This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019 (+363)
3,826- 2020 (+493)
4,228- 2021 (+402)
4,869- 2022
5,202- 2023 (+333)

12/20/23- It’s been a weak month so I picked up a mega box of Sage 23. This is the first box of recent cards I’ve opened in AGES. I was NOT disappointed. INCREDIBLE value, especially for how much cards cost now. I got NINE hits out of a guaranteed 6 hit box. Autographs included: ZACK KUNTZ, NIKKO REMIGIO, ZAIRE BARNES, JOVAUGHN GWYN, SCOTT MATLOCK, NOLAN SMITH JR, TOMMY DEVITO, and special insert autographs of STORM DUCK, and SHAWN PRESTON JR! +9

12/23/23- Paid signing came back today in JAMES WILDER SR! +1

12/27/23- Worth the wait as I got a TTM response from BEN SMITH! I also broke another box of SAGE 23. Inside was JAMES BOSTIC (WR), TERRELL BYNUM, JOEL WILSON, CHARLIE BREWER, ISAAC REX, JULIAN FLEMING, and ISRAEL ABANIKANDA! +9

12/28/23- Well it’s been a few years and my friend Mark drug me out to see VY and I walked away with four more autographs! +4

12/29/23- Well December is closing out in a flurry with two EBay returns coming back for set needs in WILLIE DAVIS (DE), and GENE UPSHAW! +2


1/5/24- First hit of ’24 goes to Lifetime Longhorn RAUL ALLEGRE sent out in ’23! +3

1/6/24- Wow! Nice hit from last year in ANTHONY TONEY! +2

1/8/24- I had given up on this one sometime ago obviously but a blast from the past came in as PAXTON LYNCH signed his Sage 16 for me TTM from over 6 1/2 years ago- placing this wait at second all time! +1

1/16/24- First official calendar to calendar ’24 response came today in the form of Dolphins great LARRY LITTLE! Also had were PHILLIPPI SPARKS (from last year), and EBay purchases of TANK DELL and NICO COLLINS! +8

1/20/24- Got back another 24 calendar success from former WR WENDELL DAVIS! +3

1/24/24- Wow! Got a response today from almost 3 years ago: My original cards I sent JIMMY GAROPPOLO back in 2021! +2

1/23/24- Got 2 CHRISTIAN HARRIS autographs today via Ebay! +2

1/27/24- BLAIR THOMAS sneaks in under the bell TTM! +1


2/5/24- Great way to kick off the month! A 3-fer! JAMES BROOKS, BRAD HOOVER, and BJ DANIELS all signed TTM! +10

2/7/24- RAY BENTLEY signed TTM and included a nice note! +2

2/9/24- Added a certified autograph of DAMEON PIERCE today! +1

2/18/24- The San Antonio Brahmas had an open house today for the UFL. At the event were none other than WADE PHILLIPS and DARYL JOHNSTON! +4

2/20/24- A paid signing and a gift came in today! First I received back my cards from the TIM WORLEY signing! Great add! Then I got a nice gift from my friend Rick who sent me a MARTIN BAYLESS autograph! +4

2/26/24- JOHN WALKER came through again on the custom card I designed for him! +1


3/16/24- Wow! A ridiculously bad start to the month, but hey happy to get one back, as ALEXANDER WRIGHT comes in, in just under a year! +3

3/22/24- Another autograph back from last year and in at a bit over a year from former Seahawks great JOHN L WILLIAMS! +4

3/31/24- Well a painfully bad month for me, but I was able to get JORDAN TA’AMU on my custom I did of him at the Brahmas game this weekend! +1


4/1/24- Today I got back autographs from DB KURTIS DRUMMOND! He switched out my Topps AAF 19 hack- for an Upper Deck one so I’ll have to try him again! +3

4/5/24- To wrap up the week I received a 2fer from MARK HIGGS and AL EDWARDS! +5

4/6/24- Wow! Not to be done yet, I got a return from last year in MAURICE HURST! +2


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