Pritchard, Mike (2)

Skybox 1992, #180

CARD: Skybox 1992
ACQUIRED: Future Considerations, 2023



I think that when I got Mike a few years back, I was later thumbing through my Skybox 1992 binder and realized he had a card. Thankfully my friend Rick came through in a pinch for me. He asked me if I needed him and sent him to me unprompted.

I think one of the hardest things to take from a hobby- especially things like autograph collecting, is not to become jaded, not to become insular to making new friends or helping others. Rick and I met through the autograph group that I manage on Facebook. He and Jake have been constant contributors and fast friends. I always pay it forward, so I am always thankful when I get something. This is really what the hobby is about, and I am so thankful that others think of me.