Cadore, Mike “Jet”

Cards: Proset WLAF 1991, ProSet WLAF 1991 HC
Acquired: TTM 2012, C/o home
Sent: 1/10    Received: 2/5  (27 days)

Mike Cadore was a fleet footed wide receiver/ returner from the University of Eastern Kentucky, who’d be drafted in the 12th round of the super deep 1989 draft by the New Orleans Saints. At Eastern Kentucky Cadore would set university marks surpassing the 1,000 yard mark in kick off returns, and his average was a gaudy 30 yards per pop, earning Mike Division I-AA honors. Playing behind Eric Martin, Lonzell Hill, Brett Perriman, and Floyd Turner, didn’t provide Cadore many reps, in the NO receiving corps, and at 5-8, 169, Mike was one of the smallest receivers in the league. He would not make the squad due to injury.

In 1991 the Montreal Machine of the WLAF drafted Cadore in the 2nd round of the WLAF draft. Breathtakingly fast, he’d claim the team’s primary return duties, returning 14 kickoffs for 327 yards and make 7 receptions for 89 yards. During the team’s premiere against the Birmingham Fire on USA Network in 1991, Jet returned a kickoff 56 yards to help key the Machine’s 23-10 victory. His 23.7 YPR on kickoffs ranked second in the WLAF. He would not return to the Machine for the 1992 season.

After football Michael was blessed to land on his feet. Utlizing his degree in Criminal Sciences from Eastern Kentucky, he completed his Masters in Management and Leadership from Webster University. He’s been a pillar of the Brevard County community, working in Law Enforcement, in a variety of areas from corrections, probation, patrol and media relations, to youth mentoring and crime prevention.  Mike has raised a wonderful family with 3 children and a great wife. He also enjoys coaching little league football and mentoring young children. He and his wife are the founders of Magnus Solutions- A company that provides quality solutions to needs such as: Keynote speaking, policy management review, security services, and leadership/mentoring assistance.

Mike lives his life by the motto: “If you don’t serve your community now don’t expect to serve your community later”.  Many of the young adults who have participated in his”GOT SKILLZ” football clinic have ironically gone on to play for Jacksonville University, where former WLAF alum Kerwin Bell is now head coach at.

With such a unique name, Mike proved to be an easy player to locate for me utilizing Google. Digging only a page or two down in searching, I was able to email him where he graciously offered to sign a few cards for me. A member of the Montreal Machine- (one of the 3 international clubs I’ve had difficulty contacting members of,) I was glad to add Mike’s autograph to the hall, especially on this really nice player card of his. Recently he sent me a kind and touching note thanking me for the site and the good job I am doing. – It is the little things like Mike’s note that make my week. You may visit his company at:

WLAF  KR  14   Yds 327   Avg 23.7 Td 0  Lg 56
Rec 7    Yds  89   Avg 12.7   Td 0   Lg 24

Update: In 2014, Mike was inducted into the Florida Space Coast Hall of Fame.