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Erickson, Dennis (2)

Topps AAF 2019 Certified, #AU-DE

CARDS: Topps AAF 2019 Certified
ACQUIRED: 2022, Private Acquisition



This card was a bit of a cop out by Topps. It is almost a complete duplicate of his regular issue base set card, minus a filter or two. Still it was a need for the set as most of the coaches were fetching an insane price in the open market. My friend CFLFaninPhilly came through for me and made me a great deal to help me close out this set. Again, I can not thank him enough.

Johnson, Norm ‘Mr. Automatic’

Fleer 1990, #268

CARD: Fleer 1990
ACQUIRED: EBay, 2023


  • Norm Johnson was a placekicker for UCLA from 1980-’81.
  • Over those two years he locked in 64 of 65 extra points, and 24 of 33 field goals.
  • He was signed as an UDFA by the Seattle Seahawks in 1982.
  • Played the next 9 seasons for the team, and in 4 of those seasons accounted for 20 or more field goals.
  • Signed with Atlanta in 1991, played with the Falcons through 1994.
  • In 1993, he went 26 of 27 on fieldgoals, including a 54 yard long.
  • Joined the Steelers in 1995, and immediately paid dividends hitting 34 of 41 field goals that year at Three Rivers to lead the NFL in both those categories.
  • Played final season for the Eagles in 1999.
  • Finished career with a whopping 1,736 points in 273 games played.


  • All Pro 1984
  • Second Team All Pro 1993
  • Pro Bowl 1984, ’93
  • Seattle Seahawks 35th Anniversary Team


Norm played for the ‘Seattle Knights’ on Tecmo Bowl- and he was absolutely terrible. The season that his player stats were based off of, 1985, was an outlier, and his worst season as a pro, when he hit 14 of 25 field goals. In general, Norm was a very reliable kicker throughout his playing career, but he could never shake that bad moniker for me.


Lynch, Paxton

Panini Contenders Draft Picks 2016 Gameday, #16

CARDS: Sage 2016 Artistry, Panini Contenders Draft Picks 2016 Gameday
ACQUIRED: TTM 2017, C/o The Denver Broncos. IP 2023, San Antonio Brahmas V. Houston Roughnecks
SENT: 8/1/2017 RECEIVED: 1/8/2024 (2351 days)


  • Paxton Lynch played QB at Memphis from 2012-2015.
  • Was the starting QB from 2013-2015.
  • Posted a Memphis record 2014 outing with 22 TD (259/413) for 3031 yards.
  • Also ran for 321 yards on 113 carries and 13 rushing TDs.
  • In 2015, shattered his previous mark going 296/443 for 3776 yards and 28 TDs to just 4 picks.
  • Set a school single game record with 447 yards passing against Tulsa in 2015.
  • Selected in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft (26th) by the Denver Broncos.
  • Was 2nd string QB to open season behind Trevor Siemian his rookie year, seeing action in a few games as an injury replacement.
  • In 2017, a good portion of his season was marred by injury, as he sat behind Brock Osweiler.
  • Inexplicably would be cut in the preseason during 2018.
  • Cut during final roster cuts by the Seahawks in 2019.
  • Spent 2019 on the practice squad and roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Cut during final roster cuts by the Steelers in 2020.
  • Was with the Saskatchewan Roughriders from mid-2021 to early 2022.
  • Signed with the Michigan Panthers of the USFL in 2022, but was ruled out due to a leg injury.
  • Joined the Orlando Guardians of the XFL in 2023, and was initially the starter- but would be benched in favor of Quinten Dormandy.
  • Cut- he’d be signed later on that same day by the San Antonio Brahmas, but didn’t see any action the rest of the season.
  • Left exposed by the Brahmas after the dispersal draft when the XFL and USFL merged.
SAGE Artistry 2016, #ART15


I sent out to Paxton way, way back in 2017 while he was still on the Broncos hoping to get his autograph on these two cards. In the meantime, he’s had a wild ride around professional leagues, eventually landing in the XFL with San Antonio. I had an extra of his Gameday card, and was able to get his autograph after the team lost an overtime thriller to the Roughnecks.

He was signing behind the player bench, and was amused by the level of fandom he was witnessing. A mother begged Paxton for a used, sweaty towel for her son, who wanted something to remember this by. His response was both shock and amazement, and he said, “Sure?” At that time he penned this Panini Contenders Gameday card.

About a week or two later, I saw him at the Purple Heart event with the team in Boerne. As players kept coming up and talking to me because of my San Diego Fleet jersey, I didn’t get around to everybody I wanted. I had hoped to square Paxton away on a card or two more.

Lo and behold though- nearly 6 1/2 years later- Paxton signed these two cards for me from his days with the Broncos. I immediately gave the duplicate Gameday card to another fan who didn’t get one back from him C/o the Brahmas, and added his Sage Artistry that I wanted to the collection.

This card clocks in as the second longest wait now, behind Matt Hasselbeck, and just in front of Santana Dotson.

As Paxton was not retained by the Brahmas during the UFL player draft in 2024, I’m going to make a soft bet that this was Paxton’s retirement song as the timing of these cards couldn’t have been more perfect.

I myself, admittedly, had hoped that the Houston Texans would draft Paxton Lynch. He had some amazing tape coming out of college. I do not know why Lynch wasn’t able to stick his landing in professional football though I’d guess it might have to do with him relying too much on his athleticism and not enough on learning the playbook.