Today rolled in nicely with my second TTM response of 2020, Keith Jackson, as well as certifieds of Kenneth Farrow II and my whale of the year Trent Richardson! +6

1/30/20- One of my favorite Rams: Henry Ellard, with a TTM success! +4

1/31/20- Oh so close! A Twitter friend of mine helped me score a small stack of Washington Defenders at their team Open House! I was able to get: Tavaris Barnes, Doran Grant, Scooby Wright, Ke’Shun Freeman, Rashad Ross, and Cardale Jones! +6


2/3/20- FSU Great Sammie Smith signed TTM today! +4

2/6/20- Attended the XFL Roughnecks kickoff party and was able to get autographs from Carl Bradford, Charles James II, Sammie Coates, Andre Williams, and Kony Ealy! +5

2/10/20- Well I worked out a deal with a friend and made a huge dent in the AAF certified set! Among them were: Anthony Denham, Nick Novak, Brad Wing, Scooby Wright, Braedon Bowman, Kaelin Clay, Will Sutton, Rannell Hall, Connor Hamlett, Trevor Reilly, Jude Adjei-Barimah, Quinton Patton, Scott Orndoff, Tani Tupou, Lawrence Okoye, Pig Howard, Deion Barnes, and Handsome Tanielu! +18

2/15/20– Chiefs great Deron Cherry signed TTM! +2

2/18/20- Added Jaxon Shipley and Derron Smith from Sage 2015 certifieds! +2

2/20/20- Received back a response from 2019 in UT Lifetime Longhorn, Roger Roesler! +1

2/29/20- After failing out on him sometime last year, former AAF Iron HC Tim Lewis comes through on his Topps AAF card! +1


3/1/20- Wow! Absolutely crushed it at the XFL Renegades v Roughnecks matchup today getting autographs from Russell Maryland and Everson Walls! +8

3/6/20- LB Fredd Young signed some cards TTM today! +4

3/10/20- Another monster in person day as I hauled in a treasure trove of autographs from Marcus Johnson, Fozzy Whittaker, D’Onta Foreman, and Ricky Williams! +23

3/21/20- Broke the streak with a success from former Jets safety Erik McMillan today! +3

3/23/20- Another return today with bonecrushing defensiveback Dennis Smith signing a trove! +6

3/25/20- Coronavirus isn’t stopping me from writing and getting returns as Don Trull signed his Topps 64 for me! +1

3/26/20- Hauled in one of the big fish today as I received Mike Martz’s certified AAF autograph. As you know, I am trying hard to do this on a cheap budget. +1

3/27/20- Keeping it going with a COMC purchase of AAF players Duke Thomas and Meffi Koloamatangi! +2

3/31/20- My buddy Lance sent me a certified Jordan Reed photo! I also got back TTM a few autographs from Bucs CB Ricky Reynolds! +3


4/2/20- I received in my first Panini Playbook today of Trent Richardson! Also, after a short 456 days, former Texans QB Sage Rosenfels signs 2 from 2019! +3

4/4/20- A double Texans hit technically as both Samkon Gado and Andre Ware signed TTM! +5

4/10/20- Today’s success came just in time as the XFL 2020 folded. I got former Eagle and World League receiver, Mike Bellamy from 2019! +3

4/13/20- Two TTM successes today as World League kicker John Nies and Texas Longhorn David Thomas sign some cards! +4

4/17/20- Cole Hunt, AAF Commanders TE signed his card for me TTM today! +2

4/18/20– Architect of the Music City Miracle and Longhorn Legend Alan Lowry signed his UT cards for me TTM today! +2

4/20/20- A hit and miss day as WLAF DB Arthur Hunter signed and returned to me a different card than the two I sent. (I already had that one autographed.) Then I got an RTS from SLC RB Terrell Newby. It all worked out as I got Atlanta Legend and XFL Viper WR Seantavius Jones on his AAF card- and he threw in his certified XFL autograph as well! +2

4/24/20- Redskins SB XXII recordholder Timmy Smith signed TTM today! +3

4/25/20- Got my first stack of certified XFL autographs in today of: Jalen Saunders, Sammie Coates, Deiontrez Mount, MeKale McKay, Jalen Tolliver, and Trey Williams! +6

4/28/20- Cracked open my first 3 blasters of Topps XFL product and inside were former AAF products Philip Nelson (Go Boats!) and Adonis Jennings! The Jennings card was a 6/25! +2

4/29/20- A nice twofer today as UT great Charlie Talbert signed his card as well as Daryl Johnston, AAF Commanders GM! +3

4/30/20- AAF Fleet LB Frank Ginda closes out April with a TTM success! Go Boats! +1


5/1/20- Arena Football Rookie of the FINAL Year, Fabian Guerra signed his Memphis AAF card and dropped in another one for me! +2

5/2/20- Len Dawson came back to me today signing his Topps 70 and Legends 97 card! Also another World League Alum signed as Charlie Young inked his Ultimate card! +3

5/8/20- Today I got certified autographs in of Denard Robinson (AAF) and Matt Forte! +2

5/14/20- My Panini certifieds that I ordered before COVID arrived! Included were patch autographs of Charles Sims and Tre Mason, and a Score 17 of Zach Cunningham! +3

5/15/20- WLAF OL and Birmingham Fire alum Carl Bax signed his Wild Card TTM! +1

5/16/20- TTM is picking up again with WLAF LB Eric Lindstrom signing his Wild Card! +1

5/18/20- I broke two hobby boxes of the XFL 2020 today and got autographs of Dravon-Askew Henry, Nick Novak, Jamar Summers, Luis Perez, and a parallel of Darius Victor! Then TTM I got a nice response from Barcelona Dragons LB Eric Naposki, and probably another stamp from Deshaun Watson. : ( +6

5/19/20- FINALLY! After 4 or 5 tries… I received back an autograph from HoFer Mike Ditka! +1

5/21/20- Seahawks great and XFL Dragons coach Jim Zorn signed his card for me TTM! +1

5/22/20- XFL Battlehawks offensive coach and former Lions QB Chuck Long signed TTM today! +2

5/26/20- An incredible 3fer with hand written notes and letters from each one as Reece Horn, Billy Ray Smith, and Todd Doxon all signed their cards for me! +7


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