Scales, Tegray

Card: Panini Contenders 2018
Acquired: 2018, Box Breaker

Tegray Scales played linebacker for the Indiana Hoosiers and really had a nose for the ball, racking up 102 tackles, 13 sacks, and 2 interceptions in his Senior campaign. An incredibly instinctive player and leader, Scales is considered undersized for the position measuring in at just above 6’2″, 215- so the thought I guess the scouts have is that he’d get swallowed up as an ILB. To me he makes an interesting project. Could he put on the muscle mass while maintaining the speed? I mean he’s already demonstrated the intangibles. Perhaps he’d make an interesting linebacker/safety hybrid? The Rams brought him into camp after the draft but he didn’t make the squad. After a short stint at the end of 2018 with the Colts, Tegray was signed in early 2019 by the Pittsburgh Steelers.