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Jones, Robert

Card: Action Packed Rookies 1992
Acquired: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1993

Robert Jones had some great cards, especially his college ones which showcased his uniforms from ECU. An incredible linebacker talent coming out of college Jones would be drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 1992 draft, where he’d be named NFC rookie of the year following the season demonstrating consistently solid yet unflashy play. After sitting on the bench the majority of the 1993 season, he again asserted himself as starter at linebacker for the Cowboys, winning 3 SuperBowls with the team. In 1996 Jones became a free agent and signed with the St. Louis Rams starting 28 games over 2 seasons with the franchise. In 1998 Jones went to Miami where he was reunited with former coach Jimmy Johnson.Robert would have a career high 5 sacks and 2 picks that season where the team would move him to right linebacker, a position he would play the remainder of his career. Jones would become a veteran casualty in 2001, and would play that season with the Redskins.  In 2002, Robert would sign a free agent contract on April 25th, with the expansion Houston Texans- but inexplicably on May 14th, asked to be released and retired.

G/Gs 151/128   Tac 602  Sac 8.0   Fum 1 Int 3   Yds 14  Avg 4.1  Td 1   lg 14t

Furrer, Will

Card: Upper Deck 1992
Acquired: In Person, Houston Oilers Training Camp 1995

Will Furrer was a top line quarterback for Virginia Tech in the early 90s. Drafted by the Chicago Bears  in the 4th round of the 1992 draft, he was thought at some points to be the club’s quarterback of the future, but after a rough first season, he’d find himself on the street after a rough 2 games that season. He would sit at the #3 slot of the Cardinals and Broncos rosters, not attempting a pass in 1993 or 1994. I’d get his autograph in 1995 when he’d sign with the Houston Oilers, backing up Chris Chandler at quarterback. With Chris, injuries always seemed to take their toll on him, so Will would eventually get his shot.  After not making the roster of the Oilers the next season, Furrer would sit out for a season, but in the by 1995 he was getting time in the reformed NFLE playing for the Amsterdam Admirals where he’d play through the 1996 season. In 1996, he’d throw for 20 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Will would make his mark with the franchise setting career marks for most attempts in a season with 368. Furrer would lead the NFLE in most quarterback stats that season. He’d return to the NFL in 1997 and be 3rd string quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.  After the season, Furrer would retire. Since that time Will Furrer has been involved with IF Marketing & Advertising in partnership with Tony Boselli and Jeff Novak out of Georgetown, Texas.  Below are his NFLE statistics.

G/Gs N/a   Att  453    Comp  257    Yds 3231    Pct 56.7%   Td  24  Int 15   Rat 82.9  lg 48

Miller, Chris

Cards: Pinnacle 1992, Upper Deck 1991, Skybox 1992, ProSet 1991,ProSet 1990,ProLine 1992, Proline Profiles 1992, Upper Deck 1992.
Acquired: In Person 1993, CGA Youth Golf Tournament
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Out of the University of Oregon, the Atlanta Falcons drafted Chris Miller with their first round pick of the 1987 draft under head coach Marion Campbell. A solid, traditional drop back passer with great mechanics, Chris was also a talented pitcher who threw for the Bellingham Mariners and Salinas Spurs in 1986.

He’d be slowly brought along by the team, but by his second year, Chris established himself as the starting quarterback of the Falcons. In 1989, despite the team’s bad record, Chris led the NFL with the lowest interception ratio at 1.9%. Oddly Miller is one of those strange quarterbacks who had a good touchdown to interception ratio, but had a losing record.

It wouldn’t be till 1991 when head coach Jerry Glanville took charge and installed the Red Gun offense that Miller would take fire, leading the team to the playoffs, posting his best record and statistics as a professional. He’d also go to the Pro Bowl after the season- one of the major highlights of his career.  He’d leave the Falcons and sign with the Rams, staying there for two seasons in 1994 and 1995, before retiring due to a concussion.

He would heroically return in 1999 to play for the Broncos- but once again he’d suffer another concussion and retire for good.

Since pro ball, Chris has coached at the High School level back in Oregon before he was hired to be the Cardinals quarterbacks coach in 2008. I met him at the CGA youth golf tournament where he signed every card I had on me in exchange for the 17×24″ drawing I did of him. He was really impressed by the likeness that I did of him.

G/Gs 98/92    Att 2892     Comp 1580    Yds 19320   Pct 54.6
Td 123   Int 102   Rat 74.9