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Craig, Roger (2)

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Cards: Fleer 1990, Upper Deck 1991, Pro Set 1989, Pro Set 1990, Upper Deck Legends 1997, Score 1990, Fleer Sports Illustrated Legends 1999.
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o Home
Sent: 1/2    Received:  1/7    (5 days)*
*signing fee $5 per card
See also: Roger Craig

Finally. Well the first line is cast and I already hooked a big one in the form of undervalued fullback/ runningback Roger Craig! Sending a check in excess of the fee request, netted me 2 extra autographs plus he was willing to answer the questions that I enclosed.

I’ve been trying to be a bit more wacky about what I ask players when I insert a question into a letter. First it makes me stick out, and second it might give them a good laugh. Roger disclosed to me that if he could’ve played for any other team besides the 49ers, Raiders, and Vikings he played for, he would have played for the Dallas Cowboys. Wow. Now that would’ve blown my mind to have seen him play in the silver and blue at the end of his career.  Back in his college days and his early playing days, Roger liked to sport a mean looking mustache. I asked him if he’d ever grow it back. To my surprise he answered that, “Yes, one day,” it will return and put a little smiley face next to it.  For my final question, I asked him what tree he would be, and he responded that, “He would’ve been an oak tree, because it is a very big and strong tree”.  – A great success in my books, and I was extremely surprised to have gotten it back so quickly. I knew that Roger had a very high response rate and that he was good to TTM fans, but this was a near legendary response from a player who should be in the Hall of Fame. Total class act. I was so jazzed about this one, I really am considering sending out 2nd shots to my favorite TTM successes at some point.

Some great cards here of Roger. It was very difficult to select which ones to send. I might have missed one or two cards, but overall these action shots really represent him well. Really have quickly grown fond of the 1997 Upper Deck Legends issue. The photos are great and they cover some really good players.  I vaguely remember that Roger’s Pro Set 1989 card/shot was so dynamic that it made the box. It’s too bad that Pro Set went up in smoke so quickly. It was the up close action shots like this that put Topps on the ropes early.

Craig, Roger

Cards: Pro Set 1991, Score 1990, Action Packed Rookies 1991
Acquired:  TTM 1993, C/o The Minnesota Vikings
See Also: Roger Craig (2)

Drafted by the 49ers out of Nebraska in the 2nd round of the 1983 draft, Roger Craig originally played fullback. Probably one of the most balanced runningbacks of the late modern era, Roger was a good runner, great pass blocker, and an amazing receiver. In 1985 he was named to his first Pro Bowl after leading the NFL with 92 receptions- the only time a fullback has ever done that, and also in that same season he became the first player to rush and receive over 1000 yards in the same season. In 1987, Roger moved to runningback, and was named to the ProBowl again and became the first player to be named to the ProBowl as both a runningback and a fullback. The following season Craig would lead the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 2036 yards, and win ProBowl and AP honors. He’d also win offensive player of the year honors. 1989 would be Craig’s last impact 1000 yard season, and by 1990 injuries would begin to shorten his career.

In 1991, Craig would sign with Ronnie Lott via Plan B to the Los Angeles Raiders starting 13 games. He’d leave again in 1992 and play his final 2 season for the Minnesota Vikings, where I got his autograph in 1993 on these 3 cards.  Roger is a perennial winner amazingly playing in the playoffs all 13 seasons of his career and was elected to the All 1980s NFL team. Another player who has gotten the shaft from the HoF, Roger Craig has not been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, despite having 3 SuperBowl rings and over 13000 yards from scrimmage.

If you want Roger’s autograph, it’s a 5-15 dollar charge per card now for it typically TTM. He’s a great signer however, and I’ve heard of fans sending him 5 or 6 cards for the fee and him having no problem signing that. At a later date when I have a job, and money, -Roger is on my short list to reconnect to.

G/Gs 165/133     Rush  1991         Yds  8189       Avg   4.1   Td   56    Lg  71    |
Rec  566    Yds 4911    Avg  8.7    Td  17      Lg  73