Hodson, Tom

Cards: Action Packed 1990, ProSet 1990
Acquired: TTM 1991,1992, Patriots Blitz

Tom Hodson was drafted out of LSU in the 3rd round of the 1990 draft. Hodson would be the quarterback at the helm that helped lead the Louisiana State Tigers out of the stone age and back into the modern football age. Armed with a peashooter for an arm, the Patriots needed any help that they could acquire at quarterback and started Hodson in a platoon along with Scott Zolak and Hugh Millen over a 2 year period.  He’d play in 7 games and put up almost 1,000 yards, and 4 touchdowns clocking in with a rating of 68.5.  In 1991, he’d see some game duty, but by 1992 the writing was on the wall with his decreased playing time, and at the end of the season he’d sign with the Dolphins- as the Patriots would solve their quarterback problems by drafting Drew Bledsoe. He would not play a down over the next two seasons for the Dolphins or in 1994 with the Cowboys. He’d play a bit more for the Saints but after the 1995 season, Tom would retire at the age of 28- never starting more than 6 games in any season.  Hodson now lives in Baton Rouge and has fond memories of his time in the NFL.

G/Gs  36/12     Att 174       Comp 320     Pct 54.4     Yds 1823          Td  7    Int 11   Lg 57T     Rat  64.1