Oliver, Louis

16 Apr

sco93 oliversco91 CC Oliver










Cards: Score 1992 Crunch Crew, Score 90+ Club 1993
Acquired: Canton Acquisition, 2012

Louis Oliver was a hard hitting safety out of Florida. With their secondary aging rapidly and their defense becoming a liability, the Miami Dolphins drafted Oliver in the first round of the deep 1989 draft. After taking Sammie Smith at pick #9, the ‘Fins watched Steve Atwater and Donnell Woolford come off the board before grabbing Oliver with the 25th pick. Oliver was an imposing specimen at safety, weighing in at roughly 225 and had the height (6’2″) to cover receivers as well. Louis was very fortunate. Not only was he playing in his home state, but he was also paired up with his former team mate at Jarvis Williams who moved over to SS, while Louis fit right in at FS. The two made an imposing tandem and helped give some stability to the secondary.
Oliver in the meantime was becoming well known as a ball hawking defender for the Dolphins. Starting 13 games his rookie season, he notched 4 picks, 1 forced fumble, and 62 tackles. In 1990 Oliver made his first career sack against the Indianapolis Colts.  He recorded 5 interceptions that season, and repeated that in 1991 and 1992. 1992 was perhaps his finest season, with a career high 90 tackles and 5 interceptions, one of which he returned 103 yards against the Buffalo Bills. After an injury shortened 1993, in which he played in 11 games, Louis signed and played with the Bengals for one season at SS in 1994. He returned to the Dolphins in 1995 playing in 5 contests at FS that season. He completed his final season in Miami at SS  in 1996 where he recovered a career high 5 fumbles that year. Louis remains firmly entrenched in Florida and has made many business and sports inroads since retirement. At last glance he is working in the real estate market.

G/Gs 117/101    Tac  502    Sac   2.0     Fum  8      Int   27     Yds   605    Avg  22.4      Td  2    Lg  103t

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Nelson, Jordy

13 Apr

pla09 nelsonCard: Playoff Prestige 2009
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o  The Green Bay Packers
Sent: 12/2/13    Received: 1/16/14   (45 days)

Jordy Nelson played wide receiver for the Kansas State Wildcats of the Big 12. As with all Bill Snyder coached teams, Nelson was a member of a talented and underrated team led by quarterback Josh Freeman. A local product, Jordy was not only a quarterback and defensive back, but a basketball star and track and field athlete. Recruited like many multi-talented quarterbacks are these days- as a defensive back, he was shifted to wide receiver by Snyder during his Sophomore campaign, and responded by becoming the first Wildcat to catch a TD in the first seven games of a season, and lead them in virtually every receiving category that year.

The 2008 draft is notable as no wide receiver was taken in the first round. Beginning in the second though a small run on them began as the Rams took Donnie Avery (33) and the Redskins nabbed Devin Thomas (34).  The Packers were looking for a compliment to All-Pro Receiver Greg Jennings and luckily found Jordy still there with the 36th pick. His rookie season was not incredibly ground breaking, and neither was his 2009 season. In 2010, he’d lead all receivers in the Super Bowl with 9 catches for 140 yards and a touchdown, but lose out on MVP honors to Aaron Rodgers. It’d be in 2011 that Jordy finally had a breakout season with 1,263 yards on 68 receptions and 15 touchdowns.  The team realizing the value of their investment, reupped their contract on Jordy. After the departure of Greg Jennings to Minnesota as a free agent in 2013, Jordy became the #1 receiver starting his first full 16 game slate. He’d post career highs again with 1,313 yards and 85 receptions.

I had gotten this patch card a while back when I got a value box at Target back in Pasadena. I thought it’d make a nice card to eventually get autographed. Although I had originally intended to get this and a Score 2009 (with the same photo) signed, Jordy kept to his observed tradition of keeping any multiples. I was fine with this, as novelty cards such as these have grown on me over time.

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Brazile, Robert “Dr. Doom” (2)

10 Apr

to81 brazilleto76 brazille










Cards: Topps 1976, Topps 1981
Acquired: In Person 5/19,  Houston 610 Fan Fest 2013
See Also: Robert Brazile “Dr Doom”

Robert Brazile is another guy who was clearly ahead of his time and warrants merit into the Hall of Fame. Brazile was the forerunner to such guys that terrorized the scene of the 80′s, like Andre Tippett. He embodied everything that a 3-4 linebacker could do, playing the pass, run, and rushing the quarterback with frightening efficiency. He’d set the NFL on fire his rookie season, earning Defensive RotY honors in 1975. A cornerstone of the Oilers defensive front, Brazile was relied heavily upon by the team to put pressure up front during the Luv Ya Blu’ heyday of the franchise. He played 10 seasons for the team, contemplating retirement, but ultimately decided to do so after the sudden passing of his wife in 1984.

Brazile had probably the longest of all the lines at Fan Fest in 2013. I am sure that surprised him that so many people remembered him, and I’m sure he enjoyed that immensely. He loved it when I called him Dr. Doom, but he also told me that he hasn’t played tennis in a few years when I asked him about it. A bit disappointing, but I could find no card of Robert with him in an action pose. Every Topps card printed during this period was either a profile shot, him standing on the sidelines or sitting on the bench.

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