This page lets you know about the current names I’ve had responses from and events that I attended. It also tells you about the things currently going-on in my life related to my quest for autographs, trading cards, and football. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, the best way to find me is through Twitter or on  Sportscollectors.net.

2.970 -2018
3,333 -2019
3,826- 2020

1/2/21- That was fast! First response in 2021 is from Willie McGinest (obviously sent out in 2020)! +4

1/7/21- Closing in on completing out the Texas Upper Deck 2011 set completely, as I picked up an autograph from Chykie Brown! +1

1/8/21- A couple of certified autographs I got last year rolled in with Tim Lewis, Shon Mitchell, and Tom Campbell arriving! +3

1/9/21- The year is starting to pick up steam with a TTM from Ethan Horton and Danny Barrett! Also I added another certified from Tillman Holloway. +5

1/11/21- Billy Kilmer came through today as the second official ’21 return! +3

1/12/21- Today I got in a certified of UT Jack Collins and a paid signing for Robert Drummond! +3

1/13/21- After failing on him back in… 2018 or 2019 (I think), I got a response today from Bengals QB Ken Anderson today! +4

1/14/21- The streak continues with a TTM success from Archie Manning and a paid signing from Percy Snow! +7

1/15/21- Two HOF certifieds came in today with Andy Robustelli and Rosey Grier coming in! +2

1/19/21- Today two more UT Upper Deck 2011 found a home with me, as Jim Bertelsen and Derek Lewis joined the club! +2

1/23/21- After a bit of a TTM break, I got in a two fer today with Joe Jacoby and Donald Driver! +6

1/25/21- Solid kickoff for the week as I hauled in XFL TE Khari Lee, Rufus Porter, and help from two collectors in acquiring William Fuller, Reggie Rucker, and Flipper Anderson! +7


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