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Lohmiller, Chip

Cards: Pacific 1992, Topps Stadium Club 1992, Score 1990, Score 1991, Pro Set 1993 PB, Fleer 1990
Acquired: In person, CGA Youth Golf Tournament 1993

Minnesota Golden Gopher kicker Chip Lohmiller would be taken in the second round of the 1988 draft. The Redskins were in desperate shape to locate a kicker and hadn’t had consistency at the position since Matt Moseley left. In fact the previous season 4 different players kicked extra points for the team during the 1987 season. With Lohmiller the team immediately fixed their kicking problem, and in fact made a massive upgrade at the position. The Redskins were one of those teams that weren’t embarrassed to take field goals and in the competitive and defensive NFC East, it certainly did help to have an accurate kicker with a booming leg. From 1989 -1992 Lohmiller would lead the league in field goal attempts making at least 40 attempts each season. He’d also lead the league in 1991 and 1992 hitting 31 and 30 field goals respectively. In fact in 1991 his 143 points were more than the entire Indianapolis Colts squad put up combined. Lohmiller could have probably had a long career with the Redskins and it is assumed that the team which was hemorrhaging in the new age of the salary cap made the agonizing decision to let him go. 1995 would see a short season for the New Orleans Saints- and his 1996, which would be his final, Lohmiller would finish out his career with the St. Louis Rams. Since football Lohmiller has taken up coaching and is currently a highly regarded coach at the high school level. While at the CGA Youth Golf Tournament in 1993 he’d sign all the cards I provided for him. He apparently is a great golfer with at one point a -3 handicap.

G/Gs 135/135    Xpa 309    Xpm 301   Pct 97.4%     Fga 284    Fgm 204   Pct 71.8

McCallum, Napoleon

Card: ProSet 1993
Acquired: In person 1993, Dallas Cowboys training camp

Napoleon McCallum was an amazing talent coming out of high school where he decided to sign and go to college at Navy. He’d redshirt after injury at first and then later go on to be a two time All-American as Navy’s star tailback and special teams returner, setting a then record with 7,172 yards from scrimmage and become the school’s all-time leading rusher.

Drafted in the 4th round of the 1986 draft, McCallum would play one season with the Los Angeles Raiders rushing for 536 yards and catching 13 balls, before having to fulfill his 5 year military commitment.

McCallum rejoined the team to a much different backfield in 1990, and was confined primarily to special teams. He also saw some goalline duty as a fullback with the team in 1993, rushing for 3 touchdowns. Napoleon in the postseason that year added 2 more TDs and appeared poised for a breakout season. Unfortunately before Napoleon could continue his career he was critically injured in perhaps one of the grizzliest plays in football history on Opening Day of Monday Night Football in 1994.

Planting his foot and getting it stuck, he’d was tackled by Ken Norton Jr. As Napoleon went to the ground his leg literally came apart. The injury was so catastrophic that doctors almost had to amputate Napoleon’s leg. Needless to say- he would never play a down a football again.

Since football, McCallum in total has had 6 surgeries to repair the damage to his leg but remains upbeat, plays a lot of golf and stays active. Napoleon was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

G/Gs 74/6   Rush 223     Yds  790      Avg  3.5       Td 6      lg  18    |
Rec 17    Yds 121   Avg 7.1     Td 0     lg 22