Walker, Wayne ‘Bug’ (2)

Wild Card World League 1992, #28

CARD: Wild Card World League 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home
SENT: 2/1 RECEIVED: 4/13 (71 days)
FAILURE: TTM C/o Home, 2010, 2017, 2018



Well as you see here, 4th time’s the charm with Wayne. I knew I had a pretty decent lead on him. Meiselman pegged him down in Waco, but he moved and then I tracked him down on Facebook with no response. There I discovered he was doing work for the city. I then hit up two more addresses, and one of them it just sat in his mailbox until it was returned. The third time it took 2 months to be returned as a bad address. Staying persistent is the key, and finally I was able to get Bug on this last card of his after using a white pages crawler.

So many years have passed. As I drive back on the highway from San Antonio, it is without fail I pass through San Marcos, where the Riders played in 1992. Despite all the growth, all the construction, all the change, the memories still remain.

My dad would take me to and from those games. And after each game, we’d stop at a little convenience store (Ballard’s) just a bit out of the way going north back to town.

We’d stop in late in the evening after the game, walk in and I’d grab an ice cream sandwich and a drink to tide me over. When I’d get back to the car, I’d get in- and regardless of how dark it was- I’d take the time to thumb through my booty one more time, thinking about those autographs, the game, and the players I met.