Walsh, Steve (2)

pset89 walshCard: Pro Set 89
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o Home
Sent: 5/3     Received: 5/13  (10 days)
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Steve Walsh is really fair to the TTM community, -well at least at the moment. He signs exactly one piece of memorabilia for fans, and mails it back out, even if you send 3 or 4, he just signs 1. Still he does sign, and he signs for nearly everybody, which is really nice of him to do. This brings up a great topic: sending multiples. I almost always will send at least 2 with few exceptions. It allows me to compare the autographs, and it makes my stamp go a little further. I try not to send more than 4, unless I include a donation or it’s an extremely special circumstance. I don’t want to be an inconvenience and be that guy who ran the well dry.

When I was at Cowboys’ training camp back, oh now, 20 years ago, that first year, I got Steve Walsh in the first few days I was there on a Score 1990 card. I later got this Pro Set card that I intended to get signed, but by the end of that time, Walsh was already traded to the New Orleans Saints. I had a tough choice in the end. There were many fine cards of Steve printed, from his Action Packed 1990 and 1991 cards, to his Score 1990 Supplemental or Pro Set 1990 card and update. In the end I chose this one, as Steve played for a bevvy of teams over his career, after following in the footsteps quarterback greats such as Vinny Testaverde, Bernie Kosar, and Jim Kelly, I felt he was best represented in his college colors from the University of Miami. Great Pro Set card here. I really liked the touch with the helmet up in the top left and the corner flag indicating that he was a #1 pick.