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Shearer, Brad

Cards: UT Upper Deck 2011, UT Upper Deck 2011 All-Time Alumni
Acquired: TTM 2018, C/o Home
Sent: 9/17     Received:  10/26  (39 days)

Brad Shearer played college football at the University of Texas from 1974 to 1977. His best year came as a Senior in 1977 when he averaged over 10 tackles a game and won the Outland Trophy as the best defensive lineman in the country. He was later named to the SWC All-1970s team as well. Brad’s 11 career forced fumbles at the time ranked 3rd all-time at the school. He was selected in the 3rd round of the 1978 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears.  Brad suited up for 34 games over the next 4 seasons, starting 2. Injuries derailed his promising career, primarily 1979 to which he lost the entire season to. 

He lives quietly now in Austin. I was able to get him on these two cards of his and he wrote a really nice note. A Westlake HS graduate, Brad went there before they put the astroturf in the stadium, and players still went both ways.

I am glad I had him sign these cards. The certified sticker is very small and here you can see how a large autograph really done right, compliments the canvas. 


Rocker, Tracy

Card: Score 1989, Score 1990, ProSet 1990
Acquired: Canton Acquisition 2012

Tracy Rocker was a monster for the Auburn Tigers from 1985-1988 at defensive tackle and finished his career there with 21 sacks, 354 tackles, and a consensus All-American. The 1989 draft was extremely deep, and although Rocker won the Outland and Lombardi Awards in 1988, it wouldn’t be until the 3rd round when the Washington Redskins called his name.

He started in 10 games his rookie season clogging up the running lanes, with his solid- if not unspectacular play, and recorded one fumble. It was good enough to earn him All-Rookie honors that year. In 1990 Tracy had 3.5 sacks in an injury shortened 7 game season. Tracy had a training camp battle with Darryl Grant and then suffered an injury. It became a game of numbers on the deep Redskins roster that Rocker ended up losing. A few teams gave him a look over, including the Dolphins, but did not make an offer.

Tracy was contacted by the fledgling WLAF in 1992. The Orlando Thunder, (who had a prolific offense but a feast or famine defense,) selected Rocker with their first round pick. He was eager to show that he still had what it took and to return to the NFL level, no matter what path he needed to take. During training camp though he slipped untouched on wet grass, and injured his knee.  Doctors later determined that Tracy needed arthroscopic knee surgery. It didn’t take long and by April, -two months after being drafted, Rocker was cut by the Thunder.

Rocker loves football, and decided to go into coaching defense and defensive line starting at the high school level that year. Tracy then moved on and has seen stints at: West Alabama, Troy State, Cincinnati, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. Eventually Tracy made his way back to his Alma Mater, Auburn, in 2009 remaining there through 2011. Rocker has also participated in the NFL coaching minority fellowship with the Colts (01) and Bucs (06). At this time, he’s returned to the pro ranks and currently coaches defensive line for the Tennessee Titans.

Despite not being successful as a player at the professional football level, Tracy Rocker is a great example of somebody who has really dug deep and overcame obstacles and adversity. Tracy was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2004, and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in 2005.

G/Gs 24/17   Tac N/a    Sac 3.5    Int  0   Yds  0   Avg -.-   Td 0   Lg -.-

Steinkuhler, Dean (2)

Cards:  Score 1991, Fleer 1990, Score 1990
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Home
Sent: 10/15/2010     Received:  11/2/2011   (383 days*)
*Slight delay. Forwarded from old address.

Dean was part of my final send out from 2010.  I did not do any mailings in November or December of 2010 as I was planning to graduate and needed to concentrate on school. Waxing nostalgically, (- as I do frequently on this site,)  I can’t help but think what was on my mind that day about my future about me now in the current present. It’s a tad depressing really, but eventually I’ll work my way out of this. Sometimes you have to fall down a crevasse to work your way out in life.

Dean was a member of the Oilers powerful offensive line during the 80s and very early 90s.  He would be the 3rd and final drafted offensive cog of a dominant line that included Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews. Often overlooked, by his more glamorous counterparts- if you can call an offensive lineman that, -Steinkuhler was both equally dominant as both a drive blocker and pulling on sweeps. When the Oilers ran the option (in those frightening days with Warren Moon running the ball in the 80s,)  you would always see Dean out there opening up holes and leading the way. He was never named to the Pro Bowl, which was a shame, because when injuries finally claimed Dean’s playing career in the early 1990s, it was the first noticible chip in the Oilers offensive armor.

I gave up on getting this one back since I sent for him last year after seeing a rash of signatures on SportsCollectors.net. Just recently I saw another success and thought that perhaps these cards would make their way back to me, and amazingly they did in a brisk 383 days.