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Novacek, Jay (2)

scosup90 novacekphomem novacek

sky92 novaceknovacekCards: Skybox 1992, GameDay 1992, Photo Memorabilia, Score Supplemental 1990
Acquired: IP, Bass Pro Shop Grand Opening 6/10/15
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gday92 novacekAs far as tight ends go, Jay Novacek was one of the best to play for the Cowboys. He continues to draw decent crowds to autograph signings he attends. I had not been able to get Jay since early in- I guess 1992 training camp. I heard he was appearing at the Bass Pro Shops Grand Opening with Tony Stewart and a few other rodeo and outdoors/ firearms specialists.  It was an absolute zoo. I got there about an hour early and it was a hassle just to park. From there, we were all herded into the hot parking lot- with no water, and promises from an annoying woman that the store opening was at 6PM.  Beyond that we were told that the autograph signing was on the right as we entered the front door. Well when we finally got in, it wasn’t until after the grand opening ceremony that ended at 630. None of us were perepared for the ensuing chaos. I got directed not once- but three times to different lines, before I actually got in the right one.  It then took 2 hours to get to Jay.

He was nice enough to sign three cards and throw in a photo. When I asked him if he was ever going to grow back his mustache, he looked at me like I was a crazy person and said, “Why would I ever do that?”

Welch, Herb

wcwlaf92 welchsco90sup welch
Cards: Wild Card WLAF 1992, Score Supplemental 1990
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent: 6/4  Received: 6/17  (13 days)
Failure: TTM 2010, C/o Home

mem welchAn incredible competitor with great speed, Herb Welch is a great NFL story. Originally a 12th round pick in 1985 who wasn’t considered a pro grade prospect, Welch surprisingly earned his stripes in a great way -as a member of the New York Giants SuperBowl XXI team.  He’d start the big game in place of injured safety Terry Kinard.  In each of his first 3 years in the league, Welch played on special teams and as a backup defensive back, earning 2 interceptions in each season. He’d rip up his knee during the 1988 preseason, but made a full recovery in time for the next year.  After being cut during the 1989 preseason, he’d catch on with the Washington Redskins during mid-season playing again mainly on special teams, tallying 13 tackles.  He’d sign Plan B with the Detroit Lions in March of 1990. He’d start 4 games for the Lions and make a pick, and be with the Lions through the 1991 season. In 1992, Herb picked up his cleats and joined the WLAF. He’d split time between the Sacramento Surge and the Barcelona Dragons.

I had attempted Welch back in 2010 when I still lived in LA. I was disappointed that I did not get a response. I decided to try Herb again in 2014 and was pleased to not only get a response, but also a piece of nice photo memorabilia from him as well.

G/Gs 79/8       Tac  N/a     Sac N/a       Fum 0       Int 7      Yds 53    Avg 7.5     Td  0    Lg  16
WLAF        Tac N/a     Sac  N/a      Fum 0      Int  0      Yds  0      Avg -.-      Td 0       Lg -.-

Christie, Steve

pset90 christieCards: Score Supplemental 1990, ProSet 1990, GameDay 1992
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent: 4/1    Received: 4/17   (16 days)

Steve Christie left William & Mary as the school’s All-Time leading scorer in 1989 with 279 points. He was signed as a free agent by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1990. The Bucs had a solid kicking game with Donald Igwebuike, but Christie beat him head to head in camp and won the job outright. Through Week 7 of the 1990 season Christie was the leading scorer in the NFL with 57 points and hit all of his XP, and was 14 of 16 of field goals.  By the end of the season Steve was named All-Rookie by the UPI, as he finished second in the NFC with a .852 field goal percentage.  After another solid season in 1991 with the Bucs, Christie was left unprotected by the team, controversially after he made promises not to leave the team.

The Buffalo Bills had finally decided that it was time for longtime kicker Scott Norwood to go. They offered Steve twice the salary he was making in Tampa to come to Buffalo.  Christie didn’t look back. scosup90 christieHe’d later cite that the ‘lack of winning tradition’ in Tampa as factoring into making his decision easier, because, “You get quite depressed only winning 3 games a season.”
Christie distinguished himself with the Bills almost immediately. and played with the franchise through the 2000 season, erasing many of the previous kicking marks held by Norwood. Steve set the franchise records that he set were the longest field goal (59 yards), the longest field goal in playoff history (54 yards), and the most career field goals in the playoffs (9). Steve is the franchise’s All-time leading scorer with 1,011 points, and set a franchise record with 14o points in a single season (1998).

In 2001, Steve signed with the San Diego Chargers after a somewhat contentious divorce from the Bills. A preseason injury forced the Bills to offer Christie an injury settlement- an offer that he rejected. So the team with no real choice at that point placed him on injured reserve, and then finally granted his unconditional release a few weeks later. He played with the Chargers through the 2003 season. From there he spent some time with thegday92 christie Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants in 2004.

Christie then entered a period of semi-retirement. He briefly played for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL in 2007 as a favor to general manager Mike Clemons- a teammate from William & Mary. Afterwards he signed a one day contract with the Buffalo Bills to officially retire as a member of the franchise in 2008.  He’s done some football commentary since then and has worked in the CFL as a player agent. As of 2014, Steve’s 1,476 points ranks 16th in NFL history and his 336 field goals rank 13th.

In this day and age, kickers have become more interchangable between franchises, but the best clutch kickers such as Christie, Stenerud, Anderson, and Andersen, have just become more and more rare, especially when they were able to pull of long stints with one team.

G  229           XPA 473         XPM 468         PCT  98.9
FGA 431         FGM 336         PCT  78.0          PTS 1476