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Ruzek, Roger

Score 1991, #526

CARDS: Topps 1992, Topps 1991, Topps Stadium Club 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 8/22 RECEIVED: 8/27 (5 days)


  • Roger Ruzek played K at tiny Weber State (’79-’82), where he set NCAA Division I-AA records for field goal accuracy (84.2), and school career records in FG (46), FG in a game (4), and consecutive XP (30).
  • Unable to beat out Matt Bahr in Cleveland as an UDFA in 1983, Ruzek joined the New Jersey Generals in 1984.
  • He played 2 seasons for the franchise before the league folded.
  • In ’86 he got a tryout with the Cowboys but didn’t latch onto the team until the following season after a few bumps.
  • Ruzek ended up posting 22 of 25 on FGs, scoring 92 points.
  • Tied NFL record with 4 FG in 1 quarter against the New York Giants that year.
  • Set franchise mark with 5 FGs made against the Rams that year.
  • In ’88 had a contract holdout, but had a rough year- and was eventually cut during the ’89 season in favor of Luis Zendejas.
  • Quickly found a home with the rival Eagles that year, and returned to solid form.
  • The Eagles opted to keep Ruzek and he’d kick with the team through 1993.
  • During the ’93 season, the Eagles signed Matt Bahr after Ruzek strained a hamstring.
  • Ruzek again replaced Bahr, later in that season, and then again was released in ’94 as the Eagles opted to go with Eddie Murray.
  • With a cup of coffee out of the way with the ‘9ers in ’94, Ruzek played Arena ball with the San Jose Sabrecats in 1995.
  • He then hopped over to London to play in his final season for the Monarchs of the World League in 1996- making 8 of 11 FGs.


Back when I was a kid, I played a lot of soccer. When I started watching football I was all about the kicker. I was surprised, the guy who scored the most points, who had the most pressure on them to win games, didn’t get more love. On the Cowboys, (since that’s all we got here,) I really liked Ruzek, and was surprised the team didn’t stick by him longer during his later struggles with the team. He also made an appearance on the original Tecmo Bowl as a member of the Dallas ‘Wings’.

I had no clue that Ruzek had played for the World League. If I had known that I would have written him sooner. It’s just too bad all he had to sign with was a ball point pen. Regardless he was the shortest wait of 2022 coming in at a breakneck 5 days.


Miller, Anthony (2)

Gameday 1992, #386

CARDS: Gameday 1992, Topps 1990 1k Club, Fleer 1990, Pro Set 1989, Skybox 1992, Action Packed 1990
ACQUIRED: Paid signing, 2023



Anthony Miller doesn’t sign TTM, so after not seeing anything for him since I got his autograph at a paid signing way back in…. 2015- I jumped at the chance to get him for a very affordable price on all my set needs that developed over the last few years. There might be one or two more in the late future but for right now I consider myself quite sated.

Most of the usual suspects are all here. The Fleer 1990 is very nice, and the ink was absorbed on the canvas quite nicely.

I think the 1989 Pro Set card was a featured photo on the Pro Set 1989 box somewhere. It was one of the lesser known error cards because eventually it was corrected. On the back of his card the stat line incorrectly states 14.8 as his TDs for 1988.

The Action Packed 1990 card also has an error that was uncorrected. In the blurb on the back of the card, Miller’s bio reads that he had 76 catches when he had 75.

I think it’s interesting that Miller’s Gameday card has an empty bleacher very close to him in the background. I suspect that this photo was taken at a training camp.

Fleer 1990, #311

White, Randy ‘The Manster’

Upper Deck Legends 1997 Certified, #AU-69

CARD: Upper Deck Legends 1997 Certified
ACQUIRED: EBay, 2021


  • Randy White played for Maryland from 1972-74.
  • He converted from FB to DE in 1973.
  • Second pick overall by the Dallas Cowboys in 1975.
  • Cowboys slotted him behind Lee Roy Jordan at LB.
  • In 1977, was moved to RDT and the rest was history as he had a breakout campaign posting 12 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries.
  • Had best season as a pro the following year, with 16 sacks in ’78.
  • Ageless wonder posted 3 back to back to back 3+ sack seasons from 1983-85.
  • Injuries began to ravage White, eventually leading to his retirement after the 1988 season.


  • Lombardi Award 1974
  • Outland Trophy 1974
  • Pro Bowl 1977-1985
  • All-Pro 1978-’79, 1981-’85
  • Super Bowl XII Co-MVP w/ Harvey Martin
  • NFL All-1980s Team
  • NFL 100th Anniversary Team
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994
  • All-Rookie Team 1975
  • Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor


Randy did some signings around Dallas in the early 20-teens but I missed out on them because they were on such short notice. I got really close a few times to going, but couldn’t bring myself up to calling in sick to go. His cards were grossly overpriced at the beginning of the pandemic even before the prices started shooting up. I knew all I had to do was wait, and I got this one at a bargain for under 10 bucks when the smoke cleared.

Randy was one of the last of the old guard from Tom Landry‘s days. He retired due to injury shortly after Tom was ingloriously fired by new owner Jerry Jones, and Jimmy Johnson was hired.

Randy makes an appearance on the ‘Dallas Wings’ franchise (Tecmo Bowl) on the NES.