Burrough, Ken “Kenny” (1948-2022)

Card: Topps 1977
Acquired: 11/23/2012, Fiterman Autograph Event

So give the New Orleans Saints credit for nabbing a small Texas product in the form of Kenny Burrough (6’4″, 210) from Texas Southern in the first round of the 1970 draft. He played for New Orleans for one season before the Oilers got the itch to trade for him. (Coach J.D. Roberts suspected that Ken was ‘goldbricking’  the Saints by making up a turf toe injury.)  Burrough was traded along with DT Dave Rowe to the Oilers, while the Saints received RB Hoyle Granger, a second round draft choice and two linemen. Former Saints coach Tom Fears said the team would, “Rue the day that they traded Burrough,” and he was right.

Burrough almost immediately filled a void at WR providing a deep threat for rookie quarterback Dan Pastorini, in the continued ‘Dead Ball Era’. Burrough was allowed to keep his signature ‘double zero’ jersey, and provided the team some excitement as they continued to plow through some truly bad growing pains, before the Bum Philips and Luv Ya Blu’ years of the Houston franchise. 

In 1975, Ken led the NFL in receiving yards with 1063 yards and 8 touchdowns. His deep threat skills were nearly unparalleled at the time, and in that season he averaged 20.1 yards per reception on a career high 53 receptions.  After losing the majority of the 1980 season to a knee injury, Ken came back for one final season for the Oilers in 1981 and then retired.  At the time of his retirement, Ken was the Oilers’ franchise all time leader in most receiving categories (since surpassed by Drew Hill and Ernest Givins), breaking many records held by Oilers’ great Charlie Hennigan.

G 156    Rec 421      Yds 7102     Avg 16.9      Td 49     Lg 85

UPDATE 2/24/22- Kenny Burrough passed away at his home in Jacksonville peacefully. He was 73 years old.