Baker, Tony (2)

pset91 baker LLultwlaf92 tbaker PromoCards: Pro Set 1991 WLAF League Leader, Ultimate WLAF 1992 Galaxy Team card, Ultimate WLAF 1992 Promo Card
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o home
Sent: 1/29    Received: 3/13
See also:  Tony Baker

ultwlaf92 galaxyOutside of Stan Gelbaugh, I think the card companies were betting early on that Tony Baker was going to be a star of the young WLAF. Counting all the ones I’ve had signed, I think Baker had 8 cards or so.

I had gotten the Ultimate WLAF promo card inside a copy of Gametime Magazine back during a game back in 1992. There was very little difference between this card and the regular issue card. The regular issue had the team flag in purple, not orange, and the back promoted their contest for a $1,000,000- (that I seriously question whether or not anybody actually won).  I had gotten Kerwin Bell previously in person, but otherwise there was Gelbaugh, Eric Wilkerson, Pete Mandley, and Peter Najarian that I was aware of.

I had gotten Tony back in 2010, and realized after I had dug up the lion’s share of my cards, that I had missed one or two. I threw in the Galaxy team card- since he symbolized the team most to me in those early years, and sent it out with an extra promo for him to keep. Much to Tony’s credit he signed these 3 cards for me in about 40 days.