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Conner, Darion

Gameday 1992, #7

CARDS: Action Packed 1991, Gameday 1992, Skybox 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2023, C/o Home
SENT: 1/3 RECEIVED: 1/30 (27 days)


  • Darion Conner was a 3 time All-Southwestern Athletic Conference Selection out of Jackson State.
  • In 1989 posted 12.5 sacks and 130 tackles.
  • Second round pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 1990, Conner was prized for his versatility.
  • Settled at ROLB, and in first 3 seasons went over 100 tackles each year.
  • In 1994, played one season for the Saints, and had a career high 10.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and an interception for 56 yards.
  • 1995 saw him take his skill set to Carolina, where he added another 7.0 sacks to his resume as an original member of the Panthers.
  • After two largely fruitless seasons in Philadelphia (’96-’97), Darion was signed by the ‘original but new’ Cleveland Browns.
  • Didn’t play a down for the team, so he decided to take his skills to the Arena Football League in 1999 playing OL/DL.
  • Connor was an impactful player in Arena Football.
  • He’d play with the Tampa Bay Storm through 2005.
  • Connor’s football career ended abruptly after he committed DUI-manslaughter and vehiculuar homicide.
  • He was sentenced to 15 years in prison- of which, he has paid his debt to society and is now a free man.


Darion signed all three of these cards for me masterfully with a silver sharpie. The Skybox card looks incredible.


Beckles, Ian

Gameday 1992, #140

CARD: Gameday 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2023, C/o Home
SENT: 6/21 RECEIVED: 7/10 (19 days)


  • After transferring from JC, Ian Beckles played offensive guard for one year at Indiana in 1989.
  • Ian grabbed the attention of scouts who watching film of fellow teammate Anthony Thompson.
  • He’d be selected by both the NFL (5th round, Bucs) and the CFL (1st round, BC Lions) in 1990.
  • Beckles became a mainstay at RG, playing in 101 games for the team.
  • In 1997, he hopped over to the Philadelphia Eagles playing for the team for two seasons.
  • He saw action in training camp with the Jets in ’99 and the Broncos in ’00 before hanging up his cleats for good.
  • Ian is active in the alternative medicine industry, and is a staunch advocate for marijuana legalization.
  • He also enjoys spending time in radio and podcasting.


Well I sent Ian two cards for him to sign. Unfortunately he only sent back the Gameday 1992 card, and kept the Score Supplemental. No big deal really- but the long tom format is not something that I’ve never supported on my website yearly updates.

Ah well- minor complaint, but I am sure glad to add him. He’s got a great autograph and a very nice card.

Pruitt, Greg (2)

CARDS: Upper Deck 2011 College Football Legends, Upper Deck 2011 College Football Legends Decade’s Best, Upper Deck 2011 College Football Legends Bowl Game Heroes, Upper Deck 2011 College Football Legends NCAA All-Americans
ACQUIRED: TTM 2023, C/o Home
SENT: 6/12 RECEIVED: 6/26 (14 days)



Greg had some fantastic Upper Deck College Football Legends cards I wanted to get signed. The Decade’s Best and Bowl Game Heroes are some great inserts. Too bad he signed on the back of the Bowl Game Hero card…